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boss soul question

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azureduran Level 162 Kradia Mechanic 4
I have a question about the boss souls that can be attached to weapons. The question is rooted in the fact that I want to change the boss soul on my Zero's weapon to another one. So the question is can I just slap another boss soul on top of the current one to replace it, or do I have to revert it back into a normal weapon and soul enchant it again?
Posted: January 2020 Permalink


gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Murgoth is also at the PinkBean entrance in ToT.
Jan 22 2020
azureduran Level 162 Kradia Mechanic 4
Well i saw him in balrog's temple in sleepywood, but the point is i was hoping to just remove the boss soul without reverting it back into a non soul weapon. Or do i have to hope to enchant it again with those low success enchanters?
Jan 23 2020
azureduran Level 162 Kradia Mechanic 4
Thanks. I was hoping to just reset the boss soul, but unfortunately i have to purge the soul from my weapon and start again...(sigh).
Jan 26 2020

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