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noodlenoodle Level 38 Windia Aran 1
Im trying to enter event hall to buy from ms songs shop but I keep freezing and lagging there. Is there any way to fix this or did nexon put ms song in another map besides event hall?
Posted: January 2017 Permalink


wolfexe Level 155 Broa Kinesis 4
What I did was drop my res and graphics to low. It still lags, but it's not AS bad
Jan 22 2017
vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
Never lagged in there, so idk what people mean when they say they lag in event hall.
Jan 22 2017
vivabasura Level 239 Demethos Battle Mage 4 See what games, anime & art vivabasura is intoBasura
the best sort of fix ive tried is ctrl+alt+del whenever its so bad ure unable to move, it refreshes the lag a little but it comes back soon so u gotta spam
theres an amazing bug that disables every quest in ur character and this allows u to enter event hall with zero lag, it happens to me 1/20 of the times i log in and it fixes when u close the client, looks something like this
if only we knew a way to reproduce that bug :'(
@vicetone: u need a very old character with tons of event quests registered for the unplayable experience, i only have event hall lag on my main actually
Jan 22 2017
mysticalmage Level 214 Bera Dark Knight
2x Lag is worse.
Jan 23 2017

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