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best outfit for a cutie?

Fashion Forum Talk about NX, MS Fashion and names

up or down?
1 to 4?

can u share ur opinion with me plx, my fav is down/3 but ur opinion is the most important to me

tyvm for sharing, cheers n happy mapling

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FruityCake Level 141 Chaos Night Lord
Down 4. It looks female, which may or may not be what you want.
Down 1 is good, too.
Jun 15 2014
KoreanPixels Level 210 Demethos I/L Arch Mage
Bottom 3rd
Jun 15 2014
WhoaMomma1 Level 41 Windia Assassin
Your pixel's ugly that it gave Cancer.
Jun 15 2014
cluddlykid Level 50 Bera Luminous 2
down 4
Jun 15 2014
NoApplePie4u Level 30 Bera Aran 2
Brighteyes/10 they are all ugly...
Jun 15 2014
Colors Level 172 Windia Corsair
Bottom 3rd but change the top
Jun 15 2014
Briqht Level 217 Scania Kanna 4
Both overalls look a little strange to me but,
The hair in the 3rd column is pretty good
Jun 15 2014
hgvd Level 51 Khaini Brawler
2nd row 3rd/4th are so cute
Jun 15 2014
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