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ecarina story #12 @ Jul 10 2017

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ecarina Level 243 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Finally got every class in the game to 200


verkins Level 220 Reboot Kaiser 4 SacredSword Guild
Congrats, if you haven't already try getting level 3 link skills mules to level 210.
Jul 10 2017
ecarina Level 243 Galicia Cannoneer 4
+1 @verkins: Yep that's what's next. I've already done DA, BT, and of course Cannoneer. Gotta do DS and Mercedes next, then Aran, Evan, Phantom, and Lumi, not necessarily in that order. Also I'ma get my Pally or F/P to 211 so they appear on my Hall of Maple Warriors chair rather than my link mules.
Jul 10 2017
ecarina Level 243 Galicia Cannoneer 4
@helpingly: I got my first lvl 200 in LHC when Stronghold had recently come out and I was too frail and weak to train there, though I ended up going there on other characters later, so that had to have been in 2011. I haven't been doing it non-stop, I took breaks for school and stuff, and I got my main to 230, my secondary main to 211, and 2 link mules to 210 in that time too. I'm sure it would've been quicker if I'd just gone or it straight on but I also would've gotten burnt out early on.
Jul 10 2017

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