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cubepro story #1 @ Mar 20 2017

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cubepro Level 203 Scania Bishop
[Scania] R>HEHEXD new guild!
Hi! We are a new breed of guilds, fun, memes, cosplay (only via text on maple), events plus rewards for contribution/best meme/lvling and more! If you want to try a new experience please put your scania ign below and apply today! P.S. we will need an interview first as we want to stay legit, we are only a few days old but growing fast! have fun mapling
#Guild #Friends #Bossing


cubepro Level 203 Scania Bishop
@antisenpai: I can assure its very easy ^_^, i mostly ask what your name is, and for you to tell me about yourself etc. dont be shy!
@sadvirgin: You are correct, I should have said CENSORED, it is a word that is not allowed i believe but you play as a character/role! such as a wizard from fairy tail. ^_^
Mar 23 2017
berignus Level 135 Broa Dark Knight
Interview is just a background check and takes a minute. Great guild glad I joined.
May 19 2017

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