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Guilds: All you need to know!

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Today, I present you with a guide that comes from the mind of GreyBlobb and help from Maplers like you, me... and Maplestory itself... Greyblobb recently quit and stated that posting this guide now was best...

I made this guide to help people,
This is the best you will get on the net (as of May 09 anyways).

Before starting you must know: This guide does not tell you much straightforward solutions and plans to make your guild impact the mapling community.
If you are aiming for fame in maple with your guild, you must read the entire guide and know important concepts at heart then string everything together for a successful guild.
You must understand that everything in this guide even the tiny details are crucial for success.

Table of Content

[s=forum/1041392#1] Intro [/s]

[s=forum/1041392#2] Guild Creation[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#3] i) Should I Lead a Guild?[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#4] ii) Making the Guild[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#5] iii) Choosing a Name [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#6] iv) Guild Window Functions [/s]

[s=forum/1041392#7] Three Crucial Necessities For A Guild[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#8] i) Guild Emblem [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#9] ii) Expansions [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#10] iii) Alliances [/s]

[s=forum/1041392#11] Guild Maintenance and Organization[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#12] i) Recruitment [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#13] ii) Regarding Rank [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#14] iii) Guild Rules [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#15] iv) Divisions [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#16] v) Guild Events [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#17] vi) Guild Funds [/s]

[s=forum/1041392#18] Taking Your Guild Further[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#19] Guild Site[/s]

[s=forum/1041392#20] Section for Guild Members[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#21] Jr.Masters[/s]
[s=forum/1041392#22] Members [/s]

[s=forum/1041392#23] Afterword [/s]
[s=forum/1041392#24] Credits [/s]

[name=1]Guilds Intro

I think an appropriate beginning would be to actually explain a bit on guilds.

The guild system was established many patches ago, before Nexon took over I believe, guilds at the time were to link friends together ,make new friends and of course gain fame.
In short guilds are a simple system to unite people with similar purposes.

So why make a guild and spend millions of millions on it?
Well ,like everything else in maple, is just for fun, with some perks:
*Get support from your entire guild against scammers and hackers
*With enough high levels, guilds can sell Zakum Helmets for ridiculously and unnecessarily high prices
*Exclusive guild events

Actually all these above things can be done by joining a guild however as the leader of a guild you get absolute dominance over its actions.
A guild without a leader is basically an anarchy.
So this guide is basically devoted to help leaders run guilds properly and effectively.

With that said lets actually start the main part of the guide.

There exists two basic types of guilds

i)A relaxing and loose type of guild for chatting and occasional GPQ and guild events.
Guild is simply an extensive buddy list and a break from grinding.
This type has no ambitions and just likes talking or whatever.

ii)Ambitious and strict type of guild;
Meaning GPQ every Monday and Tuesday and Z-runs every 2nd Tuesday ,4th on the honorable rock.
This type of guild is extremely difficult to achieve not to mention maintain,
The basic theme or idea of this guild is to gain fame.
This guild can be fun as well.

What you want to do with your guild is completely up to you!
You can make up a unique guild for a single class
Or a guild that chats about manga or x-box live
And even a guild to own CPQ.

What this guide can tell you that isn't the same old stuff you find on other guild guides:
*Guild events! Took me hours to think them up, now your guild can do something besides GPQ and Scavenger hunts
*Guild Names! No need to post that "Name My Guild" thread

[name=2]Guild Creation

[name=3]i) Should I lead a Guild?

Before even making a guild ask yourself:

As a Leader
Are you active?
A leader should be on at least four-five times a week.
If that's beyond what you will do then forget it,join a friend's guild.
This doesn't apply for leisure guilds.

Are you responsible?
Leaders must follow their own rules.

Are you Devoted to your Guild?
Guilds cost lots of mesos.
This fact holds true for all guilds.
If it's a choice between a 1 att PAC or one expansion and you choose the PAC
Then don't make a guild,unless it's only between 10 friends.
Simple as that.

When making a new guild ,support is always nice.
Guilds can and have been made by six complete strangers,
but your guild will be more likely to succeed if at least two of those beginning members are friends you can trust to stick with you until the guild's past its rocky start.*

You can also get support from friends guilds with alliances.

[name=4]ii) Making the Guild

Time to start the "creation" part of the guide.

So you want to make and lead a guild eh? Here's a brief list of things you need in order to form a guild, and a short list of instructions

  • Party of 6 people( all lv 10+)
  • 1 500 000 mesos

1)After obtaining the mesos I'd recommend going to kerning city ch1 PQ area to recruit 5 people ,this may take lots patience and time depending on your server, but KC is the fastest way to go.
2)After you have a full party, head to Orbis on the ship(time to debate the name of the guild!).
3)Upon arriving at Orbis, head strait to the top left portal (right above free market) and enter the building in the map.
4)Talk to Hercules who's behind the desk, he'll display several questions,click I want to create a guild.
5)He'll ask for the mesos, then tell you to type in the desired guild name,
6)After you enter the guild name, your soon to be guildies will confirm the name and you got your guild!

[name=5]iii) Choosing a Name

One of the hardest and frustrating parts.
A guild name should reflect upon your guild and should have the consent of all the members.
This name is the trademark of the guild and what the community will remember guilds by.
A succesful guild name is ORIGINAL, this is the best advice I can give you.

There exists three different types of names.

i)Funny (CowsGoMoo, don't ask)
These types of names should be used for guilds without much of an ambition or goal,
and the guildies treat the guild as an extensive buddy list.

ii)Cool (Ascendence,Compulsion)
These names usually attract members easier and quicker
If you're going for something cool ,generally one phrased names are the most powerful and memorable.
Most people would notice Inflation over BloodyRavens.
If it's a one phrased name, it should promote power and have a good meaning to it.
Try using this type in some words and look at the results.

The third type of guild name could vaguely represent something or represent it completely.
Some guild names can be cool and representative at the same time.
These names could resemble places, events or anything you like.

While making a name you'll look desperate if you:
  • Replace letters with other letters(I and L)
  • Put in ugly number or things that don't belong in the actual name 123guild321
  • Copy someone's else and change things up a bit
  • Make an emblem of a letter and put it apart of a name.
  • Copying name of a well known guild

If you're going for something cool Refrain from using in the name:
  • Chaos,Bloody,God,Pwn,Skull,Death,Azn.
  • Never use ChaosGodSkull or AznDeathSkull you'll regret it in 2 minutes
  • These names make you sound like a 10 years old (which could be the case for lots of maplers)but you will regret the name once no one stays in your guild due to the immature name.
  • Anything that ends with -ing or -y or -ize

and always be sure to:
  • Spell correctly
  • Proper Punctuation
  • Avoid the unneeded capitals;Doomed looks better than DOOMED or doomed and of course DoOmED; whenever I see the guild ILLUMINATI with its capitals, it drives me nuts

Now before you read anything else, guild names can only contain a maximum of 12 characters
Telling you this before:
Person A:"OMG lets make a guild"
Person B:"sure,what to call it?"
Person A:"ForgottenMyth"
Person B:"so 1337!"
  • gets a party ,goes to orbis then...*
Person A:"aww its too long, ok plan B"
  • congradulations ,your guild (insert dumb name here) is now official*

Some words may sound somewhat cool and powerfulish such as: inarticulate ,appalling, scandalous and bellicose.Guess what they mean? Dumb, ugly and stupid.Words have meanings don't name your guild "inarticulate" some maplers actually know what it means.

So can't think of anything for a name? Well don't put up a "Name My Guild" Thread just yet.
Put 2 parts together,For a somewhat unique Name!

Some don't work perfectly; DevotedHill,FierceImpero
Some better ones:ForgottenMyth ,TwilightHeros


One Phrase Guild Names:
Sovereign ,Doomed,Foresaken,Resistance
Arcanum, Traumatized,Reborned ,Calamitous ,Corruption
Immobolize ,Seduction ,Dismal ,Dissolution ,Dominance
Eoraptor ,Daybreak ,Scarre

I'll come back with more when I got time to spare.
And remember the Thesaurus is your friend when it's out of school

[name=6]iv) Guild Window Functions

Pressing "G" on the keyboard by default should open up the guild window.
Here's a list of functions:

[i]Master & Jr.Masters Functions[/i]

Guild Notice: The bar with a green pencil on the left side is the guild notice, type in notices for the guild by click the pencil.

Invite: Invite button to invite new members

Expel: Expels anyone with a lower rank

Title Up & Down: Changes rank of members ,Jr'Masters can only get members to the first seat member rank.

[i]Members Functions(Jr's and Master can use all these functions)[/i]

Leave: Leaves the guild ,guild Master cannot use this

Map: Click an online player and click map to find their Ch. and Location; Equivalent to /find insertignhere

Whisper: Click an online player and clicking whisper is equivalent to whispering the player with the chat menu option

Talk: Invites a highlighted member to the chat window

Guild Info: The names of ranks, the master can change accordingly.

Expel: Expels anyone whose rank is lower than your, can only be used by the Master and Jr's of the guild

[i]Window Navigation[/i]

The topmost Bar should have the emblem and guild name.

Guild BBS: Basically a mini forum within the guild, can be utilized by all guild members.

The Guild Members Online and Offline is self explanatory, once you have 21 or more people in either windows it splits into two pages.

Guild Points: Points rewarded for completing GPQs,the top 50 guilds in each world with most GP will have their name etched into the Honorable Rock.

[name=7]Three Crucial Necessities

Now here's three major things you should do for the guild, no one would stay in the guild without an emblem or a guild limited to 10 people.

[name=8]i)Guild Emblem

This is the second most important thing for the guild( most important being the members!), this is the symbol of your guild, the little picture on the left of the guild names, what maplers will remember your guild by.
An Emblem costs an additional 5 000 000 mesos ,expensive yes, but crucial to any guild to have.

A guild emblem should reflect on the guild.
If the guild is named "iLikeTrees" it may have a symbol of a leaf.
The guild "Compulsion" means Force or Obligation and has an overall cool effect to it, they bear an emblem that just looks cool without any particular meaning(I think).
Some guilds Emblem is a part of the guild name ,for example "M" being the Emblem the guild would be [M]aplestory.Try to avoid thisyou'll look desperate.

List of [url=]Emblems,Frames and Colors[/url]
and as an added Bonus [ http:/www. theoklibrary .org/downloads.php?do=file&id=28&act=down ] an emblem generator

PM me for an Emblem Generator if link is damaged.Tested and Scanned 100% Safe.

Most new members won't stay in guilds without an emblem

[name=9]ii) Expansions

Once you make a guild it has a maximum of only 10 people !That's right a mere 9 with you.
Oh no, can't get anymore buddies in it! I don't want to Zakum with 10 people!
Well fear not Nexon isn't stupid (err...), they made expansions!

To be able to get more people into the guild talk to Hercules once again and click the option that says something about expansions.
He'll ask for a fee and your guild slots will go up by 5. The fee increases every time until it reaches 5mil.

-Expansion 1 (15 slots) = 500 000
-Expansion 2 (20 slots) = 1 500 000
-Expansion 3 (25 slots) = 2 500 000
-Expansion 4 (30 slots) = 3 500 000
-Expansion 5 (35 slots) = 4 500 000
-Expansion 6 (40 slots) = 5 000 000
-Expansion 7 (45 slots) = 5 000 000
-Expansion 8+ = 5 000 000

You can expand up to 18 times (100 slots) before maxing out the guild.

Yup ,these expansions get expensive, but remember you can ask guildies for help,
First expansion can be done if everyone chipped in 50k
Tenth expansion can be easily achieved if everyone chipped in 100k
and it goes on until Guild Members only need to donate 52k for the final expansion.

But as the guild leader you should try to chip in a greater amount than the other members.

Don't ever expand until you got a fairly stable and active guild it'll be wasted money.

[name=10]iii) Guild Alliances

This is simply an alliance between guilds (duh), pointless but who cares, its just for fun.
You can make an alliance between friends, and guilds with common purposes and goals.

1)Both guild leaders who wish to have an alliance should be in a party and on the same channel.
2)The leader of the soon to be alliance should talk to the guild alliance specialist in the Guild HQ (place where Hercules is) pay her 2mil (I believe).
3)The other guild leader should receive an invitation ,once it's been accepted the alliance is formed

It's possible to get more than one alliance, but first you have to expand alliance space for 1mil.
Alliances can go up to 4 guilds before stopping.

Alliances are quite pointless unless you wish to chat to other guilds.

Alliances can provide limited support for new and starting guilds and when guild is at an extreme dead state.

[name=11]Guild Maintenance and Organization

This is the mark of the second part of this guide the "Management" part

Before reading on here's three things you need to know:

Always start small, don't rush into FM and ask third jobs to join your guild.
Start building with the original six.

As a leader you've got the heaviest and important job.
Leaders should try to be active (4 times a week) and should be a...leader.
Helping others and being aware of what happens in the guild.
NEVER lying to their guild members and such.
I mean like begin one real and pro leader.

Before anything else.
This is the biggest thing.
What do you want your guild to do?
Do you want your guild to rule over GPQ?
To exploit the FM to become the richest guild around?
To never, ever lose in a KS war?
Or do you just want a group of people to become the closest thing to family you can get in Maple?*

Always make a plan and convey it to members, the guild must act as one.Just one or two people isn't sufficient.
After you have these things in mind lets begin.

[name=12]i) Recruitment

The people in the guild is the only thing that keeps a guild alive, so activity in the guild is crucial.
I'm just going to put simple guidelines and spare you to long and unneeded paragraphs

When recruiting members..
go to the FM and invite random people, chances are those are mules, hackers or people who play once a month.
invite someone who's flying through the town with hacks

invite your friends (in game or in life) and try to get them to invite their friends.
post a listing on basilmarket or sleepywood
invite low levels and give them a chance, this is crucial to understand

Soon your guild will be nice and active.

Always rally the theme and ambition of the guild to keep everyone one the same page.

When recruiting people you may want to look out for some points:
*age - trust me 7 year olds and 35s don't get along too well
*level - some people may think your guild sucks with lv16's around and honestly lv 16s can't participate too much with a guild full of 4th jobbers
*time zone - I find this important for events, guild chat and a guild won't be that great if players are on at different hours
*mains - by that I mean the main character, best not to recruit mules

A level limit is always nice, but don't overdo it.
Higher levels may be better for GPQ and KS wars (if those are your aims),
but those restrictions also limit your pool of possible members,
which can be the kiss of death for a new guild.*

You can also make rules that whoever doesn't login once every two month shall be expelled (thats what I do and I find 2 months time reasonable).
This rule isn't to force players on but to keep the guild healthy and active, so don't tell members this rule and just expel at reasonable times.

[name=13]ii) Guild Rules

Not to seem harsh but rules are an act to success for guilds.
Without rules guilds can build up bad reputations.
These four rules should be basic guidelines for all "Legit" Guilds

1)Respect members and outsiders!

2)Never hack,scam,ks or steal loot!

3)Don't beg!

4)Don't misuse guild chat or notice board!

What are the rules you would expect your guild members to follow?
Too strict, and not many people will want to stay.
Too loose, and the guild will be a mess.

You should come up with rules yourself, depending on your guild and your style.

[name=14]iii) Regarding Rank

Master: Leader and founder of the guild.

Jr.Master: In charge when the master is offline or AFK and helps maintain the guild. Has great power and leadership over the guild but also have a great deal of responsibility

Member: Top class member;Should be a trusted member, but not quite at the status of Jr.Masters yet

2nd Rank Member: Rank below member, newer and trusted a bit more than the 3rd seat members

3rd Class Member: Lowest of all members ,not to seem evil, but all new members should start here.

Who will be your Jrs? This rises from the issue of trust.
By making someone a Jr, you give them power over the other members of your guild.
This power can and has been abused.
You could make everyone in the guild a Jr, thus leaving everyone unable to affect each other,
or you could appoint as Jrs only those players you trust to be responsible and care for the guild.*

When working on rank only those you trust implicitly should be Jr.Masters,
for a start your original party of 6 should all be a Jr.Master,
you can always make your friends Jr.masters as well.

Members should work their way up the scale proving themselves trustworthy.

What to name these ranks?
Well it could have something in common to do with the name or goal of the guild.

It's also advisable to limit the amount of Jr.Masters in a guild.
In leisure guilds Masters should make every member a Jr.Master, that way they get all the perks without any possible damage to the guild.

Remember Jr. masters must be
*and friendly

Never ever make a new and unknown person a Jr.Master.
Personal Experience:I once invited a lvl 15X Archer, got psyched and made her Jr. immediately, then she expelled everyone she could and left my guild D:

[name=15]iv) Divisions

This is for organizing the guild.

Not a very common thing in guilds, but you can divide the guilds according to level to ease events.
So basically if the guild's on a boss hunt
Division A (lv40-60) goes hunt Mushmom,
while Division B (lv10-20) goes hunt Mano
and Division C(lv 120-200) goes kill Zakum
All Divisions must have someone in charge,perferably a Jr.Master.

In my guild I assigned volunteered Jr.Masters jobs and positions.
Three people in charge of guild events.
Two in charge if recruitment.
One in charge of guild bank.
And four merchanting in free time for the development of guild and rewards for events (they rake in 100k a month each).

Don't take this division thing too seriously, only make it if you see some use for it.

[name=16]v) Guild Events

Another important thing for the guild: EVENTS!
Used to boost morale, get to know everyone better and to relax and have fun.
Guild events should be held on regular dates so people get used to it and can navigate easier.
Always good to post a sign up in BBS to prepare beforehand.

Here's some event you may want to try with your guild...

Guild PQ
Participation:6+, lv70+

The most obvious thing for events, the default guild event Wizet has kindly installed for us, not going to explain it in detail,I'll leave that to other guides.
Only do this if you have a fairly powerful guild.

Boss Hunts
Duration:30-90 min

This should be a weekly event once your guild is active.

1)Sign up in the BBS
2)Show up on the event date
3)Kill boss once it spawns

level plays an important role in this event(once again I'm guessing here again):
lv 7-25 = Mano hunt
lv 26-50= Mushmom hunt
lv 51-80=Zombie Mushmom hunt
lv 81-120= Papulatus hunt
lv 120+ = Zakum runs( sell helms)
lv 150+ = Hortail runs

KS Wars
Participation: As much as possible
Judges needed:0
Preparation: Meet up with a guild

Who doesn't know what a ks war is?

1)Kill monsters and KS opposing guilds

There is no winner it's just for random chaos and laughs

Scavanger Hunt
Participation:6+ team competition
Duration:15-45 min
Judges Needed:2-3.Go to a set place for start and finish and free market

May sound dull at first but honestly isn't, divide people into even groups and let them sub divide (split up) and race to obtain items.

1)Everyone gathers in a certain place prior to the event ,while they get divided into teams
2)On the signal a judge posts the list onto the BBS and the race is off
3)Teams may travel as a group or split to obtain items
4)First team back wins

Always have a judge in the FreeMarket to prevent cheating
When determining what items for players to look for make sure it's items people usually don't buy or sell in the FM ,then the judges can easily weed out cheaters who sent friends to buy items for them.
Try to get teams to visit every town or place where ever the event is hosted

Whenever I do this event I use Victoria Island as the event field and similar list of items:

A return scroll to every town in Vic (they always forget sleepywood and the pirate place ;D)
75 Ligator Skins (so they go to kerning)
75 Lupin Bananas (ellinia)
75 Red Snail Shells (henesys)
15 leaves (perion)
75 charms of the undead (sleepywood)

Side-Note: This event works better with a small prize

May The Best Noob Win
Participation:6+ solo competition
Duration:10 min
Judges Needed:1 go to a set place that players start in and come back to
Preparation:A watch

It's a strange event,first dress as a noob and go beg for mesos! Whoever comes back with the most wins!

1)Everyone dresses as a noob and on the signal they go out into the mapling community
2)Basically they start to beg
3)After the time is done, they should be back at a set point whoever is 1min outside the time limit is disqualified ,judges should give warning after 5min/7min and 9min.
4)Everyone trades in mesos to a trusted organizer
5)Person with most mesos in wins!

Side-Note: So you're thinking what if they cheat by transferring mesos? Well then, set a prize of maybe half the mesos collected by everyone so if they cheat they could end up losing lots of mesos!

Participation: 6+ 2 man team competition
Judges needed:2-3,one at top of eos tower and one at bottom
Preparation:A watch, lv 1 clothes

Extremely simple concept, one person is teamed up with another, first one down Eos tower wins.

1)In a two man team, one wears nothing but lv1 clothing so a few hits by any monster will kill him/her.
2)On the signal the teams attempt to go down the tower
3)Only the "escort"(one in normal clothing) is allowed to fight
4)If you die and spawn at the top continue going again
5)If you die and spawn in el nath,go find the judge at the bottom of the tower and he/she will add an extra 3 min the current time
6)Once you reach the bottom the judge will stop your time
7)Team with shortest time wins!

Side-Note: Tell teams to mark each other to prevent cheating.
Side-Note: You can do this event anywhere, not just eos tower, I used Sleepywood dungeons in the past.
Side-Note: Make balanced teams! Don't pair up a warrior and a dexless sin, two things come to play in this event; HP of the escorted ;Damage of the escort

Hide and Seek
Participation: 10+ solo or team competition
Duration:10-30 min
Judges needed:2-3 no specified location
Preparation: Get a particular person to dress up in noticeable equips

Gm's always do this event (I think) now you can too!

1)First get people to sign up in BBS
2)The judges then tell participants what to look for (or post a pic somewhere),never tell the name of the hider only the outfit to look for
3)On the signal, players disperse (in divided teams or alone) and attempt to find the hider
4)The judges will constantly give out clues to the hideout of the person through guild chat

Side-Note:Although you can blacklist participants and stop them from tracking you, it isn't advisable since participants can get friends to track down the hider for them.
Side-Note:The hider should be in a recognizable getout,with bright colors or unique cloths mixes.
Side-Note:If possible, the hider shouldn't be in the guild,this destroys all possiblilities of /finding the person.

Mystery Trip
Participation: 5+,solo competition
Judges needed:1
Preparation: Judge goes around Maple, taking screenshots of himself( in various and tricky locations) and posts it on the guild website

Extremely long event so it should merit a good prize

1)Once pics are posted on a guild site players go to the exact location and screenshot him/herself
2)Once all photos are obtained, players can, email them to a judge, upload onto websites or post them onto a guild forum.
3)First one to prove themselves ,wins

Side-Note: Locations should be tricky and hard to remember, not in the middle of a town.But don't overdo it.

Participation: 5+,solo competition
Duration:5-20 min
Judges needed:2
Preparation: Choose a jump quest map ,one judge goes to the top beforehand while one goes to the bottom

Never tried this event don't know if it's any good, not sure if there is a limit for people per jump quest map though...

1)Every participant gathers in a particular map
2)After the signal is given the race is on
3)First one to the top wins

Side-Note: Person at the top shouldn't have a laggy and faulty Internet

Minigame Tournament
Participation: 6+ solo competition
Judges Needed:2-3
Preparation: 3-6 omok sets/match cards needed

Wow can't believe it took me 1 night to think this one up .

1)First draw up a tournament order, you can use elimination ,or everyone plays each other and one with most wins ,win!
2)Once you decided on a tournament style let the games begin!
3)Before anyone starts a game they both check in first with a judge, the judge counts how much loses and wins they have to ensure fair play(so the person who lost doesn't claim the win)
4)After both players check in, they may open up and start
5)Winner of the game go back to the judge and announce the results
6)Judge records it down in real life and the players await their next match.

Around the World
Participation: 6+ team competition
Duration:30min +
Judges needed:4+ placed all around Maple community

Basically participants are made to go around the world first one to a set location wins.
Judges point direction to the next location where another judge will meet them and help teams to the next location and judge.

1)Participants are divided into two-four man teams.
2)On the signal the teams are told a location by a judge
3)Teams head to that location to find the judge who'll send them to the next location
4)Teams then make their way to the third location judge ,who'll send them to the next location
5)Repeat several times
6)Team who goes to the finish location first wins!

Side-Note:Try to get participants to various places "around the world"
Side-Note:Make sure judges count the teams ,so teams don't split up and wait in different continents and towns.
Side-Note:When the amount of judges is low ,then spread out locations among continents.So teams go to Victoria island,NLC and back to Victoria Island,giving time for judges to move around.
Side-Noteon't just tell members "HHG 2" make up riddles (they don't have to rhyme),or short clues (like NPC sayings."So you wish to become a magicain..."will tell players to go to Grendels House)

Well that's it folks I'll make more events if I can think of one.

But don't just stop here, invite your alliance to participate as well.
And don't worry I'll will post more events soon.

PM me if you don't understand my poorly explained instructions.

Ah yes, one of advantages of winning any event.
And of course oh no for the wallets of the organizers.

Events should be solely for fun and bragging rights, but MS isn't what it was years ago so I'll propose to you a prize system used in my guild:

For solo events: To enter the event, they should chip in 50k or so, and the winner gets all the mesos, or you can split it among the top three
For team events:You can either do as the solo event or have ready made teams that are the same for all events, whenever a team wins an event they get points and the best team at the end of the year or 2 months or whatever gets a prize

If you have sufficient guild funds you canuse that as well.

NX? Sure why not, you can always offer NX as a prize.

I used to do an event per week and GPQ once a month.Anyways I alternate between solo event and team competition every week.

PM me if you want rules of events that you can copy and paste onto the BBS or guild site.

[name=17]vi)Guild Funds

It may only take 1 500 000 mesos to make a guild of 10, but maintaining one costs several folds more then that.
You will need to get mesos to run a proper guild.

Guild funds are to solely be used for expansions and rewards for guild events.
Funds can be earned through five simple different ways:

Guild Store: NX-less members can use the store to ease their merchanting, 5% of sold items can go to fund while the rest is returned to the owner of the item.
Donations: Easiest and most common way, ask members to donate low amounts of money even 20k could help.
Selling Zhelms: After paying attackers and healers ,save up some money.
Events: After awarding winners in events (where players have to buy their way in) there may still be some mesos left over.
Merchanting: Merchant yourself or assign a few volunteers the roles of guild merchant.

[name=18]Take Your Guild Further

So still doing events every Friday? GPQing every second Saturday morning?
Well once you have a stable guild why not take it a bit further?
These things listed below can be used to promote the guild and even lure new members in.

Once you get enough powerful people (10 or more lv 120+) go sell Zhelms for guild funds or buy that 19 att BWG you want!
Practice a few times ,get all your guildies a Zakum Helm and then put up an advertisment on Sleepywood and register a time slots!

When recruiting for Z-runs.Post an ad on Sleepywood an hope you get responses.
Bishops,Night Lords, Bowmasters and Dark Knights are a priority.

Sorry but I have absolutely no experience in Z running so can't shed any light on the matter.

Guild Bank
i) item bank- Complicated thing to run, but if done correctly guildies should put in a deposit of mesos ,take out an item, return when finished!
And if they got unused armor and weapons ,that can be donated as well.

ii) mesos bank- If you can pull this off I'll call you a genius.
Simply it works as the same way a real bank works.
Get guild members to deposit money.
Give them an interest rate.
Give them the cash when they want to withdraw.
Use money for guild funds.
So as long as the entire guild doesn't withdraw their entire account at once you'll be ok.

Guild Store
i)Guild stores can be used to help NX-less members sell items.
Set a certain time like every Saturday 7:00 PM EST a trusted person will collect items and mark down mesos you wish to sell for.
Then the person opens up the store and leaves it over a given time
If an item is sold 2% might go to Guild Funds and the rest goes back to the person

ii)When you have good funding and open up a store that only the higher and deserving members are informed of.
In that store there's free red arrows,return scrolls, tower scrolls and things to make traveling and training easier.
People are encouraged to take what they need and nothing more since the store organizer can easily check who took too much of what.

Guild HQ

Just to clarify, I'm talking about your guild's personal headquarters not the place where you expand and form alliances.
Guild HQ is just for occasional meeting and where guildies go afk.
We used to have our HQ situated in Ch1 FM10 ,we used the FM since is was accessible every continent.
We also used the HQ to get known a bit better by the maple community, whenever they stumbled into FM10.

[name=19]Guild Site

So why do you need a guild site?
Simple, to keep members informed of upcoming events.
and to allow outsiders to see what your guild can offer and do for them

Most guilds have their own site, here's what all sites should include
  • Events Calendar - Doesn't have to be a calendar just write events ,location and time
  • Progression Page (Guild Points,Expansion gauge/meter) - Used for everyone to check and things
  • Roster - show off your guild members, you can use henesys .com to ease it a bit, but be warned a page of signatures may take over 10 minutes to load
  • Recruitment - Tell outsiders what they can have and what you can offer
  • Guild Rules - Post this in both the BBS and website
  • Forums - No point unless you got an extremely active guild with over 75 people, if you want to talk go to Basilmarket.If its guild related use the BBS.
  • Zhelm Schedule and Prices - Show interested people prices you charge the times and even a list
  • Anything else you saw in the last section

So where to get started?

Most maplers use [url=]invision forums[/url] or [url=]My Space[/url] and of course Profil3
A suggestion by Qwan456 to use [url=]Guild Launch[/url] main theme is Warcraft ,but still extremely effective for Maple as well. This is one of the most professional site builders I've seen.

Unfortunately all these sites involve you sticking a ".webs" or something similar in the domain name so my Guild Site would be www. chaoscast .webs. com as opposed to www. chaoscast .com.Not to mention those horrid ads.

So if you're skilled at XML and CSS (or even flash ) kinda stuff you can use www. no-ip .com to link to your computer,(will explain how to soon)this method will remove all ads.
Unfortunately through this method other inexperienced members can't upload things or edit info.

You can always use www. dot. tk(remove spaces) to rename it to something easier to remember >www. chaoscast.webs. com would turn to www.chaoscast. tk

If you want a real domain name (.com,net,org) you can go to W3 to register your domain for a mere 15 dollars per year (cheapest it gets,since w3 was the original provider), or go [url=]DOmain Lagoon[/url] complete 8 points of offer for a free one year subscription for a domain name!
Will explain what to do after successfully buying or earning a domain name.

Personal Experience: When I first made the guild site it was horrific, but luckily I had a site designer in my guild.
Anyways he made it look bit better but after seeing some of the professional sites I was downed in comparison.
So I took up XML and CSS ,found out how easy it was to use and how ugly free webs and profil3 was.
Then I took some templates from the Internet remade it a bit and its pretty nice now, heck its amazing

Moral: If you want a good website, download templates and learn XML

Bottom-line: Learn XML and CSS, download a template and edit info in then . tk it

[name=20]Section for Guild Members

This little section was made since the rest of the guide had only info for guild masters.
You should wear your guild name proudly and never tarnish its name.

Some of you may think, ew a guild with 6 members? *immeadiatly leaves* *joins big name guild*
NO! The people in the guild is the guild,once you quit it'll discourage others ,who'll end up following suit.
If everyone cooperated ,the guild could end up being the next big name guild,

So basically this is the most most most important thing for members to know and understand: Always take a guild seriously.
You don't know what it means for guild leader of a low populated guild to have more people in his/her guild.
Instead of joining the top guilds of a server and getting bossed around why not join a guild and help build that one up and work alongside of the master?


There's a reason you're a Jr. either your master trusts you and decides to put lots of chores on you or they don't want a stupid git expelling the entire guild when he gets bored.
Never abuse your power.

Don't use the guild notice to say "B>Steelies", your steely advertisment could be covering a guild event notice.

Your priority is to help maintain the guild.
When members are running low it's up to you and the master to recruit.

Its a boring job ,but important.


You don't know how important your activity is for the leader.You are the guild.
Why not donate 50k now and then to help out?
Go and take a break from grinding sometimes and kill Mushmom with your guildies.

See what the guild can do for you, a guild is one of those win-win occasions for both sides.
Show your leader this guide to iimprove the guild.

Not much else to say here but the ever popular question always comes up, "OMG I want to be a Jr!"
Never do that,asking to be a Jr.Master could end up wasting your time and lead to being expelled.

Being a Jr.Master doesn't have much perks.
If you wish for a friend to join the guild you can ask a Jr. to do it for you.
If you hate someone and want to delete them from the guild, that proves you're not ready for the power.

Only thing good on the Jr.Master part is that they can use the notice board that no one ever checks on,
and half the time that board is occupied with important information already.

If I still haven't convinced you yet, and you still want to be a Jr.
Then follow these two rules:
  • Don't do anything stupid, just follow the rules.
  • Participate more in guild chat, events and contribute more.

Basically it's get noticed for doing good deeds.And when the time comes ,you'll be recruited and find out being a Jr is plain dumb.


Glad you read my guide.
Never knew there was actually so much things to a successful guild myself.
Hope this helped you, and turned your guild recruitment sheet from:

Guild Recruitment Form #1

Err yea title says it all


Guild Recruitment Form #2

R>Guild lv 75+

Woot we're 5 people from maxing out our entire guild.
What we offer:
  • Guild event every week
  • GPQ twice a week
  • Guild Store to ease your merchanting
  • Ever been ganged up on or scammed?Now you have strength in numbers

We're also looking for more attackers for Zakum,Contact RandomIGN (Guild Zakum Organizer) for details.

Check out our guild site BTW link

This guide was made since there aren't any other decent guild guides out there.
So spread this around.

Everything in this guide is just a suggestion(except for creating the guild itself), it's not mandatory to follow every little detail.
If you wish to add something or debate a matter PM me.


Lol dunno, credits to the TextPad company who without it I couldn't type as easily ;D jk but they did make my life easier ,Microsoft word sucks D:,for internet documents at least.

Thanks to:
Greyblobb's experience as a guildmaster.
Dweomer and JewCat for some (heck not just some ,lots of) nice info and tips on guilds.any sentence with a * after it ,is direct quote from the guide.
Quan and Kazoo for help along the way.
S1nisterRay for an extensive suggestion list on guild names.
and Pawlahness and Chiefhim for helping correct two vital mistakes.

This guide was made for Basil it now belongs to Basilers , plagiarize all you want, take credits for it I really don't care.
As I said before this guide is now property of all Basilers, if you plagiarize without credits to Basilmarket ,other Basilers will come and get you!
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