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can you merch in real life as well as you do in game?

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grip25 Level 43 Scania Crossbow Man
i see many people here making a billion mesos out of million mesos through merching

however, can you apply that skill to real life?
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Oppailubber Level 210 Bera Night Lord
Mar 31 2015
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Mar 31 2015
Kirgamel Level 88 Windia Priest
Auctioning, though needs a hired appraiser for help.
Mar 31 2015
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
buy low sell high, that applies to anything. most people associate that with the stock market. obviously the risk in real life is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY greater than risk in maplestory lol. and, it isn't as obviously predictable like maplestory prices.
Mar 31 2015
OneLife Level 163 Scania Kanna 4
Mar 31 2015
pastgod Level 178 Bera Dawn Warrior 4
I can merch yu gi oh cards much better than I can merch in maplestory....
Mar 31 2015
Ya man they're called Walmart, Costco, etc. Theyre like the botters that undercut FM prices.
Mar 31 2015
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