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DJesterRace Level 182 Scania Demon Slayer 4
What is an average range for lvl 180 demon slayer? im currently at 85k with all my skills..
is that realy bad?
Posted: September 2014 Permalink


SlappyDaFrog Level 51 Scania Assassin
Level doesn't mean much after 180. It's all about your items. Right now you're really weak. Gauge your power by whether or not you can 1 hit the mobs you should be training on with 1 Demon Cry. If you can't do this, then you are weak.
Sep 03 2014
DJesterRace Level 182 Scania Demon Slayer 4
You can't compare level to range.
You have to compare range to amount of funding.
I'd say 85k is really good for an unfunded player with barely any nx.
But really bad for a funded player who buys nx regularly.[/quote]

well i dont have nx and im not funded lol
Sep 05 2014
fearofoneman Level 250 Bera Demon Slayer 4
If you don't pay to play, this range is what I'd expect (~100k range @ level 200) from a player who's been playing without the use of NX for about a year or two and has funding from his/her years of just playing the game.

Otherwise, if you do use NX, you're pretty much an idiot because I haven't a clue where the hell that NX went - but you're not since you say you're unfunded
Sep 07 2014
DJesterRace Level 182 Scania Demon Slayer 4
well now i have 100k range..
Sep 20 2014

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