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are they gonna break it?

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benyossi1 Level 206 Khaini Kaiser 4
so do nexon gonna break they'r record on longest scheduled ?
i think YES!
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xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
as long as they're done before people get back from school tomorrow, maybe just maybe there won't be as many QQ threads on basil tomorrow
Dec 05 2013
xXxFoxKingxXx Level 180 Windia Buccaneer See what games, anime & art xXxFoxKingxXx is intoxXxFoxKingxXx
18 more minutes and it's 24 hours, I'm actually hoping they break that point to be honest.
Dec 05 2013
Yeah there a couple of days off mate for the longest this is small for a big patch compared to other stuff
Dec 05 2013
Kalsta Level 203 Khaini Xenon 4
@ExiaNick: This, pretty much. With a week in total USC's/unscheduled updates, if you count that one patch... *shudders*
Two more days to go when the clock strikes 2 (AM, EST). They could still have it up within an hour or two... *suppresses snickering*
Dec 05 2013
xdwow Level 201 Mardia Kaiser 4
Umm it's not really THAT BIG of a deal if MS is down for a bit.
Dec 05 2013
MagicFrappe Level 89 Scania Angelic Buster 3
You're all horrible.
Dec 05 2013
PoofCake Level 127 Galicia Blaze Wizard 4
It's not even a big patch, they're postponing the commerci update, which cuts down like half of the content.
Dec 05 2013
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