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anyone play all 3 resistance classes after revamp

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flygon123445 Level 140 Scania Kanna 4
i heard that:
bam : fun, mobility,but weak now
wild hunter : fast and high dps
mech: lazy and op

is this correct?
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flygon123445 Level 140 Scania Kanna 4
Lol BaM is strong AF[/quote]

thats why i said i heard, didnt play it myself due to prepping for miracle time
Mar 13 2015
flygon123445 Level 140 Scania Kanna 4
@AntiSenpai: but but i only have 1 free character slot,and it takes 1 day to delete it if i find it boring :<
Mar 13 2015
KniteX0 Level 238 Galicia Mechanic 4 See what games, anime & art KniteX0 is intoKniteX0
Not exactly right for bams - lower mobbing ability, higher bossing dps and support (party shield ftw)

Also, my dojo time is a full 30 seconds faster post revamp (so if they fix the summons/boss summons problem, I'll be able to get maybe a full min off my previous time)

Of course though, I have a game controller and turbo buttons, so I can spam the missiles as fast as possible.
Mar 13 2015
XcoldshadowX Level 22 Windia
BaMs are great for support. I can't comment on their damage with much confidence.
Mar 13 2015
yassin Level 28 Khaini
what ever happen to Bam i wont change it it has been my main since it came out till now and i dont really care what changes they are going to do in the future cause i wont change it.
Mar 13 2015

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