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sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
Marshall McLuhan's timeless phrase can be overused, but the medium truly is the message. I often feel trapped or stuck: inspiration comes, but I am not talented enough in the art form necessary to express my thoughts or emotions accurately.

I may be taking the quote and running with it, but I needed a starting point for this post. Some days I have emotions that are very strong and specific. I want nothing more than to express those feelings, and they would be shown best visually. I see the artwork in my head, but I am not skilled enough at drawing or painting to convey my intent.

Of course thoughts and emotions can be channeled into literature. The exact sentiment can be detailed perfectly, and it is arguably the most accurate way to communicate thought. The issue is the medium itself. Sometimes a painting or image is the only thing that can ever truly capture an idea or a state of mind.

How do you express yourselves? Do you ever feel limited by your talents, and by which media you can work with?
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animus Level 160 Aquila I/L Arch Mage
Can I have the things you are having when writing these down mate? Well, usually I don't feel the need to express myself since no one in the universe can ever fully understand another being's feeling to its very core. And we all die anyway. Instead of caring on how other people understand how I feel by expressing a certain way that I may not be comfortable with, I'll rather just mind my own business.
Apr 05 2018

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