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can going to a dance with a girl give you stds

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iHartz Level 120 Bera Dawn Warrior 4
just curious because there is contact
Posted: May 2013 Permalink


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poiqw Level 162 Bera Night Lord
depends how you're dancing
May 23 2013
ishottedsnow2 Level 156 Windia Blade Master
yes. i went dance wif gurl 1nce and gut herps.

sauce; me experences
May 23 2013
ghettobuddha96 Level 60 Windia Marauder
....... Did you also know breathing the same air as someone with Stds will also give you Stds?
May 23 2013
yomamma1134 Level 10 Scania Citizen
by saying it as STD it can be very broad. Diseases like herpes can be easily transmitted by contact and while there are no cures, its not life threatening. If your scared about getting AIDS then you have nothing to worry about unless you somehow manage to put your D into her punani while your dancing
May 23 2013
xfairytales Level 209 Khaini Phantom 4
No, dancing with a girl cannot give you STDs. However, if she has herpes on her mouth/ coldsore, then you better not kiss her.
May 23 2013
2lazy2makeaname Level 51 Scania I/L Wizard
unless you have sex or have blood contact, no
May 23 2013
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