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change these things to fix the game part 2

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crimson24 Level 169 Reboot Night Lord
nexon, do these things to make maplestory a better game for existing players
keeping it short and simple due to technical difficulties

1 add level 130-200+ party play zones like the old lion heart castle and stronghold to the game with high hp mobs.
2change command mastery so it doesn't require the use of command but just gives 20% damage
3give other classes besides archmage, phantom, hero, dark knight, %total damage, %att, or final damage for damaging and or scaling purposes.(classes like bowmaster, marksman, shade, etc)
4 remove or change stupid mechanics like marksman's last man standing, vital hunter, and -50% def on reckless hunt from the game
5 give classes like aran, kaiser, thunderbreaker, Mercedes, and blaster alternatives to their linking/command playstyles without reducing their effectiveness/damage much if at all
6give mihile, canoneer, and mechanics back their laser skills and give mechanics siege mode
7 allow battlemage to stack auras and or lower the cooldown on battleking bar
8 buff bishop, beast tamer, kanna, paladin, and other classes that are lacking in damage compared to the top/medium tier.
9buff the range of mage teleport, especially luminous'
my computer crashed and I lost the rest of the list.
Posted: May 2017 Permalink


ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I only agree with the first and eighth ones, most of your ideas have nothing to do with the quality of the game and several of them would make it worse. Removing the need to link skills with those classes wouldn't make them more fun, are you insane? Why would anyone link skills if it didn't increase efficiency? You just want them to roll back changes you don't like under the guise of improving the game.
May 30 2017
ecyz Level 210 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4
+2 I wanna smack you so bad for #4 #5 and #6
Removing the unique mechanics that make classes different from each other is not balance. If you had it your way we'd have 42 reskins of what are mechanically the exact same class.

As for #6 idk if you remember when Mihile came out, but everybody unanimously despised the lasers. Everybody complained about it. Let's please not go back to lasers. Seige mode was really cool, but the whole "still as a statue" thing makes it conceptually useless in the current endgame.
May 30 2017
crimson24 Level 169 Reboot Night Lord
dark knight needs dark impale back on hyper skill upgrades.
good to hear other players opinions but half of them are terrible and don't help anything.
making a statement to the devs, I will post on reddit and the maplestory site too if I can.
May 30 2017
littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner
While I agree with you, they need to fix mechs' terrible mobbing. I can't imagine a more terrible end-game mobbing skill. Sure, I get their have the homing missiles, too, but until you're really strong, it's not all that great.

As for point 6 in the OP:
I'll do you one better: give all mages except kinesis, BT, and BW (who have non-teleport options) battlemage's teleport. Faster, use in the air, and use without a "destination." Also, give mages 100% stance while casting skills and give their teleport an extra +30 speed and 15 jump for more mobility early on.
May 30 2017
moelesterson Level 214 Windia Kaiser 4
Biggest thing a lot of people don't seem to get is we don't really make our own content in GMS, Its all updates straight from KMS which they have zero care for other regions of the game so most of anyone's ideas or concerns fall on deaf ears. Tho we do have some events and content of our own its mostly always incomplete or very poorly put into the game due to lack actual man power not to mention if the actual content gms creates doesn't work well with what kms gives us we simply drop it
(lumi and kaisers game mechanics i honestly miss).
May 31 2017

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