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% boss and attack

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QuantumLegend Level 210 Bera Mercedes 4
I have around 220% boss on my Merc from my wep, arrows, cra, and gollux, I have 30% boss 15% pdr on my unique arrows but found 85% boss arrows (25% boss neb) in the market (7 bil). Should I get them or do I have too much % boss already and should recube for % attack? I have no %attack yet on potentials...

My bowguns are 35% boss 9% damage, and arrows 30% boss 15% pdr. I'm thinking about cubing the arrows to %attack. How much of boss and attack should I be aiming for on my character?
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wickedtmage Level 216 Broa Mercedes 4
Go to the Mercs forum for this, because Mercs work a little differently then the rest of maple.
Nov 09 2014
Ishka Level 211 Arcania Xenon 4 Solus Guild
If you have no % attack yet, what I recommend doing is getting the boss arrow and then shooting for % attack on your bonus pot.
Nov 09 2014
kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
that 25% boss neb would be 100~120$ all by itself in Renegades
You don't really need % attack if you can 1h KO pretty much every mob, (I'd say test it out on Kritias Invasion).
But if you really need % attack, get your bonus potential to legendary as well, because the % att on it is pretty sweet.
I know a person who had 40~45% ATT with just 1 weapon, but I'd say 25% to 30% would still be nice
Nov 09 2014
kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
You can do the math youself. Our advice are not always the best.
Just check using this equation.

(1+Attack%/100) (1+ (Damage+boss)/100) = Whateveer you get.

The higher the number, the more you expect from your damage increase.

Though from what I am seeing,,... I am sure those arrows for 7bil will get you more unless you can get around like.... 50% Attack for it to beat that 85%boss...
Nov 09 2014
QuantumLegend Level 210 Bera Mercedes 4
Aw yea wrong section again. I'll switch it over.
But thanks guys, I'll look into it more and figure this thing out.
Nov 09 2014

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