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Please do not continue to trust Xemoduckie (the leader of the guild Duckie) for he is a scamming piece of (you know what)

look thru all the pics for proof

(was not bf leech was leech at sleepywood so i can get a hunter medal on my noob. but i just found him again at NLC so i snagged the conversation to put on photobucket.)
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Leech, by the looks of it.

BF leech.
Oct 10 2009
winterfresh Level 127 Scania Cannoneer 4
That scammer is a piece of you know what.
Oct 10 2009
Nice work, I saw your 3 SMegas.[/quote]

I saw them too, lol.
Oct 10 2009
alexmonia Level 18 Chaos
Lol emoduckie... wow

What a NAME
Oct 11 2009
what i see is a little 12 year old trying to ruin somebodies reputation because he's too immature to let it go.
Oct 11 2009
actually jebberdoo im 15. and im trying to ruin his reputation cuz he can get away with scamming people and still be trusted. also its not bf leech. he was leeching me at sleepywood on a noob character so i could attempt to get a hunter medal.
Oct 11 2009
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