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Evan Guide: Taming the Dragon

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Jumbojet777 Level 136 Bellocan Evan 9th Growth

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Hi everyone! This is my first attempt to make a guide and as such, it will probably not be perfect at first. I'm open to suggestions by PM or by replies so feel free to voice your opinion, but be sure to have a decent amount of raw info to back it up!


[header=25]Recent News and Important Notices

March 31, 2010 Evans came out! I'll be tellin you how I'm going...

March 30, 2010 <MapleStory Update>

UPDATE Server maintenance has been extended for 6 hours (total). Please check back at 12PM PST (3PM EST) for login status. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Server :

All Game Servers


Pacific: Wednesday, March 31st, 2010, 12:00 AM ~ 6:00 AM
Eastern: Wednesday, March 31st, 2010, 3:00 AM ~ 9:00 AM

Found out exactly when the Patch is happening! I'm gonna write all the new stuff during the wait if I'm not asleep

March 24, 2010 while I was doing a project, I knowticed that Evans are coming out on the 31st (i was right ) [url=]So there, Hah [/url]

March 21, 2010 I will be taking a 1 week leave from all forms of computers... so no updates till friday/saturday

March 10, 2010 The Release date for Evans is now March 2010. I'm guessing the 31th because of one week for the Q&A and one week for the Feed your dragon

March 2, 2010 I'm trying to decide between Lukless and Low LUK... what do you think? (off topic, but I went snowboarding today and it was epic... )

Table of Contents

Credits to ColdIce, iGuy, and [url=]Takeback3r's "A Comprehensive Guide to Gunslingers"[/url] for helping me with the Table of Contents Header Links!

[s=/forum/1334071/1/#25]Recent News and Important Notices[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#0]Update History[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#35]Evan's Story[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#1]Why Evans?[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#34]HP/MP amounts[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#21]LUK-Less Vs. Regular LUK[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#23]Regular LUK[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#27]Low-LUK[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#22]LUK-Less[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#36]How I'm Doing with my Evan[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#20]Mage/Evan Spell Equation[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#37]Mount Quest Section[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#38]Level 50 Mount[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#39]Level 80 Mount[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#40]Level 120 Mount[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#30]Quest Section[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#31]Levels 10-13: Starting Your Questing Life[/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#32]Levels 18-20: Getting Farther Along![/s]
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#33]Levels 28-30: The quests keep rolling in![/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#2]Your_First_Mastery_of_many_to_come[/s] (Level 10)
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#3]I_Have_Two_Builds_for_you![/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#4]Your_dragon_isn't_a_baby_anymore[/s] (Level 20)
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#5]Once_again,_Two_Builds![/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#6]Third_Mastery:_A_little_more_mass_to_your_dragon_and_a_little_more_power![/s] (Level 30)
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#7]OMG_2_BUILDS![/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#8]The_Fourth_Mastery:_Freezing_and_Resets?_Pretty_Awesome[/s] (Level 40)
  • [s=/forum/1334071/1/#9]Two_Builds!_Pick_at_your_Choice[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#10]The_Fifth_Mastery:_Oooo_Shiny_Skills_[/s] (Level 50)
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#11]The_Sixth_Mastery:_FINALLY_A_USELESS_SKILL_NOT_TO_MASTER![/s] (Level 60)
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#12]The_Seventh_Mastery:_Wow_your_dragon_looks_pretty_sweet_dude...[/s] (Level 80)
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#13]The_Eighth_Mastery:_Earthquake_YEAHHHHH![/s] (Level 100)
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#14]The_Ninth_Mastery:_A_Sweet_looking_dragon_is_your_reward_for_getting_to_an_equivalent_4th_job![/s] (Level 120)
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#15]The_Tenth_Mastery:_FINALLY!_Dark_Fog_Pwnz_Noobz[/s] (Level 160)
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#24]Motivational/Training Videos[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#26]Basilers Who Helped Me Out![/s]

[header=0]Update History

Version 1.0: The first guide so is not gonna be perfect...
Version 1.1: Added some training spots for early on leveling! Also added a Table of Contents!
Version 1.1.1: Fixed up some minor mistakes
Version 1.1.2: Added Magic Guard Focused Build for 3rd Mastery (By Reader's Request )
Version 1.2: Fixed Grammar Mistakes and Added some pro's and cons... plus a few training spots!
Version 1.3: Changed Table of Contents to actual links!
Version 1.3.1: Fixed Up the Table of Contents links... frustrating ._.
Version 1.4: Added Mage/Evan Spell Damage Equations
Version 1.5: Well... I added 5th and 6th mastery, and I would have had 7th-10th, but my laptop screw'd me over... ugh I'll get it up soon... -_-
Version 1.5.1: Added Mushroom Castle Training Spot! Thanks BlazingNova! Also added a con...
Version 1.5.2: Added Iron Mutae and a con. Thanks justinc96!
Version 2.0: Redid all of the builds, added a lot of stuff, and overall improved the guide greatly! Thanks to the people who left Comments, It helps!
Version 2.1: Added the LUK-Less and Regular LUK sections! Also fixed the Slow animation link.
Version 2.1.1: Fixed a slight error in the new LUK-Less Vs. Regular LUK section...
Version 2.1.2: Fixed small errors brought up by some viewers
Version 3.0: Back from finals! Finished up the Skills and added a Useful Videos Section!
Version 3.1: Relocated info on the top of the post to the new "Recent News and Important Notices" Section and fixed some minor errors
Version 3.1.1: Added a breakdown of LUK's effect on Magic Attack.
Version 3.1.2: Added some extra info on LUK vs. LUK-less
Version 3.2: Changed the description on Dragon Soul and added a "Basilers who helped me" section
Version 3.2.1: Changed Bullets to Smileys in the Basilers section
Version 3.2.2: Added some Training Spots
Version 3.2.3: Added some Basilers who helped me. Also added a Pro.
Version 3.2.3: Fixed up a grammatical mistake.
Version 4.0 Added numerous sections and overall improved the guide tremendously!
Version 4.0.1 Fixed coding and grammatical mistakes
Version 4.0.2 Hmm... apparently its Pink Bean not Been... lol
Version 4.1 Added a significant amount to the Low LUK mage section and made the Why Evan's section more complete.
Version 4.2 Added the HP/MP comparison section
Version 4.2.1 Clarified the issue of Magic Mastery and changed personal description of Hero's Will.
Version 4.2.2 Fixed Up Issues on certain skills and portions of the guide.
Version 4.2.3 Fixed Up some spots to try to stem the violent flame war occurring in the comments section
Version 4.2.4 Tried out the chart inserting tool... i hope it works....
Version 4.2.5 Well, the new code only works in a specialized place. Fixed up stuff
Version 4.3 Added Evan's Story Section
Version 4.4 Added the "How I'm doing" Section
Version 4.4.1 Added another training spot
Version 4.5 Fixed info on Critical Magic, Magic Guard, and Magic Booster
Version 4.6 Added Mount Acquiring Info
Version 4.6.1 Removed the Nerfed Magic Guard Con. and added a pic of my lvl 38 Evan
Version 4.7 Added 2nd mount info
Version 4.7.1 Magic Flare isn't Holy Element
Version 4.7.2 Added some luk-less and regular luk info

[header=35]Evan's Story

The Dragon Master Legend

A long time ago there lived a heroic Magician named Freud. Mighty even by the standards of Maple World, he delved into many different areas of magical research, but chief among his interests was the study of the Onyx Dragons. His greatest desire was to find a way for humans and dragons to live together in peace. After many years of study and exploration, this desire would bring him before the greatest of Onyx Dragons, the Dragon King, Afrien.

Now Afrien, as King of the Onyx Dragons was the greatest of his kind. Despite their many differences, Afrien loved humans as he loved all life. When Freud appeared before him, he found a kindred spirit, a human who shared his philosophical love for all lifeforms. Not wishing to miss out on this opportunity, Magician and Dragon pledged to each other a Spirit Pact of mutual defense and understanding. They bound themselves together using many powerful rituals and spells, creating the first Spirit Pact, the forerunner of the many that would come later. Under the pact, two spirits would become one and the resulting bond would be unbreakable, even lasting past death.

The benefits of the Spirit Pact were many and powerful. Magician and Dragon nurtured each other, each becoming stronger together than they ever could have apart. Together they ushered in an era of peace and justice, shining all the more brightly for the brief length of time that it lasted. It was shattered when a great evil entered Maple World. We know him today as the Black Mage. When the Black Mage's discovered the incredible power of the Onyx Dragons, he coveted it for himself. One night while Freud was away, the Black Mage granted himself an audience with the great Onyx Dragon King.

Unable to understand the source of the Onyx Dragon's great power, the Black Mage asked Afrien to join him and betray Freud and the humans he had in his care. He promised the King that by working together they could become more powerful than anyone could imagine. Afrien tried to explain that the source of the Onyx Dragon's power was the love and trust that came from the Spirit Pact. He was incapable of betraying his friend, nor would he have broken the pact even if he was capable of it. Infuriated, the Black Mage vowed that if the Onyx Dragon would not join him, he would be destroyed.

The Black Mage fumed for a time, researching some way to destroy the Spirit Pact and defeat the Dragon King and his friend. Eventually he concluded that if he could lock Freud in ice forever, this might break the Pact. He launched a devastating attack on the pair, trying to maneuver them into a position where he could launch his horrible curse at Freud. After a fierce struggle, the Black Mage succeeded and managed to cast his devastating spell at Freud.

He hadn't considered with the Onyx Dragon's loyalty. When the Black Mage cast his devastating curse at Freud, Afrien nobly threw himself in front of his friend, taking the curse that had been meant for him. The great Dragon was encased in ice. Black Mage had succeeded. The Spirit Pact was broken. His success was not complete, though. Afrien had left behind a great Dragon and so long as the egg existed, there was always a chance that a future hero might come along that could re-establish the Spirit Pact. Freud eventually escaped with dragon egg, determined to hid it in a place where it might eventually be found. His friend had sacrificed himself for Freud, Freud could do no less for Afrien.

Thus was the Dragon egg hidden away, waiting for a hero with a strong spirit would be able to recreate the Spirit Pact. Now in the Maple World of today, that time has come again. A humble soul, the child of a pig farmer, will reforge old bonds and re-establish the Spirit Pact. The Onyx Dragon will rise again at the side of a new hero who will use that power to fight for peace and justice!

(thanks to the [url=]Maplestory Forums[/url])

[header=1]Why Evans?

Yes, the question all of us maplers face is why to pick a class. Is it for power? For glory? For that wonderful golden coin with a maple leaf on it? Whatever your reason for picking a Evan, make sure you wholeheartedly follow it as far as you can. Also, if you have any questions, PM me and I'll try my hardest to answer them truthfully

  • Strong single attacks
  • The strongest "Ultimate" magic attack (without Crit. and Elemental Advantages)
  • Blessing of Onyx is very useful for keeping party members alive
  • Extra magic mastery isnt given to all other mages (60% for normals VS. 90% for Evans)
  • A mob attack at lvl 20
  • Has a magic attacks from every element and even ones not revealed (Dark?)
  • Critical Hit on magic attacks? Yes plz
  • Your mount is a dragon!
  • Teleport at lvl 20! YAY!
  • You max the first 4 mastery's skill set!

  • 20 sec. cooldown on the "Ultimate"
  • Dragons have no differences (all of them are blue)
  • Lots of good skills to master, so you have to be wise with your SP
  • Dragon only attacks in the direction its facing
  • No MP Eater...

This section is under construction, so its not complete yet

[header=34]HP/MP Amounts

This section is to compare the HP/MP amounts between regular mages and Evans

Level 38
[url=]Level 38 Evan (mine )[/url]

Level 90
[url=]Level 90 Mage[/url]
[url=]Level 90 Evan (do 480p)[/url]

[header=21]LUK-Less Vs. Regular LUK

Most players of any mage classes choose to be Regular LUK over LUK-less because it allows the most freedom in what you want to equip or use. Some other players, however, choose to forget the LUK in the pursuit of more damage through having more INT. Both are worthy choices and it all depends on how you play the game! Low-LUK is a compromise between the two and combine aspects of both styles.

[header=23]Regular LUK

If you've chosen this path for your mage, congrats on your decision! But make sure you really want to, because, unlike LUK-less, it is non-reversible (unless you spend a crapload of NX on AP resets.)

  • Freedom of what you want to wear
  • Access to the strongest mage weapons.
  • Ability to equip the Magic/Esther Shield
  • Cheaper (in some cases)
  • 5% exp loss after dieing vs. 10% for LUK-less
  • Slightly more accuracy than LUK-less Evans

  • Lower damage that LUK-Less
  • Repetitive trips to Elinia to get Mage Equips
  • Can be just as expensive, if not more expensive, than a LUK-less Mage.

  • Open to Suggestions*

AP Build

Every Level, you should put your AP into stats like this:

+4 INT
+1 LUK (make sure your LUK = your level +3)

Follow this until you get your end-game equips, then don't bother with any more LUK. *DON'T EVER PUT ANY AP INTO STR. OR DEX.*

Recommended Equips

Because you are regular LUK, your equips can be pretty much any magician equips currently existing!

Some good ones however are:

~Zakum Helmet (+15 to all stats, lots of avoidability, and 150 wep/mag defense? The best.... apart from a Targar... but barely.)
~The maple staffs and wand (Level 35,43, and 64)
~Magic/Esther Shield (A nice 1 int and some defense for a low price is nice!)
~Elemental Staff and Wand (very expensive and evans have multiple elements)
~LUK or INT earrings

  • Open to suggestions!*


Special Thanks to DarkFocus for all the help with a good chunk of this guide

I, personally, haven't seen very many people who follow this path... though i doubt i would because Low-LUK and Regular LUK look nearly identical. BEWARE: this path is usually REALLY expensive as luck equips can be quite high in price.

  • Much more damage than Regular LUK
  • Even with low luk, they can still wear all the regular equips a mage can wear.
  • Slightly more MP than Regular Mages
  • Higher defense than a lukless Evan
  • (sometimes) higher damage than a lukless Evan***

  • VERY expensive equipments (going to be competing with thieves for LUK gear (good luck))
  • Sometimes putting the LUK in right can be hard to do...
  • Lower defense than a normal luk Evan
  • (normally) Lower damage than lukless***

(***) The damage you deal as a low luk compared to a lukless depends on when you cap your luk and your equips, for example a low luk may be able to out damage a lukless if he/she has a ele staff (163). Like most other things funding is a factor...

  • Open to suggestions*

AP Build

1st Way of creating your own AP build.

Decide where you plan to go with your Evan...80? 100? 120? 160?
-This will give you a list of the armor that you may wear and what you should cap your luk for as well as what equips you want to and/or should wear.

Decide how much funding you will spend on your Evan-
-This will be a large factor in your base luk; if you want to spend only 100m on your Evan then you probably won't be able to cap your luk too low, as you might need a Horntail Pendant, Luk shield, and maybe some armor integrated with extra luk using Maker.

Decide how fast you want to hit your base-
Lets say you have an awesome Dark Starlight with...what? +64 INT?
The luk required on it is 40, and it's a lv 38 robe.
So without any other equips you could add 1 on luk and 4 on int every lv till 37, then by lv 38 you'll have 37 luk and 148 int, when you hit lv 38 add 3 to luk and 2 to int, this maximizes your damage as you go to reach your base (which is 40). This is just an example, keep in mind, most lv 30s will have a Spiegelmann necklace (1/1/1/1) and slime shoes (1/1/1/1) this would let you add 2 of those 40 points to INT and you could just worry about adding the other 2 luk some other time.

This works the same way for higher lved equips, however because they are higher lved and require a higher luk you'll have more time to add the luk, it ALSO means you'll have more time to equip stuff that will lower your need for a higher base luk, for example if you need 50 luk to equip 50 (and you want to make 50 your base) then you can get a dep star and lower your need for luk by 5, that's 5 points that can go into int.

Second way of creating your own AP build

Add luk until you feel like its enough and don't add anymore...
Yes, it seems reckless but it works, I did that with my mage actually, I added luk at an awkward pace till I had 42 luk and I thought it was enough, so my mage's base luk is 42 and he's doing pretty well.

Recommended Equips

Go to the Regular Mage's recommended equips


If you've chosen this path for your mage, congrats on your decision! The good thing is that if you decide on not following this path for long, you can always put the AP into LUK and turn into Regular LUK.

  • Lots of Damage
  • More MP because of more base INT
  • No need to keep buying new equips
  • Unfunded LUK-less are cheaper than regular LUK Mages.

  • You're stuck with the same equips for EVER (usually)
  • Equips can be expensive
  • Lack of good Wep./Mag. Defense.
  • You will never be able to hold the almighty elemental staff
  • Slightly less accuracy than Luk Evans

  • Open to Suggestions*

AP Build

Every Level, you should put your AP into stats like this:

+5 INT

Don't ever put any into LUK (unless your sick of LUK-Less and want to be Regular LUK). *DON'T EVER PUT ANY AP INTO STR. OR DEX.*

Recommended Equips

As a LUK-Less mage, you have very little options for Equips, compared to Reg/Low LUK Mages, but some good ones are:

~beginner armor to 20 -> switch to bathrobe (optional switch to sauna at 30) keep improving this when you get the funds
~wooden wand to 25 -> switch to astaroth wand/staff (100% if you can) -you achieve this by trading a gas mask over from an adventurer or buying-
~earrings (100% magic atk ASAP) I would recommend leaf earings (the 50MP can be nice )
~m.atk wg (if you can
~INT demon hat (again, only if you can afford)
~whitebottom boots
~lv35 maple staff (only if you did not get the astaroth) -> lv43 NICELY SCROLLED maple lama staff/nocturnal staff (otherwise use 100%ed astaroth weapon) -> maple wisdom staff
~lv50 zhelm -> with this zhelm, you now have enough for the beige plain robe, so scroll (or buy scrolled) one of these for int (you get better stats for less)
~Note: beige plain robes are for men only-
~Zakum Helmet (+15 to all stats, lots of avoidability, and 150 wep/mag defense? The best apart from the )
~The maple staffs and wand (Level 35,43, and 64)
~Magic/Esther Shield (A nice 1 int and some defense for a low price is nice if you get the necessary LUK from equips)
~Maple Bandanas - Released a few years ago for the anniversary, only good if you have a lot of money... otherwise, just get a Zakum Helmet.
~Black Bandana (+1 INT, or if you're lucky, you can find some with +2!)
~Targar Hat (INT) (Like a Zakum Helmet, except has 2 more INT and a required level of 80... sometimes cheaper too )
~Bathrobes (both the Level 20 and 30 ones are sometimes scrolled for INT)
~Purple Adventure Cape (PuAC) (7 magic attack in a cape! pretty sweet)

(Massive thanks to 7h13fb0y for most of these equips suggestions)

  • Open to Suggestions!*

[header=36]My Evan

9:13, 3-31-10 - Level 24
3:31, 4-2-10 - Level 31
11:53, 4-3-10 - Level 38

[header=20]Mage/Evan Spell Equation

[B]EDIT:[/B] This section has been temporarily taken down because of the numerous reports that my equation was wrong. I just don't want to mislead anyone. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience. This section will be put back up when i get a unanimous decision on what the equation is.

Is there a different equation for Evans?

[header=37]Mount Quest Section

A big thanks to Th3Punish3r for the level 50 mount info!

The mount, although somewhat less useful for Evans, allows you to travel at speeds faster than normally possible! It is useful, but not necessary, so don't bother getting this if you're not loaded

Mini Table of Contents

[s=/forum/1334071/1/#38]Level 50 Mount[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#39]Level 80 Mount[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#40]Level 120 Mount[/s]

[header=38]Level 50 Mount

  1. Once you hit level 50, a lightbulb appears above your head, asking you to talk to Grendel.
  2. Then, your dragon will speak to you and starts talking about being mounted.
  3. After that, you go to Grendel, he asks you to speak to FangBlade, an NPC beside Dances with Balrog.
  4. FangBlade asks you to go to Ereve, you have to speak to Neinheart
  5. Neinheart will direct you to Kenta in the Aquarium.
  6. For the Saddle, Kenta asks for 50 Seal Skins (dropped by Freezers), 1 Seruf Pearl (dropped by the boss, Seruf) and 10 million mesos.
  7. Once you've acquired all the necessary stuff, return to Kenta for a Saddle.
  8. Afterwards, return to FangBlade for the Monster Riding Skill.

[header=39]Levels 80 Mount

  1. Once you hit Lv.80, you have to speak to your dragon. He will say that his saddle is too small and you need to ask Kenta for a new one. (You cannot ride your dragon until you obtain the new saddle).
  2. Once you get to Kenta, he will ask for: 10 Lycanthrope Leather, 2 Captain Alpha's Buckle, 2 Unbreakable Porcelain and 30 million mesos. The Captain Alpha's Buckles are found by breaking purple boxes in the left or right map of the Aquarium. The Unbreakable Porcelain is obtained at Herb Town.
  3. You have to speak to Captain Hwang and he asks you to save Potter in the map accessible at Red-Nose Pirate Den 2.
  4. After that, you return to Captain Hwang and go to Potter (far left of Herb Town). He asks you to gather 100 Broken Piece of Pot and 100 Ginseng-Boiled 5. Water for the Unbreakable Porcelains.
  5. As for the Lycanthrope Leather, you must hunt Lycanthropes (Wolf Territory III in El Nath) for them. They have a high drop rate of Leather (I got my 10 Leathers in 14 Lycans).
  6. After everything, you return to Kenta with the items and 30 million mesos and he makes a new Saddle for you to sit on.

[header=40]Levels 120 Mount

Coming Soon!

[header=30]Quest Section

First off, MASSIVE MASSIVE MAAAAAASSSSIIIIVVVE thanks to gkdmstjr for providing me with this awesome guide (that he wrote and I edited into my guide)... I am forever in your debt

Mini Table of Contents

[s=/forum/1334071/1/#31]Levels 10-13: Starting Your Questing Life[/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#32]Levels 18-20: Getting Farther Along![/s]
[s=/forum/1334071/1/#33]Levels 28-30: The quests keep rolling in![/s]

[header=31]Level 10-13: Starting Your Questing Life

level 10 Quests:
-Congratz new legend! you'll notice that the egg that was in the incubator hatched! well then, click on the light bulb on top of the dragon (from now on, you'll notice that there will be separate light bulbs for YOU and the DRAGON and the dragon will tell you to kill 20 pigs for Grid. so do so and talk to Grid.

-When you talk to Grid, you'll see that the map is a bit strange and there are stacks of hay all over! Fulfill Grid's new request by whacking away at the hay until you get 3. Then go and give them to Grid.

-Once you complete all those quests, Mir the Dragon will ask you for food. go kill some pigs until you collect 10 pieces of bacon (mmm bacon ). then talk to Mir again. Just after you do that, Grid will ask you to collect some Milk! Go to "Large Ohsol Road 1" and talk to the cow. yea, thats the same map you hunted the cows. then talk to Mir and he'll like the food you gave him. For his gratitude, he offers you with 1 First Stage SP. Don't be surprised; you get SPs from quests so don't skip them! sometimes, they are easier than leveling up so you might wanna do them.

level 13 Quests:
-Think you're done? uh-uh-uh! (waves finger) Talk to Mir and get some exp. Then go meet up with Grid who will inform you of pigs that weren't originally there. Mir will tell you that he is strong enough to handle the job. so head on over to Large Ohsol Road 2 and eliminate 20 Strange Pigs. Once you take care of that, Mir will have a light bulb over his head. talk to him. he will give you 1 First Stage SP Tell Grid that you finished the job, and he'll give you a letter to deliver to Chief Stan. he will then show you where Henesys is on the map.

-Seems like Grid ain't the only one with some trouble. Turns out Chief Stan needs help to. Collect 20 Cynical Mushroom Caps and return to Chief Stan. He will award you with Happy Child Medal, 30 blue potions, 30 orange potions, and 1 First Stage SP. Mir will have a light bulb, so talk to him. He informs you about a person in Henesys who is in trouble. So talk to Rina.

-Then talk to Chief Stan. Then go one map right of Henesys and talk to the Henesys Trainer. Kill 50 Cynical Mushrooms. return to him for some pots and exp. Then he will tell you to go kill 80 Cynical mushrooms. After that, he will send you to a training room where you kill 100 Training Use Spores. they sound simple pimple, but they seem to have a whopping 200 HP from when I've been here. Then talk to the trainer. he'll give you 1 First Stage SP and a quest item. Talk to him again and he sends you to a different room. Kill 150 Training Use Ribbon Pigs. They seem to have 350 HP. Talk to the trainer, who sadly didn't believe the dragon's power until now. he gives you exp which should level you up.

[header=32]Levels 18-20: Getting Farther Along!

Coming Soon!

[header=33]Levels 28-30: The quests keep rolling in!

Coming Soon!

[header=2]Your First Mastery of many to come (Level 10)

So you have your dragon! Now what do you do?

You start leveling up and gaining skills!

Magic Missle (Active)

[url=]Animated Form of Magic Missle[/url]

Description: Use MP to attack an enemy in the distance twice.

[tr][th]Level[/th][th]MP Consumption[/th][th]Base Damage[/th][th]Mastery %[/th]
[tr][td]Lv. 1[/td][th]10 MP[/th][th]11 x 2[/th][th]15%[/th]
[tr][td]Lv. 10[/td][th]14 MP[/th][th]25 x 2[/th][th]35%[/th]
[tr][td]Lv. 20[/td][th]14 MP[/th][th]40 x 2[/th][th]60%[/th]

Basically like the dragon equivalent of Magic Claw. [size=3][i][green]The Magic Missle Skill spot is now my testing spot for the new guide editing code.[/green][/i][/size]

[spoiler=1]If you can see this, the spoiler thing didn't work ... unless you revealed the spoiler.... you spoilers.... lol RABBLE![/spoiler]

Dragon Soul (Passive)

Description: The Soul of the Dragon is strengthened to improve magic attack.

Lv. 1 : +1 Magic Attack
Lv. 10 : +10 Magic Attack
Lv. 20 : +20 Magic Attack

Its like a passive version of Meditation... pretty useful

[header=3]I Have Two Builds for you!

Build One: Magic Missle first

  • 1st Skill to Max: Magic Missle

  • 2nd Skill to Max: Dragon Soul

Final Skill set up:
Magic Missle (20)
Dragon Soul (20)

This is the best build and you should definitely follow this build... no joke...

Build Two: Dragon Soul First

Put one point on Magic Missle

  • 1st Skill to Max: Dragon Soul

  • 2nd Skill to Max: Magic Missle

Final Skill set up:
Magic Missle (20)
Dragon Soul (20)

I don't know why you would use this build.... but its there anyway...

[header=4]The Second Mastery: Your dragon isn't a baby anymore (Level 20)

You finally got rid of that shell! YAY! Now your dragon has some potential... and a whole new slew of skills to use!

Fire Circle: (Active) NOTE: HAS FIRE ELEMENT

[url=]Animated Version of Fire Circle[/url]

Description: Use MP to attack multiple enemies with a fire element.

Lv. 1 : -12 MP; Base Damage: 36; 15% Mastery; Attacks 3 enemies
Lv. 10 : -16 MP; Base Damage: 45; 35% Mastery; Attacks 3 enemies
Lv. 20 : -20 MP; Base Damage: 55; 60% Mastery; Attacks 4 enemies

Kind of like a Blaze Wizard's Flame Pillar except it only hits ahead of you, is weaker, and hits only 4 monsters instead of 6... but useful against sand rats

Teleport (Active)

Description: Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same map on a set distance.

Lv. 1 : -34 MP; 131 Distance
Lv. 10 : -25 MP; 140 Distance
Lv. 20 : -15 MP; 150 Distance

Less MP early on, and more later... other than that, exactly the same as a regular mage's teleport!

[header=5]Once again, Two Builds!

Build One: Flame Circle First

*NOTE:* Put one point on Teleport first for mobility

  • 1st Skill to max: Flame Circle

  • 2nd Skill to max: Teleport

Final Skill set up:
Flame Circle (20)
Teleport (20)

This is, again, the best build and as such, you should follow it.

Build Two: Teleport First

  • 1st Skill to Max: Teleport

  • 2nd Skill to Max: Flame Circle

Final Skill set up:
Flame Circle (20)
Teleport (20)

Another, "Why would you do this?" build, but if you really want teleport... pick this...

If you're training on strong single monsters, this would be a good idea, but most people aren't at lvl 20-30 so.... not recommended...

[header=6]Third Mastery: A little more mass to your dragon and a little more power! (Level 30)

Your dragon has grown up a little more and is getting more powerful moves!


[url=]Animated Version of Lightning Bolt[/url]

Description: Inflict strong damage to an enemy by generating lightning.

Lv. 1 : -16 MP; Base Damage: 84; 15% Mastery
Lv. 10 : -20 MP; Base Damage: 120; 35% Mastery
Lv. 20 : -24 MP; Base Damage: 160; 60% Mastery

Take an Ice/Lightning Mage's Lightning skill's animation, make it hit only one person, and pump it up with steroids and you got an idea of how Lightning Bolt is...
Its actually very close to how Thunder Spear is!

Magic Guard (Supportive)

Description: Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.

Lv. 1 : -6 MP; Replaces 13% of HP damage as MP for 110 seconds
Lv. 10 : -14 MP; Replaces 40% of HP damage as MP for 200 seconds
Lv. 20 : -22 MP; Replaces 80% of HP damage as MP for 300 seconds

EDITED: Magic Guard actually goes to 80% now

*Note* The only way to max this skill is to purchase the Mastery book from the nx shop.

[header=7]OMG 2 BUILDS!

Build One: Magic Guard First

  • 1st Skill to Max: Magic Guard

  • 2nd Skill to Max: Lightning Strike

Final Skill set up:
Magic Guard (20)
Lightning Strike (20)

Magic Guard will help you stay alive in CPQ so its a good idea to max it pretty soon. If you want, you can add one Lightning Strike becuase its cool

Build Two: Lightning Strike First

  • 1st Skill to Max: Lightning Strike

  • 2nd Skill to Max: Magic Guard

Final Skill set up:
Lightning Strike (20)
Magic Guard (20)

If you want a strong singular attack, it might be a good idea to max lightning strike, but you'll be sacrificing vitality.

[header=8]The Fourth Mastery: Freezing and Resets? Pretty Awesome (Level 40)

Can't beat freezing people! Your Dragon is so much better now...


[url=]Initial Charge Up[/url]

[url=]Animated Version of Ice Breath[/url]

Description: For a duration of time, charge chill air to attack up to 6 enemies. Damage increases as the attack is charged longer.

Lv. 1 : -14 MP; Maximum of 63 base damage; 15% Mastery; 33% probability of freezing
Lv. 10 : -18 MP; Maximum of 90 base damage; 35% Mastery; 60% probability of freezing
Lv. 20 : -24 MP; Maximum of 120 base damage; 60% Mastery; 90% probability of freezing

Mobbing Cold Beam! (Ice/Lightning Skill) You have to charge this one up tho...

Elemental Reset (Supportive)

[url=]Animated Version of Elemental Reset[/url]

Description: For a duration of time, resets the element of spells to neutral.

Lv. 1 : -12 MP; For 110 seconds it decreases 5% of the attack element
Lv. 10 : -20 MP; For 200 seconds it decreases 50% of the attack element
Lv. 20: -30 MP; For 300 seconds it decreases 100% of the attack element

Gets rid of the element in spells so that they don't do crappy damage on resistant monsters.

[header=9]Two Builds! Pick at your Choice

Build One: Ice Breath First

  • 1st Skill to Max: Ice Breath

  • 2nd Skill to Max: Elemental Reset

Final Skill set up:
Ice Breath (20)
Elemental Reset (20)

Its a pretty good build if your focusing on ice neutral/weak monsters, but it can backfire with ice strong monsters...

Build Two: Elemental Reset

  • 1st Skill to Max: Elemental Reset

  • 2nd Skill to Max: Ice Breath

Final Skill set up:
Ice Breath (20)
Elemental Reset (20)

An absoult must if you train on ice strong monsters... otherwise, you're missing out on a really strong mob move that FREEZES

[header=10]The Fifth Mastery: Oooo Shiny Skills (Level 50)

So you made it to Level 50... Darn... no more CPQ ... But atleast its time for another Mastery Level

Magic Flare (Active)

[url=]Animated Version of Magic Flare[/url]

Description: Light created from a magic square will surround an enemy and attack.

Lv. 1 : -18 MP; Base Damage: 194; 15% Mastery
Lv. 10 : -24 MP; Base Damage: 230; 35% Mastery
Lv. 20: -30 MP; Base Damage: 270; 60% Mastery

It looks like a single hit Genesis and it hits pretty strongly like Genesis too (tho not holy element...)! In my opinion, its REALLY cool looking

Magic Shield (Supportive)

[url=]Animated Version of Magic Shield[/url]

Description: Creates a shield that absorbs certain amount of damage for 20 seconds. Cooldown time: 40 seconds.

Lv. 1 : -20 MP; 11% Damage absorbed
Lv. 10 : -30 MP; 20% Damage absorbed
Lv. 20 : -40 MP; 30% Damage absorbed

One of those skills like Hyper Body and Heal... No other class has it, and every class wants it...

[header=11]The Sixth Mastery: FINALLY A USELESS SKILL NOT TO MASTER! (Level 60)

Critical Magic (Passive)

Description: At a certain probability, critical damage is inflicted for magic attack.

Lv. 1 : 16% probability to deal 108% critical damage
Lv. 5 : 20% probability to deal 120% critical damage
Lv. 15 : 30% probability to deal 150% critical damage

Significantly increases DPM

*Note* The only way to max this skill is to purchase the Mastery book from the nx shop.

Dragon Thrust

[url=]Animated Version of Dragon Thrust[/url]

Description: Dragon attacks up to 6 enemies by pushing them forward.

Lv. 1 : -18 MP; Base Damage: 84; 15% Mastery; 38% Knockback probability
Lv. 10 : -26 MP; Base Damage: 120; 35% Mastery; 65% Knockback probability
Lv. 20 : -34 MP; Base Damage: 160; 60% Mastery; 95% Knockback probability

Used for a long time! somewhat comparable to Wind Archer's Storm Break...

Magic Booster (Supportive)

[url=]Animated Version of Magic Booster[/url]

Description: Use MP to improve the speed of your magic attack.

Lv. 1 : -78 MP; Increases Magic Attack speed by 1 for 110 seconds
Lv. 10 : -60 MP; Increases Magic Attack speed by 2 for 200 seconds
Lv. 15 : -50 MP; Increases Magic Attack speed by 3 for 300 seconds

Its a step better than a regular Magic Booster! This takes care of the speed problem

*Note* The only way to max this skill is to purchase the Mastery book from the nx shop.

Slow (Supportive)

[url=]Animated Version of Slow[/url]

Description: For a duration of time, reduce the speed of an enemy with a certain probability.

Lv. 1 : -20 MP; 60 seconds; 22% Probability to slow down the movement speed of the enemy by -12 for 4 seconds.
Lv. 10 : -35 MP; 150 seconds; 40% Probability to slow down the movement speed of the enemy by -30 for 8 seconds.
Lv. 15 : -40 MP; 150 seconds; 60% Probability to slow down the movement speed of the enemy by -40 for 12 seconds.

Instead of a singular attack, Its a buff that makes your regular magic attacks slow monsters down

[header=12]The Seventh Mastery: Wow your dragon looks pretty sweet dude... (Level 80)

Wow... past a 3rd job equivalent. You really have some perseverance! Get ready for a boost in awesomeness

Magic Amplification Passive

Description: Increases magic attack by using MP.

Lv. 1 : When consumed more than 110% MP, the Magic Attack damage will increase by 106%
Lv. 10 : When consumed more than 155% MP, the Magic Attack damage will increase by 115%
Lv. 15 : When consumed more than 180% MP, the Magic Attack damage will increase by 135%

Is exactly like the 3rd job mages( - 5%), but it takes less MP by 20%! Hopefully it'll save a lot of pots

Breath Active *NOTE* Has Fire Element

[url=]Animated Version of Breath's Charge up[/url]

[url=]Animated Version of Breath[/url]

Description: By charging flames for a duration of time, you can attack up to 6 enemies. Damage increases as the flame is charged up for a longer time.

Lv. 1 : -16 MP; Base Damage: 104; 15% Mastery; Stun probability of 11%
Lv. 10 : -22 MP; Base Damage: 140; 35% Mastery; Stun probability of 20%
Lv. 20 : -28 MP; Base Damage: 180; 60% Mastery; Stun probability of 30%

The damage and the fire element are pretty awesome, but the charging and the fact that 30% is not very high diminishes the usefulness... Don't misinterpret this tho, Blaze is a very strong mob move!

Killing Wing Active

[url=]Animated Version of Killing Wing[/url]

Description: Attack an enemy in the distance. After this, every attack is focused on the enemy.

Lv. 1 : -19 MP; Base Damage: 244; 15% Mastery
Lv. 10 : -27 MP; Base Damage: 280; 35% Mastery
Lv. 20 : -35 MP; Base Damage: 320; 60% Mastery

Pretty decent at 320 damage, but it focuses on one person by using it! Pretty good if you want to focus on one monster among a slew of noobier monsters.

Magic Resistance Supportive

[url=]Animated Version of Magic Resistance[/url]

Description: Cast a buff that gives resistance to all magic attacks from enemies to party members for a duration of time.

Lv. 1 : -12 MP; For 60 seconds increases 2% resistance to magic attacks
Lv. 5 : -24 MP; For 100 seconds increases 10% resistance to magic attacks
Lv. 10 : -36 MP; For 150 seconds increases 20% resistance to magic attacks

Evans seem to be nothing but useful unique skills! This one would be a life saver to nearly everyone at Zakum, Pap, Horned Tail, Pink Bean, or anything with a magic attack you can think of! Definitely one to max...

[header=13]The Eighth Mastery: Earthquake YEAHHHHH! (Level 100)

Triple Digits! This is the threshold of Pro-dom... (at least in my book ) Anyway, you get some amazing skills!

Dragon Fury Passive

Description: When MP is maintained in a specific range, Dragon's concentration gets stronger and magic attack increases. If MP goes out of the range, the effect will disappear.

Lv. 1 : Adds 101% Magic Attack when there is more than 50% MP or less than 62% MP
Lv. 5 : Adds 105% Magic Attack when there is more than 70% MP or less than 105% MP
Lv. 10 : Adds 110% Magic Attack when there is more than 80% MP or less than 110% MP

Not quite as powerful as a DrK's berserk, but similar! I'm guessing that when it means 110%, its talking about if you have Hyper Body? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

Earthquake Active *NOTE* This skill has the Fire Element (look at the horns during the initial charge up)

[url=]Animated Version of Earthquake[/url]

Description: Attack surrounding enemies that are near by using the vibration of the ground.

Lv. 1 : -19 MP; Base Damage: 193; 15% Mastery; Attacks 5 enemies
Lv. 10 : -25 MP; Base Damage: 220; 35% Mastery; Attacks 6 enemies
Lv. 20 : -31 MP; Base Damage: 250; 60% Mastery; Attacks 8 enemies

Amazing Vertical range! Great for all forms of traning! I don't know if there is more I can say about it....

Ghost Lettering Active

[url=]Animated Version of Ghost Lettering[/url]

Description: Create a magic square that curses a monster. The cursed monster takes more damage for 5 seconds.

Lv. 1 : -24 MP; Base Damage: 304; 15% Mastery
Lv. 10 : -32 MP; Base Damage: 340; 35% Mastery
Lv. 20 : -40 MP; Base Damage: 380; 60% Mastery

I don't know much about this skill other than it hurts over time... If anyone knows more details about this skill, PM me!

Recovery Aurora Supportive

[url=]Animated Version of Recovery Aurora[/url]

Description: Create an aura around you that makes party members recover MP for 30 seconds. Cooldown time: 1 minute

Lv. 1 : -18 MP & HP; Restores 38% MP; Cooldown of 1 minute
Lv. 10 : -30 MP & HP; Restores 65% MP; Cooldown of 1 minute
Lv. 15 : -34 MP & HP; Restores 80% MP; Cooldown of 1 minute

... Yup.... another Awesome Unique skill that only Evans get! Could be extremely useful during grinding (to save pots) or during Mu Lung Dojo (cause you can't use MP Potions) Plus it kinda reminds me of Heal... Cleric + Evan = no lack of anything?

[header=14]The Ninth Mastery: A Sweet looking dragon is your reward for getting to an equivalent 4th job! (Level 120)

Your patience may be wearing thin, but hold on! you get Illusion and Flame Wheel! The two end game skills to end all skills! Lets Dive in, Shall We?

Maple Warrior Supportive

[url=]Animated Version of Maple Warrior[/url]

Description: For a duration of time, increases the stats of all party members by a certain percentage.

Lv. 1 : -10 MP; +1% Base Stats for 30 seconds
Lv. 10 : -20 MP; +5% Base Stats for 300 seconds
Lv. 20 : -40 MP; +10% Base Stats for 600 seconds
Lv. 30 : -60 MP; +15% Base Stats for 900 seconds

Well... Not much different from a regular person's Maple Warrior.

Magic Mastery Passive

Description: Increases magic mastery and magic attack.

Lv. 1 : Magic Attack mastery + 5%
Lv. 10 : Magic Attack mastery + 10%; +5 Magic Attack
Lv. 20 : Magic Attack mastery + 20%; +10 Magic Attack
Lv. 30 : Magic Attack mastery + 30%; +15 Magic Attack

Ok, thanks to KrystalCleer, it has been confirmed that it adds 30% to whatever magic attack you're using. (For example, you have partially maxed Blaze (though i dont know why you wouldn't max it) and it has 40% mastery. When Magic Mastery is Maxed, it boosts that up to 70% . So... its pretty necessary

Illusion Active

[url=]Animated version of Illusion Charge[/url]

[url=]Animated version of Illusion[/url]

Description: Dragon's clone attacks an enemy 4 times.

Lv. 1 : -28 MP; Base Damage: 91; 15% Mastery
Lv. 10 : -32 MP; Base Damage: 100; 30% Mastery
Lv. 20 : -40 MP; Base Damage: 110; 45% Mastery
Lv. 30 : -48 MP; Base Damage: 130; 60% Mastery

4 hits of 130 damage is very close to a 1 monster hit of Blizzard or Meteor! Also, its somewhat fast!

Flame Wheel Active *NOTE* This skill has the fire element

[url=]Animated Version of Flame Wheel Charge[/url]

[url=]Animated Version of Flame Wheel[/url]

Description: Cast a wheel-shaped fireball that attacks up to 6 monsters with a fire element.

Lv. 1 : -22 MP; Base Damage: 174; 15% Mastery
Lv. 10 : -26 MP; Base Damage: 210; 30% Mastery
Lv. 20 : -34 MP; Base Damage: 250; 45% Mastery
Lv. 30 : -42 MP; Base Damage: 300; 60% Mastery

The range of this skill is INSANE! its crazy good for training and lots of fun to see that flame wheel rip up your foes. Problem is that it doesnt aim up or down... but whatever

Hero's Will Supportive

[url=]Animated Version of Hero's Will[/url]

Description: Enables one to shrug off abnormal conditions.

Lv. 1 : -30 MP; Escape from any abnormal condition; Cooldown of 10 minutes
Lv. 5 : -30 MP; Escape from any abnormal condition; Cooldown of 6 minutes

Pretty much a unlimited supply of All Cure Pots... with a cooldown... but with a mastery of 5, it might be one to dump atleast 1 point into, if not 4 unused ones.

[header=15]The Tenth Mastery: FINALLY! Dark Fog Pwnz Noobz (Level 160)

Last mastery... its been a long trip, but if you made it this far, you're P.A.T.I.E.N.T.

Blessing of Onyx Supportive

[url=]Animated Version of Blessing of Onyx[/url]

Description: Cast a buff that increases physical defense, magic defense and attack for 1 minute. Cooldown time: 2 minutes

Lv. 1 : -22 MP; +42 Weapon Defense & Magic Defense; +21 Magic Attack; Cooldown of 2 minutes
Lv. 10 : -40 MP; +60 Weapon Defense & Magic Defense; +30 Magic Attack; Cooldown of 2 minutes
Lv. 20 : -60 MP; +80 Weapon Defense & Magic Defense; +40 Magic Attack; Cooldown of 2 minutes
Lv. 30 : -80 MP; +100 Weapon Defense & Magic Defense; +50 Magic Attack; Cooldown of 2 minutes

Whats with these Evans and unique skills? Crazy good tho... 50 magic attack and some def. goes a long way towards being awesome

Blaze Active *NOTE* This Skill has the Fire Element

[url=]Animated Version of Blaze[/url]

Description: By using a strong flame, attack an enemy with a fire element. If enemies are nearby, extra damage is inflicted.

Lv. 1 : -24 MP; Base Damage: 233; 15% mastery; Attacks 4 enemies
Lv. 10 : -28 MP; Base Damage: 260; 30% mastery; Attacks 4 enemies
Lv. 20 : -36 MP; Base Damage: 290; 45% mastery; Attacks 5 enemies
Lv. 30 : -44 MP; Base Damage: 330; 60% mastery; Attacks 6 enemies

Chain lightning on steriods + the flame element... also looks pretty awesome

Dark Fog Active [B]*NOTE* This Skill has the Dark (?) Element**

[url=]Animated Version of Dark Fog Charge Up[/url]

[url=]Animated Version of Dark Fog[/url]

Description: Create a dark mist that attacks up to 15 enemies by collecting dark elements around you. Cooldown time: 20 seconds

Lv. 1 : -510 MP; Base Damage: 460; 15% mastery; Cooldown of 20 seconds
Lv. 10 : -600 MP; Base Damage: 550; 30% mastery; Cooldown of 20 seconds
Lv. 20 : -700MP; Base Damage: 650; 45% mastery; Cooldown of 20 seconds
Lv. 30 : -800 MP; Base Damage: 750; 60% mastery; Cooldown of 20 seconds

Crazy... You've been waiting for this skill for a while and you finally got it! Congratz! its pretty sweet too! too bad there is a cooldown time...

Soul Stone Supportive

[url=]Animated Version of Soul Stone[/url]

Description: Cast a buff that can accommodate a soul. Resurrect instantly if one dies with the soul contained. Buff is casted randomly to 1~2 members.

Lv. 1 : -10 MP; Duration of 110 seconds; 12% HP recovery; 1 member; Cooldown of 10 minutes
Lv. 10 : -50 MP; Duration of 200 seconds; 30% HP recovery; 1 member; Cooldown of 10 minutes
Lv. 20 : -100 MP; Duration of 300 seconds; 50% HP recovery; 2 members; Cooldown of 10 minutes

Could diminish the awesomeness of a bishop's resurrection... the problem is that it automatically revives, so you have no control over when... Also, another unique skill


[header=24]Motivational/Training Videos

[url=]Lv. 151 Evan[/url]

[url=]Lv. 26 Evan hunting in Ariant[/url]

[url=]The beginning of Evan[/url]

[url=]Evan Promotional Video[/url]

[url=]Evan: 7th Master skills[/url]

[header=16]Training Spots!

Key to Leveling Guide

$ means costs a lot to train there
% means great speed
# means crowded
(multiple symbols denote more "strength"
means personally recommended

Level 10-15

  • Evan Quests %%%
  • Pig Beach #%
  • Pig Mini-Dungeon %
  • Henesys Party Quest (Crowded)%%###

Level 16-20

  • Pig Beach (starts to become poor exp)#
  • Pig Mini-Dungeon (also becomes poor exp)
  • Zombie Mushroom Mini-Dungeon $$%

Level 21-30

  • Sahel 3 %%%$##
  • Zombie Mushroom Mini-dungeon %%$
  • Kerning PQ %###
  • Ariant PQ Trade Wins %
  • Ariant PQ Free Wins %%
  • Land of Wild Boar II %%$#
  • Kerning City Monster Clean Up (25-30) %%% (Best IMO)

Level 31-40

  • Carnival Party Quest Trade Wins %%#
  • Carnival Party Quest Free Wins %%%%# (hint: borrow your friend/siblings account! it gets a level an hour at 35+)
  • Sahel 3 %$##
  • Ludibrium Party Quest $ (only for the cracked glasses... otherwise, its uselessly slow )
  • Mushroom Castle Quests %% (you can get untradeable equips for your level through these! great if your unfunded)
  • Freezers %%$

Level 41-50

  • Carnival Party Quest Trade Wins %#
  • Carnival Party Quest Free Wins %%%#
  • Iron Mutae %$#
  • Truckers %%/b]##$**
  • MP3 %%#####$$
  • Monster Clean Up (Ariant) %%%$ (Best IMO)

This section is open to recommendations

[header=17]Credits and Other Acknowledgments

Thanks to my family and my brothers who are my best maple buddies!

Thanks to Me for being crazy enough to write this guide a bunch of months before Evans even come out!

Thanks to Papulatus for the Training Spots Symbols Idea! Your Blaze Wizard Guide is AWESOME

Thanks to [url=]Ayumilove's Blog[/url] for the Mage Spell Damage Equation

Credit and my thanks to ColdIce for all the awesome criticism and ideas!

Enormous Thanks to [url=]Spadow's Blog[/url] as both a source of info and pics for Evans and Maplestory in general.

[header=26]Basilers Who Helped Me Out!

The People that PM'd me or replied to my requests for help deserve a special section HELP ME AND YOUR NAME WILL BE HERE ... If i missed anyone, please tell me so I can give them the creds. they deserve


Once again, tell me if I made a mistake

[header=18]Legal Info

This guide may not be reproduced, replicated, or reused on any sites or guides without my prior notification

If you use the info I've colaberated, credit me and [url=]Spadow's Blog[/url] (my source for info).

You may reproduce for your own private usage.... in a few months when Evans actually come out (in GMS)


Parts of this guide are incomplete because I'm still gathering information from you, the readers, and from sites.

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I've been playing around on my Evan and found somethings quite similar to Aran. If you do all the quests presented to you at the Evan starting point, the quests easily get you to around lvl 14~15, making training spots from 10~15 quite useless. Anyways this is a great guide and I'm willing to help
Dec 25 2009
are these builds correct?
Dec 25 2009

Magic Guard = Must max no?
Dec 25 2009
Have you guys checked your emails recently? I have two emails for two accounts, Nexon gave me this mail with a Cash Shop Coupon Code, it said, "Come back to Maplestory!" It gave me the following on each email, Random Weapon Coverup, 5 VIP Teleport Rocks, 4hour 2x exp(Activates upon code use), 5 Safety Charms!
Btw, for 16-20 Training Areas, how about Himes? (luljk)
Dec 26 2009
Great guide so far, can't wait to see it when its finished.

But I thought:
Magician + not maxed magic gaurd = DEATH

is there something i'm missing?
Dec 26 2009
Jumbojet777 Level 136 Bellocan Evan 9th Growth
Yes, In 6th mastery (i think) you get 10 extra points if you dont master slow, you put them into Magic Guard and it maxes it. Plus, it seems like lightning strike is more important at that moment... idk i might put in a magic guard version... now that i think about it ...
Dec 26 2009
Keep on rolling
great guide!
Dec 26 2009
Correction, When you said uot 11 into Magic Missile, 20 in dragon Soul, through quests, you can get extra SP allowing you to max skills from 1st,2nd, and 3rd mastery (thats how far I got on my evan.
Dec 26 2009
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