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killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
im conflicted rn. i just got my car, but it isn't insured, not registered, and i don't have a license.
im tired of sitting at home all day doing nothing, so i really need to get out there and enroll myself back into school and find a job.

question is, am i going to get locked up when i get pulled over? or am i just going to get a phatty fine?

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bumblexxxbee Level 150 Kradia Hero See what games, anime & art bumblexxxbee is intobumblexxxbee
+1 @killeem it all depends on your state and the police officer that pulls you over. It is highly HIGHLY NOT recommended to drive without a license, insurance and a registered car. If you need to enroll back into school, first find a job and work hard, after a few months of saving, get your license and then figure out how much to get your car registered and inspected(that'll cost some money) and insured. then reeneroll yourself back into school.
Jan 07 2016
luapxal344 Level 200 Broa Marksman
Apply for permit. Take the permit test. It's really easy, you only need a 70% on it. After you get your permit, you have a 6 month gap until you can take the driving test. You can spend the 6months working. You are over 18 legal adult now so don't get caught.
Jan 07 2016
lettucing Level 147 Bera Dark Knight
I'm not experienced with driving without a license or registration or insurance. You need those things before you can drive. Especially insurance, imo.
Jan 07 2016
hystericalbow Level 223 Khaini Bow Master
I wouldn't recommending driving without a licence since it is illegal, especially since your car isn't registered. Driving without being registered is a huge flag that says "pull me over!" to the cops because it's an easy ticket for them and when they ask for your licence, you'll be done for D:! In my state, if you get caught driving without a licence it's a $250 ticket, not being registered is a $150 ticket and not having insurance is a minimum $450 ticket. Unless you don't mind shelling out almost $1000 in traffic violations, I would suggest taking the bus, biking or walking until you can get everything sorted out.

To even get your licence, your car has to be registered and they will ask to see your insurance before you take the driving portion of the test. Since you're probably over 18, you don't have to get a permit. The permit is only for younger drivers (15-17) that want to get their licence before they turn 18.

I'd recommend getting a job first since it costs money to get your licence, insurance and registration. As for school, I would check out your local community college. It's cheap and they offer the same level education as a university, plus, if you want to transfer to a 4 year school later, there's less competition and you don't even have to have take the SAT. If college isn't for you then maybe try a vocational school. Those are typically 2-3 year programs and can land you a much better paying job than just working as a bottom level employee in a retail/food setting.
Jan 07 2016
coldair Level 133 Scania Phantom 4
this is ridiculous, you must have someone in your life that can give you a ride to do these things
Jan 08 2016
kevqn Level 200 Windia Demon Slayer 4 See what games, anime & art kevqn is intokevqn
+1 Don't be a lazy dumbass and get your license, but if you can't even afford insurance don't bother
Jan 08 2016
voidwreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
+2 Why would you buy a car before getting your license?
Jan 08 2016
holydragon Level 182 Windia Bishop
Consider biking to marathon running your way to work.
Jan 08 2016
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