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drawing ur basil avatar

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irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
hallo if u want a half hearted scribble of ur character pls comment ur favorite dessert !

let me tell u rn im not picasso im just a weeb... i grab an index card and doodle when I'm procrastinating on schoolwork. aka i won't be consistent in quality, style, and timing sorry. I'm not trying to improve, only trying to relieve stress ;-;
[[p.s. armor and men are hard to draw for me]]

  1. @firebolt (example)
  2. @rogue (example 2)
  3. @neveraddaplayer
  4. @javirocks
  5. @shieid
  6. @repentant (I'm sorry i gave up.. i am unable to capture your true manliness )
[[this is where art style changes]]
  1. @ikable (i gave up on this one too.. your character is so detailed)
  2. @redeyed (i drew your character from memory cos i was at school LOL but u updated ur avatar.. boyfriend material)
  3. @kenyan22 (crazy evan lady)
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javirocks Level 200 Kradia Aran 4
Ah sweet, can I join the fun?
Jan 17 2017
shieid Level 162 Scania Dark Knight
Bleach (actually though, my love for cheesecake is unhealthy)
Jan 17 2017
irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
@javirocks: i let u slide this time if u tell me ur favorite dessert >(
Jan 17 2017
irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
@ikable: holy shoot ill try
EDIT: breh ur art is so good why are u doing this 2 me
Jan 17 2017
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