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deeemon story #30 @ Dec 11 2019

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deeemon Level 214 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
Uh, I have to rant for a bit, you know, just to let it out. This is the story section after all.

The map was empty, saw no one there, I made sure to check the whole map before doing anything, so I took it. On my Kanna at Forbidden Excavation Site 2, killing mobs to fill up some glory crystal gauge thing so these weird mobs can spawn so I can get glory coins. This stubborn mudderfugger suddenly appeared and tried to kill steal everything, didn't say change channel or anything. Kishin was active at the time, so he/she/it was killing mobs just as much as my Kanna could.
So I waited for Kishin to deactivate. Now this person couldn't keep up anymore, because Kanna has like a 3 second cooldown mini full map attack (Exorcist's Charm), and it can hit all three platforms while standing on the middle platform. It was perfectly in sync with the mob respawn rate. This is probably the closest thing to Jett's 0 cooldown Starfall event. Yes, it was an event. An event to get that SS rank legion member effect. Why else would they revert the skill? nexon has absolutely no idea how to balance Jett. It was an event and you can't convince me otherwise.
Anyway, the person took the L, defamed me and ran off, err, flash jumped away like a coward. I wish /find still worked so I could defame the loser back. I tried channel surfing after I was done getting glory coins, but disconnected from the game. I've been trying to log in again, but I keep crashing because nexon can't fix anything properly (that's why content keeps getting removed).

So frig it, I won in the end anyway. I hope that coward sees this story.


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