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deeemon story #30 @ Feb 06 2018

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Why does this keep happening?
So, i got a bit tired of Nintendo Switch, I thought I might screw about on this old-ass Xbox 360. I tried to sign in, but I couldn't because my password is too long, again!! I remember the same crap happening a couple years ago. This that boosack. Why I gotta sign in just to play games that I already paid for and installed on the damn hard drive? Now I have to wait a month to change my password, just to make it 5 characters shorter. WHY!? Why is there a character limit? This is the same bullbull that nexon did with character slots and link skills. FiretrUCK, dood.
/end rant

Actually never played half of the games on Switch yet because I just wasn't interested. So I guess thank you very much, Microsoft.
(I'm still waiting for KH3 to buy an Xbox One, slow-ass Square Enix)


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