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Best classes based on DPS on bosses

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NinjaSinDX Level 206 Scania Paladin
Best classes based on DPS on bosses correct me if im wrong

  1. Corsair
  2. NL
  3. BM
  4. Buceeneer
  5. MM
  6. Hero
  7. Paladin
  8. Dark knight
  9. mages
  10. Beginner (Lol)
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orangeking11 Level 132 Broa Evan 9th Growth
Geez, Whats with people forgetting about Snipers? Im pretty sure its been proven that Snipers are better dps than bowmasters and NL's. Sniper = 200k dmg extra every 5 seconds.
Edit: My bad, im blind, I didn't see the MM for Marksman. Still, Im sure we are higher than 5.[/quote]

I think the TS might've gotten the MM rank off an older/incorrect table. But one thing ya should consider though is that later on in lvls, a BM's Hurricane growth will be able to surpass that boost from Snipe (believe I read it in the Bowman forum somewhere, and not 100% sure on where that point is). xD
Nov 17 2009
you got it ALL wrong brother.
1) Corsair
2) BM
3) NL
4) Hero
5) Shadower
Nov 17 2009
Beginners>Shadowers in terms of DPS?
Nov 17 2009
Corsair has the highest dpm and it has been prooven by someone who posted a thread on sleepywood. ( even if both nl and corsair have apple and see corsair still wins by like 3 mil more damage per min)
Nov 17 2009
thts wrong cus corsairs with SE still do more DPS and without DPS bowman still beat NL so without us you NLs cant beat a bowman or corsair[/quote]

You don't have SE.
And basically every bossing run consists of NLs and those skills anyways.
They need the buffs, but basically every guild uses NLs.
So they're needed.

Stop pointing useless things out.
Nov 17 2009
k to make an accurate comparison you should give all classes the same equips that are shareable and clean class specific equips such as weapons and top/bottom or overall. And each class ONLY gets its on skills and buffs, no atk pots/apples and BM'/MM's dont give other classes SE. Once you do all that then find the dmg range and put it into the move the class will be using Ex Hurricane, TT, Brandish?, Battleship or w/e and such. then look at the %'s each shot will do and how many shots per minute. THEN you will have DPS lmao.
Nov 17 2009
orangeking11 Level 132 Broa Evan 9th Growth
Beginners>Shadowers in terms of DPS?[/quote]

Maybe he didn't see you guys behind that Smoke Screen. xD

Funny, yet sad though that he remembered "Beginners (lol)" before he remembered Shads. xD
Nov 17 2009
So Nl or dexless NL, they might as well have their own class
Nov 17 2009
I would think that mages don't do that good on bosses. Bandits would probably do better then mages. and NLs do the highest DPS in the game with SE. hands down.[/quote]

corsair w/SE still beats NL w/ SE
Nov 17 2009
*cough* Bucc? They are quite slow, but very efficient at soloing, however their DPS is slow.
Nov 17 2009
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