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Aug 02 09
This the list of the eight Magic Powders and the monsters that drop em
If u have any additional info i didn't put pls post it on a reply

Black: Ratz, Curse Eye, Harp, Memory Monk Trainee, Blood Harp, Ultra Gray, Skelegon, Nependeath, Nightshadow, Tortie, Hector

Blue: Homuscullo, Grizzly, Drumming Bunny, Dual Birk, Trucker, Nospeed, Drake, Killa Bee, Skelegon, Fire Tusk

Brown: Jr Yeti, Roid, Hobi, Harp, Blood Harp, Red Wyvern, Jr. Wraith, Samiho

Green: Stone Golem, Jr Grupin, Fire Boar, Water Goblin, Harp, Memory Monk Trainee, Blood Harp, Goblin, Rexton, Skelegon, Baby Typhon, Nependeath,
Zombie Lupin

Purple: Ligator, Jr Newtie, Goby, Cold Eye, Memory Guardians, Fly Eye, Zeta Gray, Ultra Gray, Typhon, Malady, Zombie Lupin, Elderwraith, Harp, Blood Harp, Nependeath, Jr Pepe, Reinforced Mithril Mutae

Red: Roid, Jr Pepe, Cold Eye, Dark Sand Dwarf, Priest of Memories, Stone Golem, Mithril Mutae, Master Chronos, Nightshadow, Samiho

Yellow: Windraider, Ligator, Jr Grupin, Drumming Bunny, Mr Anchor, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Wolf Spider, Typhon, Skelegon, Drake, Moon Bunny

White: Taurospear, Memory Monk, Jr Yeti, Curse Eye, Triple Rumo, Ratz, Zeta Gray, Dark Stone Golem, Red Wyvern, Homunculus, Drake, Nependeath, Dual Ghost Pirate

Also, for more info about the Magic Powders and the Maker Skill go to:
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