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jasbins Level 135 Chaos Demon Avenger 4
Hey guys!
So, i played this game some thousand years ago and i don't know anything else from this game.
I came back (new account, new everything) and found myself in this burning char event.
Well, i just got lvl 135, it was pretty clear until lvl 100~120, but i do realize i have no idea what to do from now on.
First of all, as a burning char, i have no ideia if i needed to do any important quest, since i lvled up pretty fast.
Second and most important, my gears are all really bad and i have no idea where to get new stuff, i have some difficulty to kill some monsters and i was trying to kill Horntail, but eventually got full HP KSed by him. (which makes me think how my gears sux).

So, i kind of need some tips, like what i really need to do, or how to get new stuff, i don't mean i want easy stuff, because i know some stuff are not easy.

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readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
If you're having trouble, leveling up a few times won't hurt, especially for HT. Bring some all cures, some good pots, aim to kill the tail first and the arms that cast seduce before you do anything else, and you're good to go.

In terms of quests, there may be something I'm forgetting and others could perhaps fill that in, but you do have some quests that are coming up for you that are a must-do. The Temple of Time quests begin at 140+ and are a requirement for 5th job. There's the Commerci quest line (also 140+) which is also important (for end-game gear like the Glasses & Tattoo). There are some boss prequests (for bosses like Gollux), some of which are even higher level.

Star force your gear if you feel like your gear isn't good enough. At this point, since level 140 is coming up, Pensalir gear should be your next step (and can also be acquired from Temple of Time).
Aug 27 2017

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