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auchal story #1 @ Jul 08 2020

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auchal Level 217 Scania Corsair
R> Enchanted

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading this message. My name is Alex and I am creating a new guild called "Enchanted" we are a casual guild that does daily bossing, flag race, and makes tons of jokes. This guild started with a dream, I had a dream to create a character that would have different outfits for different Disney princesses. Over time this dream grew and I wanted to make sure this character was in a great guild with a fitting name. I settled on the name Enchanted because it is lightly Disney themed, but also open enough that other people can join and not feel locked into the magic of Disney. I of course would love members that also have a passion for Disney, but this is not a requirement. If you would like to join this guild please message ign "Cake" and your application will be considered.
Over time we will be creating videos, and having a lot of fun.

P.S.Even if you don't join the guild I still have a viewing recommendation for everyone "Tangled: The Series" which can be found on Disney+. However you should watch the 1 hour short film "Tanged: Before Ever After" before you watch "Tangled: The Series." This is not to be confused with the 6 minute film "Tangled: Ever After"
Viewing order:
Tangled (the feature film)
Tangled: Before Ever After
Tangled: The Series (which is renamed to Rapunzel's Tangled adventure in season 2 and 3)
Tangled: Ever After

Thanks for your time, and hope to hear from you soon!

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