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Guide to Ellin Forest Pq (EPQ)

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[header=000]Why I made this?
This is a guide of Ellin forest pq. The reason I made this was for people who doesn't even know what Epq is, and help doing Ellin Pq. I also hope this will revive Epq. (My friend recommended me also.) This Guide was made with my knowledge ONLY(except Boss stat part.)

Thanks for Sticky Guys

Table of Contents

[s=/forum/1392538/0/#000]Why I made this[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#002]Where to go?[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#005]Stage 1 Killing[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#006]Stage 2 Luring[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#007]Stage 3 Maze[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#008]Stage 4 Capturing[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#009]Stage 5 Jump quest[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#010]Stage 6/Final Stage Boss[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#013]Poison Golems[/s]
[s=/forum/1392538/0/#016]Thanks for Reading[/s]


02/08/2010 - Guide was created
02/08/2010 - Added "where to go?" section
02/08/2010 - Added "Credits" section
02/08/2010 - Added video guide to Epq
02/08/2010 - Fixed a few mistakes, grammers, spellings
02/09/2010 - Fixed a few grammers
02/09/2010 - Edited "Where to go?" section
02/09/2010 - Added transformation pictures
02/09/2010 - Hyperlinked Table of Contents
02/21/2010 - Added "Thanks for Sticky Guys "
02/23/2010 - Updated "Thanks for Reading" Section
02/26/2010 - Added "Why I made this?" section
02/27/2010 - Added "Back To Top" on which section
02/27/2010 - Fixed a grammer
03/18/2010 - Made "Where to go?" section more specific
03/18/2010 - Edited "Requirement" section
03/28/2010 - Updated drops of scrolls from Boss
03/28/2010 - Made "Ranks" section more clearly
03/29/2010 - Made "Epqers" section
04/15/2010 - Fixed Pirate transformation

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[header=002]Where to go?

Where to go? Well as you can guess, you go to Ellin Forest.
What? Where is Ellin Forest? Ellin forest is located in Helios Tower 101th floor.
I though it Ludi Pq? Ludi pq is located in Eos tower (left) which is in opposite direction of Hellios (right.)
I am at Hellios tower 101th, but it's not Ellin forest? Just go up the stairs, and press "up" button at clock. (Time machine?)
Once you are at Ellin Forest just head right

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- lvl 45 ~ 55
- Adventurer Only!
- 3 ~ 5 party members

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- I recommend to bring "All Cure Potion" for the Boss
- Bowmen, Brawler, and I/L wizard (They will help you alot in Stage 2)

  • Remember* You don't get exp from each stage rather you get all the Exp when you beat the Party Quest.
  • By the way* you will transformed.

[url=]Warrios will be transformed into this[/url]
[url=]Magicians will be transformed into this[/url]
[url=]Archers will be transform into this.. Yay Athena[/url]
[url=]Thiefs will be transformed into this[/url]
[url=]Pirates will be transformed into this[/url]

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[header=005]Stage 1 Killing

This is simple stage, just kill all monster "Poisoned Lord Tree"spawned on the way.
When your done killing them all proceed to stage 2, by going through portal in very right side of the map.

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[header=006]Stage 2 Luring

This is pretty tricky stage. If you look around the map there is few monsters called "Poisoned Stone Bug." Don't kill them YET! When you kill the monsters it will sometimes drop "Contentrated Poison." It will be pointless if you just kill in random places. This item cannot be picked up. In order to proceed, you want to kill those monsters at the bridge. When "Contentrated Poison" is dropped in the bridge, after few second it will disappear and turn into "Diluted Poison." You will need 4 of them. If you want them to come to bridge this is best place to lure. Brawler with corkscrew, or bowmen with power knock back will work well here. If you also have i/l wizard freeze them on bridge so they won't escape.

Once you got 4 "Diluted Poison" go toward to right side of map. You will see green thorn, drop the "Diluted Poison" front of the thorns one at a time. When thorn disappears, proceed to next map through the portal.

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[header=007]Stage 3 Maze

This map is a maze of portals. Simply all the party member want try to find Ellin (in very bottom right corner.) Once one of any member of the party reaches the Elin, just simply talk to her to proceed to next stage. (Doesn't matter whoever talk to Elin.) It's all luck.

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[header=008]Stage 4 Capturing

This stage is just catching the monsters. Talk to the Ellin, and take first option which is [i]"Give me the the Purification Stone."[/i] Each member will get 10 of them. If you already did Ariant Pq before, this will be easy for you. Just simply weaken the monster and click on purification stone to capture them.

Few Advice:
-Hp Bar won't show
-Don't go near poison mist (you'll lose some hp every second.)"
-Put purification marble in one of your keyboard set-up
-Don't attack a monster already being attacking by your party member.

When you get "Monster Marble" which change into after you capture the monster. Give it to the leader, which he/she need 20 of them to proceed to next stage.

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[header=009]Stage 5 Jump Quest

This stage is just a jump quest. At very top there will be 3 platform with 3 boxes each. Just hit the boxes and if you find purple stone of magic go head back all the way down. Talk to Spirit to go next stage. (Doesn't matter who has it.)

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[header=010]Stage 6/Final stage Boss

This stage is a boss stage, what you all have waiting for! it won't spawn right away, if you goto the middle you will see some rock pillar (or whatever it's called.) Whoever has the purple stone of magic drop it. After few seconds later, Boss will spawn. This boss has three lvls. When you kill the boss it will like turn into stronger one, (little similar to Zakum.) You wanan use all cure potion on the 3rd level, where boss uses curses. Also watch out for skull which makes you move backwards. When you kill it, it will drop massive potions, and mesos! (WOOT, and sometimes Bosses Card) Now simply head to portal and go to exit. If you have some stone which boss dropped, drop at the fountain looking thing at the exit stage. If you do that, fireworks! You don't really have to do it though.
They also drop Weapon att 60% scrolls.

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When you exit the exit stage, you will be earned with 54k (Yea), and Alter piece. Sadly there is no bonus stage.

When you get 20 Altaire pieces and Rank B, you can earn yourself Alter earring (1/1/1/1)
If you have 30 Altaire pieces, Rank A, and Alter earring, you can earn yourself.. Glittering Alter Earring (2/2/2/2)

If someone of you noticed they have same looking earring at cash shop. -.-

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It will be ratio of..
Rank: Min: Attempt: Wins/Completed
To reach Rank S: Finish under 15mins. Do 100 PQ. Compete 80%/100%
To reach Rank A: Finish under 17mins. Do 50 PQ. Complete 70%/100%
To reach Rank B: Finish under 20 mins. Do 30 PQ. Complete 50%/100%
To reach Rank C: Finish under 24 mins. Do 10 PQ. Complete 30%/100%
To reach Rank D: Finish under 30 mins. Do 1 PQ. Complete 20%/100%

Also You only need to finish under XXmin once to get the Rank.

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[header=013]Poison Golems

Poison Golem (lvl1) Hp: 63,000 Mp: 300
Poison Golem (lvl2) Hp: 83,000 Mp: 400
Poison Golem (lvl3) Hp: 113,500 Mp: 500

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[url=]Guide to Epq in Video[/url]

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-thanks to Wheeeeeeeeeeeee on idea for a Video Guide
-thanks to Facebook on a mistake i made
-thanks to Augst on a mistake i made
-thanks to SgtGrif on a few grammer mistakes
-thanks to Alalme on telling me how to Hyperlink for Table of Contents (helped ALOT)
-thanks to itDontMAtter helping me make "Where to go?" section more specific

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[header=016]Thanks for Reading

This is some summary of Epq. If there are grammar mistakes (I kinda rushed), or spelling mistakes pm me or comment in here. Also if you have any questions pm me or like I said leave comment here.

Also [url=]PM me for other Questions[/url]

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Pretty good guide. I remember doing Ellin pq at those levels, it was actually my favorite pq
Feb 09 2010
ty lol for guild
Feb 09 2010
You made some grammar mistakes but overall, this guide is helpful, I was wondering if you maybe had a video of EPQ?
Feb 09 2010
Good lord, I did this so much. But I got dem glittering earrings. =]
Feb 09 2010
hopefully Epq comes back DX
The 1 and 2 stats earrings were so worthwhile,
when it died i made a CK, due to the fact i wouldnt get earrings anymore.
Feb 09 2010
very nice info
inspires me to do epq
seems fun and i want earrings
it was particularly interesting AND helpful
Feb 09 2010
You need 5 party members, not 4. Also, poison mist doesn't make you lose exp? It makes you lose 50 hp.
Feb 09 2010
I'm just irked by some of the typos... Alter in place of Altaire? I'd just like to note that after you gather the 50 initial pieces to get the Glittering Altaire Earrings, you don't need to get 50 again to get a second pair. I got my second pair with 30 pieces while hogging all the Witch Tokens during the Halloween event.

Edit: @way above there, there's already a helpful guide on youtube on EPQ.

Edit numbar 2: I -thought- 3 was the minimum, while 5 was maximum? Yeah, I had a listing (wrote it down on my notebook beforehand for proofreading) for EPQ; I seem to recall saying how it would be helpful to have two regulars to PQ with (Friend and I were getting the earrings together) seeing as how the minimum is 3... But I might be wrong :x
Feb 09 2010
You need 5 party members, not 4. Also, poison mist doesn't make you lose exp? It makes you lose 50 hp.[/quote]

Umm... I did it with 3 people. I got an A rank to get those earrings. With just 3. 0.o
Feb 09 2010
LeechLess Level 146 Scania Night Lord
I didn't even read this and I know it's good.

Feb 09 2010
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