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Completing a Guild Party Quest - GPQ

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Basil has lacked a GPQ guide, so I decided to make one based on my knowledge over the past few months.
The goal of this guide on Guild PQ is to change you from a noob to a professional at GPQ.
This guide unlike any other one, includes a program which can be used to solve the MASTERMIND! (Stage 3)
A benefit for everyone. Please read on.

  • Updates Drops have been added. If you have something not on the list, please PM me

Basic Information and Requirements

What is GPQ?
GPQ is short for Guild Party Quest, a Party Quest done only by members in your guild.

Why GPQ?
GPQ IS NOT a pq for exp. Instead it is mainly for the bonus stage at the end, where you can get prizes such as mastery books and summoning bags.

Who can GPQ?
Anyone that is in the same guild.

How do I get to GPQ?
You head to evacuation site from Perion.

What is needed for GPQ?
6 or more members. If it is less than 6 at any point, you will be kicked out of GPQ.
Must haves:
1 One Junior Master/Master
2 One thief with maxed haste and dark sight.
3 One mage with level 17+ teleport.
4 One character under level 30.
5 One member that is a ranged character. (eg. Sin, Bowman, a 4th job mage with an ultimate works too)
6 One filler
Optional, but very helpful:
1 A warrior with max HB. *An Attacker must have at least 2.5k hp w/o HB. With is 4k hp.
2 A priest with max dispel.
3 A chief bandit/shadower with ME (Meso Explosion).

Before GPQ!

1. Entering GPQ.
1. Have a JR Master/Master register by clicking Shuang.
2. You can go in after the Jr. Master/Master has gone in.
3. Now, you wait 3 minutes. You should use this time to make parties.
4. Enter the portal once it opens.
2. Earrings
1. Hit a purple crystal so that an earring drops.
2. Wear the earring at all times, unless you want to die.
3. Move on to the next stage by going through top portal then going right.

The Actual GPQ!

Stage One "Memorization"

*Requires two people with good memorization, but pen and paper would do.
The main idea of this stage is that you are supposed to repeat the pattern shown before, but with one catch. The map is too big, so at least two people are needed. Split it like this and this.
You will need to pass 3 rounds. If you fail one you will start the stage all over. First round has 4 statues that glow, second has 5 and third has 6. Below are some common methods.
1. 1-2-3-4 Method or the "Normal" way.
In this method, you just call out numbers as the statues glow. So, if a statue glows on your side first, you call out "1". Then when the second statue glows, whichever side it's on, that person on that side calls out "2" and so on. *Writing them down would help. [url=]*Typical Convo[/url]
2. Labeling Method
  • In this method, it is easier to memorize, but easier to make mistakes. You'll understand as we go on.
First off, you number the statues 1,2,3.. etc, starting from top left to right, then middle left to right, and lastly, bottom left to right as shown in this SS on your side of the map . As the statues glow, you shall call that statue number out. (Eg. The statue you labeled as "5" glows, you call out 5 and so on.)

3. Hitting the statues
After the statues have stopped glowing, hit the statues that glowed in the correct order.
(E.g. Method 1, Let's say that person A said 1 and person B said 2 and 3. Person A would hit 1 and then call out to person B something like "hit 23 or h23 (for short)".)
(E.g. Method 2, This is basically the same as the previous, but you have to be careful when you're calling out numbers and "not to call out the wrong one otherwise you may mistake hitting the wrong one later.)

Stage 2 "Keys and Spears"

1.[url=]Hall of the Knight[/url]

Room A = Room Of Faith. *Requires people who are good a jump quest.
This is the room where you do three jump quests. Each jq gives one spear at the top where to have to hit it for it to break.
by cxggod
cxggod: Also a little trick for the Red JQ in stg 2 near the end you can jump and get hit by the laser and grab onto the rope saves you sooo much time

Room B = Room Of Courage.
This is where you have to kill Muscle Stone and Master Muscle Stone. One of them will drop a key which is used later. *The one with the key spawns in the middle of bottom layer.

Room C = [url=]Room Of Pledge[/url] *Requires a mage with teleport and thief with darksight
This room requires the key you obtain in Room B to be opened. You drop the key in front of the door and wait. Inside, a mage teleports across the bottom and break open a box to obtain another key. The key is then passed on to a thief with darksight, where he goes a long the top with darksight. When he reaches the end, drop the key, go in and retrieve the spear.

Room D = [url=]Room Of Glory[/url] *Requires haste and lvl 17+ teleport.
This room has 4 parts. You get to the top of each part and drop the spear in the middle and it should disappear and look like this.

JQ 1 + JQ2 require haste.
JQ 3 Goes by the combo 2152212 (eg. 2nd platform, 1st, 5th, so on)
JQ 4 requires lvl 17+ teleport. OR Max FJ.

Stage 3 "Mastermind"

*Note Whatever YOU drop, ONLY YOU can pick up.

Here comes the most mind challenging part of the entire pq. This normally would get you very frustrated, but guess what! I've recently created a program where it will supply you guesses according to the info you give it. The program is located at the bottom of the guide.

The method used in this program can solve 99% of all combinations in 5 or less turns, with only 2 that need 6 turns. The downside of this method is that you'll have to collect all the pieces before you can start.

Before using the program, collect the 4 medals and scrolls from the monster that spawn in the [url=]Fountain of the Wiseman[/url]. Then move on to the two portals at the top left and right.

How to use the program:
In my program, I'd be using only A's, B's, C's and D's. Each letter can be whatever item you want, but they MUST be the same throughout this stage. If you start A as scroll, it must stay as scroll in that stage.

So first enter ABCD. You will get a result such that it will say how many are correct, incorrect and unknown.

Enter the result in this format. (Correct)(Incorrect)
(e.g. 1 Correct 1 Incorrect would be 11
2 Correct 0 Incorrect would be 20
0 Correct 1 Incorrect would be 01)
Press Enter, and it will display a Combo (e.g. AAAB) then you put the items according to that combo, and enter the result in the next box.
  • Side note. This program should solve that stage 99% of the time. I did not double check everything, but it should be alright.

Stage 4 "Collecting Clothes"

There are parts in this stage. Assign guildmates to [url=]each of them.[/url]

Hole 1 *Has Pants *Requires people who are good at JQs
Defeat the Puppet Golems and loot the 9 Sign of Evils they drop. Drop it at the door and move on. Complete the JQ until the very end and break the box to get the pants and exit out the far right portal.

Hole 2 *Has Shoes *Requires Haste *FJ makes it easier
Using haste, or FJ, get to the top and break the box and get the shoes. Then exit out the middle portal.

Hole 3 *Has Crown *Requires a level 30-
Only a level 30- character can go in. You defeat the Devil Slime inside (11 on the bottom, 9 on the top) and loot the 20 Sign of Evils. Drop them all in the door on the right. Go in and complete the JQ and break the box to get the crown.

Hole 4 *Has Cape/Top *Requires a ranged attacker or mage with an ultimate.
Defeat Gargoyle at the top and 8 Jr. Gargoyles will be summoned. Collect the 8 Sign of Evils and drop them at the door on the right. Move on and get [url=]the top [/url], by going through the portals.

Stage 5 "Dressing Up"

Place the collected items on the skull following this order.
Shoes -> Pants -> Top/Cape -> Crown
An old man will pop up. The host shall click him to clear. Now move on to the boss stage.

Stage 6 "Ergoth"

To get to Ergoth, you open the [url=]gate by sacrificing someone.[/url] The red circle is where the sacrifice goes. He or she MUST drop their earrings FROM THEIR EQUIPMENT BOX. The blue circle is for the people who do are not fighting but would like to watch. *If you go in, you can't only get down if you die.
The fight can be done by basically anyone who has 4k hp. 4k hp base would be excellent, because if you depended on mg, you may die.
A strategy I use is to kill the left statues first before ergoth, because they dispel which is annoying for me because I depend on mg to survive.

In the battle with ergoth, if you get someone to go up top, there is a wheel or chain or something up there. Using just the regular attack you can keep summons from spawning. Very helpful if you dont have a 4th job mage with you.

Secondly, the statues will not dispel you if you do not jump. Just a weird little thing that saves you a lot of time and potentially a few deaths aswell.

How to bomb Ergoth.
If the CB has over 4k hp, they will most likely succeed in bombing. Meso Guard and HB does help a lot, but if you get dispelled instantly, its over.
From my experience, I have never seen a CB successfully bomb Ergoth, so if your CB friend fails, don't yell at him.
400k is more than enough mesos for a CB with max ME. 5k bags.
[url=]Where to bomb.[/url]

Once you are done killing ergoth. Loot the crystal and click the Loin NPC to move on to the Bonus stage

Bonus Stage

You have 30 seconds to break the boxes and loot things. After 30 seconds, you will be sent out.

Sunrise dew
Sunset dew
Ice cream pop
Power elixir
Orange potion
White potion
Mana elixir
Red bean sundae

Black sack

Scrolls (all 60%):
Bottomwear Def
Overall Def
Overall Dex
Overall Int
Overall Luk
Cape Hp
Cape Mp
Cape Def
Cape MDef
Cape Dex
Cape Luk
Earring Int
Shoe Jump
Shoe Speed
Shoe Dex
Glove Att
Glove Dex
Helmet Hp
Helmet Def
By TripleBladez
Advanced Combo 30, Paralyze 30, Elquines 30, Chain Lightning 30, Ifrit 30, Taunt 30, Ninja Ambush 30, Ninja Storm 30, Assassinate 30, Sharp Eyes 30, Hurricane 20, and Frostprey 30.

This concludes my guide. I hope after this, you will have a full understanding on GPQ. If I have made any errors in this guide or program, please PM me.

Me on guide and program
HS for some pictures

My Program

[url=]Download Link[/url]
[url=] Virus Scan [/url]
Concerns on my program:
It does not contain viruses.
It's my very first program.
Do not download it from anywhere else.
If you do not understand how to use. PM me
Do not enter anything but numbers in the spaces, otherwise things will pop up.
It was 100% made by me. The solution was first done on paper, and then turned into a program.

Thanks for reading,
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I have no experience in GPQ, but this guide looks pretty good to me.
Oct 20 2009
Can you be more specific about the rewards?
Oct 20 2009
This is a great guide!
Oct 20 2009
hiiiiiiiiiiii the best nx seller in windia i bought like 50m+ worth of nx thank youuuuu soooooo muchhhhhhh
Oct 20 2009
if you get dispelled instantly, its over.[/quote]

Not true most of the time. If you're keeping yourself potted and if you pay attention you can recast MG fast enough to avoid death.
Oct 20 2009
if you get dispelled instantly, its over.

Not true most of the time. If you're keeping yourself potted and if you pay attention you can recast MG fast enough to avoid death.[/quote]

True, but most of the time, a CB will lag a little when Ergoth gets summoned. If you die, by the time you get back, the meso are gone and will take alot of effort to drop mesos again.
Oct 20 2009
Eh... it's okay. Very vague, though. I give it a B+. Also, I strongly recommend this and [url=]this[/url] for help.
Oct 20 2009
Eh... it's okay. Very vague, though. I give it a B+. Also, I strongly recommend this and [url=]this[/url] for help.[/quote]

I will try to add more visuals and videos.
Oct 20 2009
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