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beefly story #20 @ Nov 16 2017

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beefly Level 217 Windia Battle Mage 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
I can tell basil is dead. How?

There's no troll/weirdo of the month like eternalmemory or that gay asian dude.
It's simply so low in population that it is not worth to troll anymore.

inb4 "ur the weirdo"


meiguihua Level 199 Windia Luminous 4 Boundless Guild
@beefly: I'm not going, I don't think that BZL is important, and I became friends with Eternalmemory.
Nov 17 2017
animus Level 160 Aquila I/L Arch Mage
Maybe the population will bounce back if the layout is reverted. But knowing MrBasil? Nah. I guess he can be a great graveyard digger in real life.
Nov 17 2017
oldaura Level 200 Scania Battle Mage 4
Bzl? And yeah this site is really dated, what a shame.
Nov 18 2017
animus Level 160 Aquila I/L Arch Mage
@beefly: I don't understand why wouldn't he just kill this site already when he had been constantly promoting and ask us to go there, focus all of his works there and only give his petty two cents there as well. To be honest I don't even understand why am I even here now. I guess I'm just checking if it's going to be dead or something and reply once in a blue moon. I meant, not that I want this site to die but if the owner give no faeces about his own child then...well anyway, I remember a troll-like Basiler who kept complaining about Basil being dead in one long sentence without commas and such, and he doesn't even bother come here to complain about it anymore.
Nov 18 2017

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