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Neo City Quest Discussion Thread~

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Feb 22 10
Discuss all your problems here and hopefully a fellow basiler/mapler has the answers

Tips and reminders

.Return scrolls will take you back to tera forest from ANY year
.Only the party leader will need the time watch to teleport everyone
.Everytime the party leader uses the time machine, the watch dissapears
.For the quest with the Crying Girl, it'll take atleast 45 minutes to multiple hours do it since the drops are incredibly rare

Full Neo City Quests Run Through

Basically a quick run through of what I did for all of the quests in Neo City.

  1. Han the broker in MAGATIA
  1. Boat person in Ariant
  1. Boat person in Orbis
  1. Andy at the tera forest (right of Leafre about 2 maps then through the portal in the top)
  1. (Kill monsters in previous map for a TimeTravelerWatch
The watch dissapears everytime you go into the time machine so you need to get a new one if you go out
  1. Go back to the map with andy and go into the portal in the tree and kill the mini boss below
  1. Go in the time portal thing and break trashcans (Attack them) to find a paper thing
  1. Finish quest with andy and go get a new time travel watch
  1. Talk to brainy boy and kill 50 of each monster and 30 drops.
  1. Finish quest and talk to crying girl and find 20 loose leaf pages (Seriously these drop RARELY, so i advise you to use 2x drop)[Took me an hour on 2x drop]
  1. go back and talk to the girl and etc then talk to Andy then kill the tree miniboss thing again in the tree portal then you can go to a new place then get a time watch then go to 2099 midnight harbor
  1. Talk to policeman and kill 50 and 40 of the robots.
  1. Then find a key from any monster and head >>>> to talk to the guy
  1. Then collect 20 and 40 of the items
  1. Then go in the boat and KILL THE BOSS!
  1. Then talk to andy and kill the tree mini boss thing again and now you can go to the year 2215
  1. Talk to may and kill 50 robbies
  1. Talk to may again then go >>> and find Bao
  1. Talk to him and kill 50 iruvatas
  1. Then talk to Bao then go >>> and kill the boss then get the item then go to andy
  1. Kill the tree mini boss then go to the new year and talk to ken and kill 50 and 40
  1. Then go back to ken then find issabella >>>>
  1. Then KILL AUFHEBEN! (Right side portal) Get the item and go back to ANDY
  1. Kill the boss in the tree then go to the portal to the year 2230
  1. Talk to Hoya then kill 30 of each mavericks!
  1. Then kill the dark looking Aufheben or whats her face! WATCH OUT FOr DAMAGE REFLECT!
  1. Andy then tree mini boss then back to the time portal to year2503!
  1. Just keep going >>> till you get to the Nibelung boss guy then BAM kill it
  1. Now DO NOT go to Andy, go to the map b4 the boss map and at the bottom left there's an Ashura the NPC and get the Time Travelers helmet!

I think thats all the quests Lol

My Random Screens of Neo City
7 Slot Time Traveler Circlet
Aufheben Apostle or what ever her GMS name is

Hope this quick guide helps ^ ^
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