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How to Make Mesos Guide

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Hi, this is my How to Make Mesos Guide. I'll go over how to make some mesos even with the slightest or no funding. I'd appreciate if people could PM or leave comments about mistakes or updates I'll need to fix. I'll update this with new things every once in awhile. This guide is made entirely by me, unless stated.

I'm assuming you clicked on this thread to see how to make mesos, or to see if this guide is any use at all. Well, first of all, I'll be describing how to make mesos in the game without hacking/scamming. My goal is to help you over time, get the amount of mesos you need to buy something, or just be super rich.

Basically, the way to use this guide is I organize this guide by how much funding you already have, and tell that category tells you how to make mesos. You basically go in whatever category you fall in, and read about how to earn some mesos, fast and easy. There are other categories -that are additional infomation that relate to meso-earning as well for different things to go over. Many of the things posted here carry on in different stages. For example, most parts in the stage 0-100k, will be about the same as the stage 100-500k. Unless changed or stated, you can still do the ideas listed in the previous stage.

The following links are great threads/guides about making mesos for other things I don't mention or there just great helpers.

MTS Guide
Merchanting Guide
Quests Guide

I do NOT take any credit of the above threads.


1/11/10- first format of guide
1/12/10- added all the money sections
1/18/10- added lots of other sections
1/21/10- added getting started, merching prices
1/25/10- editing a lot of stiff
1/29/10- edit...
2/13/10- format completely different
2/16/10- added party quests section
3/9/10- added Store Permit section, and put more ways in other ways.
5/15/10- edited a few things, added Events section.

Getting Started

Here are a few basic ways that fall in all categories:

  1. Pick up semi-useful/useful items. If you poor and you see 10 tree branches lying around, pick them up! It doesn't seem like a lot, but the money will stack up. Of course you'll want to pick up valuable items and sell. Also, basic weapons from monsters aren't bad. They can give a few 100k sometimes. Mostly for poor people, although some drops are great! Chaos, mastery books, etc.

  1. Merch, merch, merch. I'll repeat this in almost every section. Why? Because 95% of maplers make money by this simple method. Buy Low, Sell High. Although in the categories, I'll go into detail in what to buy and sell. Remember two things: You can merch off ANYTHING, and Buy Low Sell High. Basically, buy anything you are sure you can resell for greater money.

Note: It is EXTREMELY hard to do this step without a Merchant shop. It is HIGHLY recommended to get one of these.

  1. Do quests. Simple. Theres a guide on basil here which tells you great quests that give amazing awards, and those should give you a 10m boost. Do these first! Although some require higher levels than others, they're totally worth the time. I won't give specific quests, you should look on that thread on here and choose which are the best for you. Its also located on the top of this thread.

0k-100k Funding

So your a new player or just started a new world? Well, hopefully this'll tell you how to earn you some more mesos.
At this stage, any mesos count!

  1. Kill monsters! [ Of course, this is logical. ] Just go around swabbing your sword around or something and pick up the shiny coins you find, Pick up etc items too, there not that bad here. Sell the etc or equip items you get at the NPC shops. This is very easy money. But since you are most likely very low level, I recommend that you just train or do your job quests for the exp, and at the same time get mesos and drops. Getting exp and money is 2 for 1!

  1. Sell Fame. Pretty simple, just sell fame to people. Its around 30k-100k, depending on the buyer. Easy money.
You shouldn't have ANY trouble at all selling fame. Although fame is useless besides some equips requirements, people like it as it makes them more "popular?" Sell at the Free Market, Henesys ( HeneHoes), everywhere basically. But remember, you can only do it once a day.

  1. Beg? Is it O.K to beg. I'd rather not. People will think of you as a nuisance, and it will make your reputation worse. Beg from close friends or something like that. You really should not have to beg, unless you have no mesos what-so-ever and no weapon. Even then, you could sell some stuff or loot from someone else. Asking close friends does get the job done, like after getting hacked or something.

  1. Quests~ I'm not sure if you can do good quests now, your probably low level which there are very few good quests.
If you can find some good quests for your level, by all means do them! ( Quests thread is at the top )

  1. Party Quests ~Amazing. You can KPQ for the rewards, you shouldn't be too high of a level now. CPQ is good if your higher than 30.


Earned some more money I see.... But everyone wants to reach the 1m mark.

  1. S >Fame. Its still a good option, 50k a day is pretty good.

  1. S>Leathers You are beginning to learn the way of merching. Basically, merching is Buying Low, and selling high. Very simple. This is a version of that. You can buy leathers for 1-2k each, and make a Wg. Thats around what, 200k+ profit. Very good for the unfunded.

I HIGHLY recommend this method, it works ALL the time. Easy to do, and very good profit. Buying and hunting leathers are easy, and you make a Wg with 20-50k? You can sell them for 400k to desperate people, its AWESOME. This can get you to 5m in no time!

  1. Killing Monsters.

  1. Quests.

  1. Party Quests.


You really are earning more and more mesos....

  1. S>Fame 30k isn't bad a bad bonus a day.

  1. Refining Ores Great, once you get enough ores of a kind, you can refind them and turn them into plates. They can sell for a lot, I've seen them go for few hundred k. This is a great way to earn money, since ores are very easy to find. They can be found by:

- Party Quests. Kerning City is a great one.
- Monsters. Pretty obvious.
- People can give them away. Yes, high levels and rich people don't care about a few 100k, but dropping them and you looting them is helpful. Asking politely is fine too.
- Buying cheap. Many nooby areas, such as the Kerning PQ area has many noobs that can sell ores for a very low price. Take advantage.

  1. Bathrobes The best way to earn mesos at this stage. Go to Showa town which is near Mushroom Shrine, and go the spa. Buy 10-15 Bathrobes for 30k ea. Go to the FM, and start spamming S>Clean Bathrobes 100k ea. If you buy 10 for 30k ea, and sell for 100k ea, thats 670k profit around. (Tax)
It will take awhile for people to buy, but if you are patient, it's decent money.

Tip: Don't get greedy. It might take awhile to find Overall Dex 10%. I knew once that I was trying to earn some, and I finally found some for 3m ea. I bought 10, and all failed. I blew 30m there, while I could have only used 10-15m. Be patient, wait for the right price. This trick also doesn't work because it's all about luck. If your lucky, you might get 5/10 to work, which is what a, 75m profit? But if your unlucky, you could become broke

Note: Is A LOT easier if you have a store permit. You can put the robes to 150-200k.


Congratz! You made your first million!

  1. Leather~Work gloves

  1. Merchanting ~ You can buy Overall Dex 10% (Scroll) in front of the Kerning City PQ area. Just spam B>Overall Dex 10%, and sooner or later you'll get a few trade requests. Aim for 300k-700k, you should be able to resell for at least 1.5m Good profit, and yet still merching.

Also, you can buy Glove Dex 10% for 100k-250k, and resell for 400k.

  1. Bathrobes ~ Selling them are still good here.

  1. Party Quests ~ CPQ and KPQ are awesome.

Note: Fame is at its lowest now. If you can wander into someone buying fame for 100k, sure do it. But don't spam in the FM, its a waste of time.


Getting richer huh? Good! Its a lot easier now than before.

  1. Leather~ Work Glove: Might be getting slow and boring, but its not BAD right now.

  1. Overall Dex 10% ~ Buy Low, Sell High. Simple, good money.

  1. S>Bathrobes ~ Still decent, not the best though

  1. Party Quests ~ If you can do CPQ, its amazing! 7 Maple coins can get you a gephart, which you can sell to the store for 150k.


  1. Merchanting ~ Overall Dex is not bad, but you can also get Glove Attack 60% which is very good merching. Simply stand in the FM spamming B>GFA 60% 4m. Noobs will come up not knowing the real price, and selling to you. Get a few of these, and resell for 8m. Great profit. (Do quests for GFA 60% its an easy 8m) You can use other scrolls.

  1. Scrolling Bathrobes ~ Yes, its time to scroll. First, get 5-15 bathrobes at showa. Then, buy cheap Overall Dex 10% for 500-700k ea. Then use 1 of a bathrobe, if it fails, drop it or just sell it back to the store for 10kish? Keep doing this until you get 1 to work (5 Dex 9Slot). Bingo! You can sell these for 15-20m. Thats pretty good profit, especially if you try 10 and get to work. Its 30m profit, which is amazing.

kio2009: That sauna and 10% dex scroll tip helped a lot. I just turned my 10mil into 45mil


You reached the 10m mark! Gratz

GFA 60%
6Att Wg
Common Equips
Common Scrolls

  1. Scrolling Bathrobes ~ Get 5-15 bathrobes at showa. Then, buy cheap Overall Dex 10% for 500-700k ea. Then use 1 of a bathrobe, if it fails, drop it or just sell it back to the store for 10kish? Keep doing this until you get 1 to work (5 Dex 9Slot). Bingo! You can sell these for 15-20m. Thats pretty good profit, especially if you try 10 and get to work. Its great profit, and if your lucky its AMAZING.

  1. Party Quests ~ Good still, gepharts at CPQ can get some money. LMPQ is also awesome if your level 51, I earn 1m per hour there.



Common Equips
Scrolled Equips
Common Scrolls
6Att Wgs
Deputy Stars
GFA 60%



Common Equips
Scrolled Equips
Common Scrolls
6-9Att Wgs
Deputy Star
GFA 60%
Onyx Apples



Common Equips
Scrolled Equips
Common Scrolls
Rare Scrolls
7-11Att Wgs
Deputy Stars
Chaos Scrolls



Common Equips
Scrolled Weapons
White Scrolls
Chaos Scrolls
50% Scrolls
Common Scrolls
10-12Att Wgs
Deputy Stars
Scrolled Overalls



Rare Equips
Scrolled Equips
White Scrolls
Chaos Scrolls
Godly Equips
50% Scrolls
10-15Att Wgs
Deputy Stars

Other Ways to earn Mesos

There are a few more ways than the listed above. These usually require more effort though.

  1. Chaos Scroll Hunting- A very common way of meso-making. Many people like to hunt for these rare, but great scrolls. They are most common at Zombie Mushrooms, Cold Eyes, and DrumBunnies. Don't expect to find one in the first few hours though.n ( Unless you are extremely lucky!)

Note: Due to the recent Chaos Scroll glitch, I've seen them about 40-70m now. They may go up, but it might not be worth going hunting.

  1. Bossing- Hero, Night Lord, Bow Master, Marksman, Shadower, Dark Knight, whatever you are, if your a high enough level you can boss. Bossing is not only fun, it gives exp as well as drops. You can sell the runs, such as BF Leech, Zakum Runs, MoN runs, etc.

  1. S>Leech- Bishops and A/M mages are the best here. From Harps, to WS, to Skeles, to WR, the possibilities are endless. About 8-15m an hour, thats great money. But be patient getting your Bishop to 120.... Heros and some cases DrKs are good here for BF.

  1. S>2x Family Buff- This is pretty good money for the unfunded. First, get 1 or 2 juniors. Then watch them level up and up. Once you have some Rep (gained when your juniors level), you can sell the family buffs you get from the Rep. to other people. 3-5m on average.

  1. APQ- Get married either just for fun or only for APQ. Then, do the quests to get rewards. Ex: Onyx Apples.

  1. Leprecauns and Sakura Cellions. Great monsters that give amazing mesos. Leprecauns are better though, dropping 2k mesos average and can drop steelys and other stuff.

  1. Getting NX. Gacha, MTS, and selling to friends. Three simple ways. Gacha is a risk taker, but can pay off HUGE, MTS is the careful way but not the best, and selling to people is the hardest, but actually getting 100% of what you should get.

Merching Prices?

This is a short simple section to tell how to figure out the right prices to sell your items and buy your items.
Being impatient is a very easy way to lose mesos, so sell your items at the right price. Of course, selling them higher and buying them cheaper is good too.

  1. Basilmarket. Great source, either look up auctions or start a thread. Look at what people are selling and buying. Easily helps.
  2. Sleepywood. Don't know much about this site, but I've heard it is pretty useful. Not sure if gives accurate prices.
  3. FM Shops. Go through the shops and look at the prices, jot them down on paper or something. Most of the time they'll be some what accurate.Remember, FM 1-3 is usually WAY overpriced, so go from 4 above. A GFA can be 6m, but be selling in FM 1 for 10m. However, there can be a lots of cheap prices, jotting down or memorizing simple prices and equips will make sure you know when to buy something. Once in a while you may find someone with a missed 0 or something, you'll be lucky.
  4. Friends/Guild. Basically ask your guidlies or buddies, they won't lie to you. (Hopefully)

Tip: Learning prices fast is very helpful. When someone is spamming a 55Att Skanda for 200m, you don't have time to ask people. Knowing that this could be or not be a good profit, you can grab that deal. I tend to find scrolled equips so hard to price, since theres many variations.

Party Quests

This section will go briefly about which PQs are good for making money

Henesys PQ Only thing is the rice cake hat, which can sell for a few hundred k.
Kerning City PQ Overall Dex and other rewards are nice here
Ariant PQ Beach Chair can sell for a few M.
Monster Carnival Maple Coins. Get 7 of and get a Gephart. (Thief) 150k ea at the store.
Ludibrium PQ Rewards.
Orbis PQ Quests give rewards.
Herb Town PQ Just for pirate hat, useless with zHelm.
Ludibrium Maze PQ Probably one of the best money making PQs, rewards are just pots but bundles of them. 1m per hour?
Pyramid PQ Luck. Lucky, you'll get a few GFA and a chaos maybe or some belts, unlucky you'll get some potions.
Magatia PQ Heard it gives good scrolls.

Recommended Quests

This section basically states the best quests that give the best rewards. I posted the thread that gives ALL the quests, in the Introduction part of the guide. The following quests are in my opinion, great rewards and easy to do.

Store Permit?

As most of you know, having a store permit is almost 100% needed to successfully merchant. It will speed up the process a ton, which is what all people want, you don't have to spam in the FM, and it reduces tax in half, which can save a LOT of mesos over time.

There are two main types of permits.

The Mushy House- Which is more expensive, costing 10k NX.
And the Regular Permit- Which is cheap, costing 1.8k NX.

The main difference in between, is that with the regular permit, you actually have to AFK sitting there in the FM. With the mushy house, you can select a spot, and go grind on some 4x, talk to guildies, boss, or even go offline, and the mushy house will do its work for you. Also, the mushy house lasts 1 month, and the regular permit lasts 3 months.

I recommended the regular for beginners in merching, once you get more Pro and richer get the mushy, it REALLY helps.
Note: There are different types of mushys. Theres indeed a 1.8kNX one, but it lasts a day. I think there are a day, a week, two weeks, and 1 month.

The easiest way of course to get a permit, is slap a NX code on the website, and walah! You have XXk Nx. Just press buy, and your done.
But if you don't have the money of just don't want to, don't worry, it shouldn't be too hard to rack up 1.8k NX. There are two ways to do it:

Ask friends to gift you and you pay them 18m. (1k NX= 10m) Which is probably the fastest and most reliable way to do it.

Get 2-3 GFA 60% and put them in the MTS for 1.8kNX. This might take a few hours unless your selling with 3. It just depending on the MTS buyer.

Note: You must be Lv16 to use a permit. (Sorry Lv10 Mules)


A lot of you like to boss, and its great for bossing. Anyone can boss Heros, DrKs, Arch Mages, Dits Sins, KoCs, even can. (If they're Lv120 i say)
Bossing gives great money, such as drops, and selling runs. You can sell Zakum and horntail runs for a lot of money, and split the drops and helms with your group. (If anyone can provide more information that would be great.)

Zakum ~ Can be killed solo or non-solo by every class. Arch Mages usually not wanted, as same with Buccaneers and Cygnus Knights.
Bigfoot ~ Almost every class can kill. Actually, with lots of time and effort every class can kill BF.
Horntail ~ If you're doing this for fun, any class can help. ( No Cygnus here either!) For real, Heroes, Bishops, Corsairs, Bowmasters, and Nightlords are probably the MOST wanted here.
Papalutpas ~ Every class can solo, including Cygnus!
Pianus ~ Same as above, Mages will be a challenge.

Maplestory Events!

Now, this is one of the easiest ways to earn mesos. Easy mesos. But the problem is, you can't do it every day. Events only appear every few months, weeks,or even once a year. (Such as the Maple Anniversary)

Once an event has started, you're good to go!
I can't be specific on anything, because I don't know what events will be like in the future.
But for example, say the monsters drop some items that are needed for the Events quests or whatever. You can pick them up, and
they average 2-10k sometimes, even more! For example, Maple Leafs are 3k ea here, and e ALMOST every monster drops it! Easy mesos.

Also, you can MERCH off events! ( Shocking, isn't it? )
It still the same thing, take advantage of the drops or whatever is happening, and Buy Low Sell High.

Its Tricky Though!
Merchanting off Maple Events can be sometimes tricky. For example, you see Maple Leafs selling for an average of something like, 5k mesos each. You see someone selling them for 4k! You decide to buy all of his, for some profit. (10,000). You have to go to your grandma's house, so you decide to sell them tomorrow.

The next day, you try selling them for 5k. After hours of trying, you haven't managed to sell a single leaf! You look around, and see leaves being UNSOLD for 3k ea.

What happened? Well, the maple leafs were gettign so popular, they were so many that price dropped. This is what happens in events all the time!
Some tips are, let the prices be stable. Be 120% sure before you buy something that the price won't drop for awhile.
And if you are patient, wait to the last few days of thee event, and buy items you can't get out of the event. ( Maple Weapons, Maple Shields)
Wait 1-2 months, and the price must have gone up, and you have profit!

2x Drop Events!

Huge money, and amazing money if you combine it with 4x card. This will make your chances of getting rare items so much easier.
Hunt for Maple Weapons ( during Anniverary of course) Chaos Scrolls, Bosses, etc. Chances are after some long grinding, you'll get something too.

Ways to Lose Mesos

There are probably a LOT more ways to lose mesos than earn them. Actually, its a lot more tempting to spend money than earn it. This section will go over how NOT to spend money, and how not to lose it.

Spending money

You feel good, after merchanting that hard 200mill. You now want to break a break from merchanting, maybe train a little or chill with friends. You
head out to the FM to talk to some people, while you glance around and see someone spamming : S>GFA 5M. You think, hey, its just the right price, I got plenty of money why don't i scroll something? You tell to yourself, just 5, hoping for a 10Att Wg. You scroll a wg, and it turns out to be an 6Att. Not bad, but you lost profit. You want to scroll more. You buy more GFA after another, sometimes 10m just for 1 because your unpatient. You realize you have 50m now left, 3 6Att Wgs, 1 8Att Wg and 4 4Att Wgs. You lost about 115m.

This is getting Scroll Addicted. You want to scroll more and more so you buy more and more stuff. Personally, I've probably lost over 500m because I blow up or fail scrolled an item. I regret it now.
This may not be the case for some of you, some other variations can be buying random crap, being impatient and buying something twice its value so you can use it, and just keep spending and spending your money.

DON'T DO IT. Here are good tips to stop spending money.
- Don't go to the FM. It's pretty simple, stop looking at stuff to buy. Unless you are merchanting or buying something you REALLY need, don't buy anything!
- When you are buying something you need, don't pay an overpriced price. Better yet, try to buy that item cheap.
-Scrolling is luk. Don't expect to get an godly item every time. You might get something good once, and never scroll something again. My tip on scrolling, only scroll if you are heavily rich, and you can afford to lose out on money. Also, scroll your end game equips. Don't scroll crap. Scrolling your Reverse Lampion and Work Glove is fine, but scrolling your clean sauna for fun is not.
-If you can't stop buying stuff, put it on an mule account and leave yourself 5m. This will be your traveling money, pot money, and etc. Having such low mesos will make you stop buying stuff. Don't touch the mule until you are sure you can control yourself.


Scamming. Don't do it, and don't fall for it. Theres a exceptionally well written guide here on basil, heres the link.

There are a few misconceptions about scamming. First of all, if you are selling your 30Dex Bathrobe and someone offers 200m and you say sure, realizing after that you got ripped off, its not scamming. Its merching, he just took advantage of your knowledge of prices and earned a good profit. Lets admit, about all of us would do the same thing if we were the buyer.

Another thing, don't buy NX on strangers. They scam, about 95% of the time. If you are check people:
-Fame. the higher will probably mean the more reliable.
-Level. Self-Explanatory. Will you trust a Lv130 or a Lv20?
-Clothes. If he/she has NX clothes, its possible they are telling the truth.

Zruns, and any run. Ask people of they are reliable. There tons of great sites, including Sleepywood and of course Basil.
Don't pay first unless 100% certain of them not scamming.

Theres one more easy way to lose mesos, and this is upgrading your equips with lots of mesos that are NOT efficent spending. This leads us to the category:


FaceStompers. Yes, those shoes that every pro wheres that adds that measly 2Att clean. O my god, they add attack, no other shoe does, MUST GET.

Lets look at this, your a Lv130 Hero. You have around 500m to buy you a clean one, maybe 3-4Att actually with 0 slots.
-Current Equips
-12Att BWG
-Stonetooth, 120Att.
-10Accuracy Mask
-10Dex RSS
-Deputy Star
-Scarlion Helm.
-20Dex Bathrobe

So with 500m your gonna spend on an extra 2Att. Don't do it, please With these equips, theres plenty to upgrade.
Hammering that wg or buying another one for a 16Att one is already only 250mish? It just depends. But there, your getting double the Att of ur FS (FaceStompers) for twice the LOWER price! Sounds good, it gets better.
You could upgrade that Deputy Star to a MoN. Spending 50m and getting a MoN, is an extra 10Att.
You could scroll your Scar Helm.
Upgrade the robe to a 30.

See, the possiblities are endless! With that 500m, you could probably 5x as much than getting a FS.

Now lets see if this was your Night Lord:
-Current Equips
-20Att SCG
-85Att Lampion
-10Dex Rat Mouth
-10,10,5,5 MoN
-15,25,15,15 zHelm
-30 Luck Bathrobe
-10 B.Furys

With 500m, theres not much to upgrade. Heck, it would cost more upgrade these nice equips. Here is when you can buy and scroll a godly FS.

Point: Only get a FS when all your current equips, cannot be upgraded or will cost more to upgrade than getting a FS

Yes, that's my rant on FS.

Still, some people still don't get them. You could use that 500m to buy 2x, get to Lv150. Leech a character to 100, but its your choice to get FS.


Well, that wraps up my guide, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave comments below stating what else to add. I'll update this every few weeks or so, depending on school and stuff. If you have any questions, put a comment below or a PM and I'll be happy to answer it.

Also, rate my guide.
is 1/5
is 2/5
is 3/5
is 5/5

My current goal is stickied. So if you can help me, please do.

Thanks for reading guys, xProBucc.
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Thanks, this is pretty helpful!
Be sure to update prices though, they flux like crazy.
Feb 15 2010
Dont leave useless comments...

Thx to the people that left encouraging comments
Feb 15 2010
danyx Level 156 Broa Phantom 4
i think you should quit the gfa 60% part as almost everyone know the prices and only if you are very lucky you can manage to get a cheap one and not geetting a hight prifit, believe me i've spent like 1 hour and didnt found any cheap of those, but i found another ones, i think you should put some prices like bow,dagger, and those conmon 60% scrolls
Feb 17 2010
Kk ill add that
Feb 17 2010
danyx Level 156 Broa Phantom 4
Kk ill add that [/quote]

oh and i think that you should add too that some scrolls are cheaper in basil than they are in FM so that's a good way to make a profit too
Feb 17 2010
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