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Sep 08 09
Hello, I thought I'd take a stab at showcasing various builds for FP Archmages. Even though I haven't really taken a look at the guides out there, I think these may help people decide what they'd like to do as an FP AM....

note: i'm not familiar with the inner workings of the skills mana reflection and big bang. Please let me know how they can figure into builds, and how useful they may be for training, etc.

The "I want massive POWER asap and the fastest possible lvling" build

LVL 120-129: Add Meteor until it is maxed
LVL 130-136: Add Maple Warrior until it is maxed.
LVL 136-138: Add 5 to Fire Demon.
LVL 138-148: Add Elquines until it is maxed.
LVL 148-158: Add Paralyze until maxed.
LVL 158-166: Add Fire Demon until maxed.
LVL 166+: add big bang or whatever else fits the need for more power.

Description: If you have access to all needed mastery books and with quite a lot of funding to handle the pot burn of constant ultimate training, this build might work pretty well for you. Taking advantage of maxing Meteor and MW as early as possible allows for the quickest training. In low-populated servers like Yellonde and Demethos, it'll be not easy to find/buy the MW 20, Meteor 30, Paralyze 30, etc. mastery books, thus I recommend doing this build only if you can afford to in optimal conditions. Pumping points into Elquines + Paralyze from 138-158 can let you be highly prepared for bosses like Zakum in lvl 15x. Again, this build disregards the amount of mesos/connections you have and aims for quickest lvling and highest damage. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this build but I do realize that it only possible if the player has all the mastery books in place and they work. Always aim for a variant of this build if you don't necessarily have all the resources. Whatever the case, Meteor training is the most crucial thing for the FP.

The "I prefer to mist with benefits early because I am a slight non-conformist" build

LVL 120-128: Add 7 Fire Demon (to hit up to 3 monsters) and 18 Elquines (great team of mist-finishers)
LVL 128-132: Add 2 to Elquines for 110 second impact and 9 remaining points can go to either meteor or FD (to hit up to 4 monsters)
LVL 132: Add remaining point in Meteor (You can finish off a slew of poisoned monsters easily with 1 meteor, and only spend the minimum 4200 MP each time)
LVL 133-134: finish off maxing Fire Demon for the capability of solo FD training (99% of all FP AMs would never use FD as a main attack but I do like seeing a bunch of burned red monsters ^_^).
LVL 134-144: Add Paralyze until maxed. (Sufficient to be able to solo right Pianus and other bosses like it pretty quickly. Also may be used as a mist-finisher along with FD, Elq, Meteor, etc.)
LVL 145-154: Add Meteor until maxed (By then we assume you have all necessary skillbooks for it, and you might sure be extremely bored of misting...or not )
LVL 155-161: Finish maxing Elquines. (Could be replaced by something else, but does indeed help with bossing.)
LVL: 162+: Anything you want but preferably max MW first to help with meteor..

Description: This is for those who really enjoy misting and perhaps are certain that they would not enjoy Meteor training very early. Another reason to go with this build is to avoid pot burn you'd get with meteor training and instead rely on mist. A major drawback is that you WILL lvl about 4 times slower with this build than with a build of taking advantage of Meteor and its helpers early, and mist training is not exactly a pot saver in 4th job as well if at skeles/Time Temple monsters/other. A small plus is that with decent lvls of paralyze and Elquines, you can start being very effective at the soloing of harder bosses in late 13x though. NOT RECOMMENDED unless you've got the patience.

The "I want the combination of a wallet-friendly and a quick training" build

LVL 120-121: Raise Fire Demon to 5
LVL 121-125: Raise Elquines to 11
LVL 125-130: Raise Meteor to 15
LVL 130-133: Raise MW to 10
LVL 133-138: Save 15 points for meteor, assuming by ~139 you'd earn enough mesos to afford and have access to meteor 20 and meteor 30 mastery books. This is a technique used to prevent wasting MP pots (and therefore mesos) for meteor when it is between lvls 15 and 30. MP usage is the same for meteor 30 as it is for 15 (7k MP with amp).
LVL 138: Put 1 point into paralyze, for instance, for variety.
LVL 139: Dump 15 saved points into Meteor assuming meteor mastery book 20 works fine, and you get lucky with meteor mastery book 30. Raise Remaining 3 points on MW if MW 20 passes.
LVL 140+: If you are broke, further raise Infinity to a substantial lvl. If not, get MW+Paralyze+Elquines for bossing/training efficiency and variety. After that it is up to you, i guess.

Description: My aim for making this build was for the player to ease into training with meteor at mid 12x since, it may take a toll on your mesos if you go too early. With this build, you can also mist with at least decent results all the way into early 13x, and then go with meteor training from then on.

The "I want to go on (solo xP) boss runs asap" build

LVL 120-126: Raise Paralyze to 20 (misting at these lvls should still be okay exp, not great but sufficient).
LVL 126-128: Raise Fire Demon to 5
LVL 128-132: Raise Elquines to 11
LVL 132-135: Raise Paralyze to 30 (good luck obtaining and scrolling Paralyze 30 to be able to do this.)
LVL 135+: Max Elquines asap, then go with maxing meteor, and finally all skills that could help you with boss runs and/or just training.

Description: This build is not a good idea unless you only want to go primarily on boss runs. LVLing will be very slow until you can get a lvl of meteor where you can 2hko newts/skeles. NOT RECOMMENDED unless you've got the resources/connections and patience.

The "I want the most wallet-friendly build since I'm DEAD broke" build

  • need opinions for this*

Description: -to come

The goal of FP AMs

Meteor Shower training IS the way to go, no matter how broke or rich you may be. For those who are determined, creative and persistent money always comes, and being smart with how you level such a strong yet costly skill will allow you to regulate your damage and pot usage without doing unnecessary overkill damage and thus wasting pots. By adhering to such rules, your training will be as efficient as possible, which, in the long run, means faster access to stronger skills.
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