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Crimsonwood Keep PQ (CWKPQ) Guide

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Ellinia Level 200 Bera Bishop

Aider's Crimsonwood Keep PQ (CWKPQ) Guide

Author's Comments: Do not reproduce. This guide was made by [i] [Aider/Ellinia] [/i] for information purposes only. Reproducing this guide without my consent is plagiarism. More information can be found [s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#Dis]here[/s].

This is just a general outlook. If you want to add Sigils, I suggest someone give me some sigil images.


Last Updated: 11/14/2009 9:54 BT

Feel free to [url=]PM Aider/Ellinia[/url]

This party quest is completed for the [url=]Mark of Naricain[/url].

Table of Contents:

Before Entering the PQ
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#cwkpq1]What is Crimsonwood Keep PQ? [/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#get]How do I get there? [/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#rules]Party Quest Rules[/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#before]Before Entering[/s]

Stages of the Party Quest
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#1s]Stage 1 - Find the Portal[/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#2s]Stage 2 - Your Sigil[/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#3s]Stage 3 - Jump Quest[/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#4s]Stage 4 - To the Top[/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#5s]Stage 5 - Main Hallway[/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#6s]Stage 6 - Boss Room[/s]
[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#7s]Stage 7 - Bonus Stage[/s]

[s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#IV]CWKPQ Videos[/s]


What is Crimsonwood Keep PQ?

What is Crimsonwood Keep PQ?
  • CWKPQ is a PQ designed especially for level 90+ , up until level 200. This party quest is complete for the Mark of Narician, a pendant, for other jobs than mages. People usually do CWKPQ for a buisness, especially combined with the bonus items.


Party Quest Rules

Rules of the PQ
  • You can enter twice per day.
  • 15 minute duration between PQ in the same channel.
  • Each boss drop 1 pendant (hence, 4 bosses).
  • There are 4 bosses.
  • The party quest is level 90 (and above).
  • Cygnus Knights cannot join.
  • Max Haste is required.
  • 2 people of each class is required. (Archer,Mage,Warrior,Pirate,Thief)


How to get to CWKPQ.

Finish the Jump Quest before and go to Windraider (Bottom Ascent)

  • Go to Haunted House, and walk to the right.
  • Enter, and climb the first rope. At the top of it, there is a portal, enter the portal.
  • After you have enter, take the portal directly to your left.
  • Forward right, and enter the last portal of that map.
  • Go two portals left, and enter.
  • Inside, there is a platform with Windraiders (right), go the the last left portal. (Don't fall)
  • Finish the [url=] Jump Quest. [/url]
  • Keep heading up, to the top portal and enter. Repeat several times.
  • Go to Courtyard, and go right.
  • Enter the Castle in the Courtyard.


Before Entering

There will be a room where you will sign up, like a Zakum. The hoster/leader of the Party Quest will have to be the leader. The leader will need crimson hearts. Jack will let you in, once you have met the [s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#rules] Party Quest Rules [/s].


Stage 1 - Find the Portal

Once you enter the party quest. You are greeted to the first stage. You will see other members of your party, heading right. They are looking for a secret portal. You will do the same. Keep heading right to find the portal, while holding the [up] button. If you stay for a while, guardians will spawn.


Stage 2 - Your Sigil

A room, with sigils/orbs. Each class will have a respective sigil, to hit with a 3rd job move. Once you are finished, the sigil will move, and a blue text will appear at the bottom. Once all the sigils have been activated, the main portal at the far right, will open for all the questers, to move to the next stage.


Stage 3 - Jump Quest

A simple jump quest, most people stay near the safe portal. Each class will make their way up top. Be careful though, there are perils, that will lower your health. Each class will make their way up top, to find their Sigil. Once hit with their job moves, the Sigil will activate. At the very top, you will find a portal, once all 5 sigils are activated, the portal will activate. Each class will make their way back to the bottom, and once all 5 classes are done. The main bottom portal will lead the rest to the 4th stage.


Stage 4 - To the Top

A simple jump quest, the room is filled with stirges and fires. Each class will make their way up top, to find their sigil. You can activate them using your job moves. Once it is activated, make your way down, and once all 5 classes are activated, the portal at the bottom, will activate. Leading everyone to the next stage.


Stage 5 - Main Hallway

Stage 5 is a main hall way room. There are 5 NPCs here. Each for the respective class. Each will enter the correct room, and follow the guide of the statue. You will have 15 minutes to finish, within the time.

  • Archer Room : Complete the stage by killing all the black guardians in the room. Talk to the statue and it will give you the Bow Etc. item.
  • Pirate Room : The whole map is filled with water. There's a chain below the Exit. When you climb it, you see some Aqua Road monsters like Sharks, Gobies, and Squids. Now the goal here is to obtain the Pirate etc. Item by hitting Gold colored boxes that are all across the room. 1 of the box has it. When you get the Pirate etc. Item, you go to the Exit and go out. Then you drop the Pirate item.
  • Warrior Room : Complete the stage by killing all the Crimson Guardians. Talk to the statue, it will give you the Sword etc. item.
  • Thief Room : Complete the stage by talking to the statue at the bottom. Move around and kill all the monsters with a regular attack. Once you are complete, talk to the statue and collect your Claw etc. item.
  • Mage Room : Complete the stage by making your way right. Talk to the statue and collect the Wand etc. item. Make your way back left. (Known to be glitched)

If you have collected the etc. item. Place each item in the hands of the giant statue in the main room. If the items don't work, try a different place. Each place will have a bump into it. Also, ask for help from experience members.


Stage 6 - Boss Room

Mages do not heal during Mage Boss .

Stage 6 is the last room. The boss stage, you will get 1 hour and 30 minutes to kill all 4 bosses.

The leader will talk to the statue at the far right to summon the black guardians, after you kill all the guardians, you can summon all 4 bosses at once.
Each boss has ranging damage, from 2k up to 3k damage.

The method which is preferred for CWKPQ is
  • Mage
  • Thief
  • Warrior
  • Archer
[Summary: Mage > Thief > Warrior > Archer]

The reason is because the mage boss spawns on the top middle platform, which is easier to kill. The thief boss, stuns a few times, and still taking damage. .The warrior boss is second because of hitting the highest damage. The archer boss, is the hardest. It can 1/1 and stun and lock. When you are on each boss , there should be 2 attackers rushed the bosses to the left, until you are finished with each boss. Kill all bosses, and the stage is complete.

Every boss drops a [url=]Mark of Naricain[/url].


Stage 7 - Bonus Stage

You can decide what to do during the bonus room. Once all the bosses are killed. Everyone will make their way to the right, and the leader/hoster will enter the door. Everyone will enter at the same time.

  • [All] Enter the first door.
  • [Second Room] Wait until there's 30 seconds left on the clock in this room.
[i]This is so that people without flash jump or teleport can catch up.[/i]
  • Go through the second door and into bonus stage [Same Time].

Once in the bonus stage, you will see big boxes, scatter across the room. Each box will drop various items, ranging from weapons to chairs.


CWKPQ Videos

[url=] MapleStory - CWKPQ Bosses[/url]
[url=] MapleStory - CWKPQ Bonus [/url]
[url=]MapleStory - CWKPQ Run [/url]
[url=] MapleStory - CWKPQ Run (2)[/url]



- Added Table of Contents link for easier navigation through the forum.

Other updates are stated [s=/forum/1201980/0//Aiders_CWKPQ_Guide.html#update2]here[/s]



This full guide, was all written by me, Aider/Ellinia. Otherwise, which parts have been credited. If you repost this guide, or claim it is yours, which is plagiarism, and against the law. Do not repost this guide under your credits whatsoever. If you need help with any parts of this guide, please message me [via] mail. So, I own full credit of this guide, and me only, unless stated otherwise.


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I like it.

Edit: is it just 3rd job skills for the sigils? Can you provide a list of skill for each class. And maybe the info for the bosses in the guide, so maybe people can get all of the information off of you.

Also, perhaps you can be more specific on what to do, like, give strategies to finish certain stages, if any (not an expert on this pq)

Another idea: a list of guilds in each server who sell MoNs.
Sep 06 2009
Ellinia Level 200 Bera Bishop
Yeah still trying to update, hopefully.
Sep 07 2009
Great Guide and best of luck!
Sep 07 2009
Ellinia Level 200 Bera Bishop
Great Guide and best of luck![/quote]

Thank you.
Sep 07 2009
this DEFINITELY deserves a sticky. 100% support.
Sep 08 2009
Ellinia Level 200 Bera Bishop
Bleh, thank you.
Sep 08 2009
bumhedshawt4 Level 162 Broa Buccaneer
Do you need to do some quest before hand to go into the PQ like Zakum's pre-quests? Someone said you did but I haven't read anything about it haha.
Sep 11 2009
Ellinia Level 200 Bera Bishop
Do you need to do some quest before hand to go into the PQ like Zakum's pre-quests? Someone said you did but I haven't read anything about it haha.[/quote]

Well, for the hoster, you need some hearts. But for a runner/buyer, nope nothing at all.
Sep 11 2009
Why don't mages heal during mage boss?
Sep 11 2009
The mage boss can cast Zombify on you. When you are in that state, healing will hit your hp and kill you instead.
Sep 11 2009
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