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Feb 24 10
Scania Bow Master
Here is how to do the Neo City Quests by Andy the Time Traveler. (I sorta forgot some maybe).
How to get to Neo City? Here's the guide:

First, go to Magatia and talk to Han the Broker which you will have to pay up some Mesos. Then he will tell you to go to Syras the ticket booth guy in Ariant Station. He'll then say go to the Orbis Station and talk to Isa(the person who you talk to to get into the platform). She'll then tell you to got to Leafre(Tera Forest, which is located in Leafre: Minar Forest: East Border).

Next, when you reached Tera Forest, there is the Time Traveler named Andy. He will tell you why he has come and appoint you to help him stop the killer robots(Lol). He will then ask you to kill Nex the Time Guard who is in the Tree(Which is super weak for high lvls). Once done, the portal to <Year 2021> Average Town, will be opened. [To Enter, you will need a Traveler's Time Watch, which allows you to pass through the time portal. You can get the watch by hunting down Leafre monsters ONLY.] Once you have obtained the watch, head back to Tera Forest. Walk to your Right and there will be the Time Gate. Press Up on the Time Gate. A sign will appear, which you have to click where you want to go. In this case, click <Year 2021> Average Town.

<Year 2021> AVERAGE TOWN:
You should have been told by Andy already that you are supposed to search through Garbage cans. You have to HIT through every garbage can you see. A crumbled piece of paper is what you need. Leave the portal out of <Year 2021> and talk to Andy. He will say," This is not the paper! Go back to <Year 2021>!" At this point, you will again have to hunt for another watch.

Enter <Year 2021> again at the Time Gate. This time, the boy on the top platform will need you to kill slimes and gather squishy liquids. Do the following: Kill 50 Red, Silver, and Gold Slimes; Collect 30 Red, Silver, and Gold Slime's Squishy Liquid. Once complete, return to the boy and give him the items. You are now done with this quest. Now, the girl needs your help. Her sketchbook was eaten by the slimes and she needs your help to retrieve it. You will need to fight the Slimes(Red, Silver, or Gold) and get 20 sketchbook pages. Once complete, return to the girl and you are done with this quest. The boy will have another quest for you. Once complete, return to Andy and tell him the news. You have COMPLETED <Year 2021>, Congrats!

Now again, you will face Nex the Time Guard. Who is still weak... After defeating the time guard, you will move on to <Year 2099> Midnight Harbor, where you will fight Overlords. Since you can't get in, hunt for another watch and continue in <Year 2099> at the Time Gate. You will then meet someone who will tell you to defeat some Overlord A's and some Overlord B's. Once complete, he will say head over to the Captain with this key..."Oh no! I've lost it!" Find the key from the Overlords(Any Overlord). And return to the Captain. The Captain then wants you to defeat the Overlords and get some Radiars from them. After completion, return to the Captain and get your EXP reward.

Go to the next portal after the Captain. You will find the Boss, destroy it, and return a Time Glass to Andy. You have COMPLETED <Year 2099>, Congrats!

Andy will tell you to defeat Nex the Time Guard again. Once defeated, return to Andy for your next mission.You should go get your Time Traveler's watch now. Andy will tell you to go to <Year 2215> Bombed City. Sounds dangerous? Pretty though!

<YEAR 2215> BOMBED CITY ( To be continued....)
Dear Traveler, have a safe trip in Neo City (Neo Tokyo) and don't get stomped. Follow this guide and all will go well. Your Guide Maker, IAmMrKyrin
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Feb 24 10
Broa I/L Mage
nice i needed this *bookmarks*
Feb 24 10
Windia Bandit
Thank you very helpfull
Feb 24 10*
Scania Bow Master
This guide will help you through the Neo City (Neo Tokyo) quests. Even though this is boring, and is very hard for your eyes, you can still make it out...
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Feb 24 10
Bera Paladin
Organize it some; get some snazzy headers, bold some lines, maybe even italicize, and you might have a decent guide on your hands.
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Feb 24 10
Khaini Priest
Lol it seems nice tho unorganized. It sorta hurts my eyes :[
And theres already a thread on neo city quests
Neo City Discussion Thread
Feb 24 10
Scania Magician
Gardor: Organize it some; get some snazzy headers, bold some lines, maybe even italicize, and you might have a decent guide on your hands.

What he said.
Will look at this when I try going there.
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Feb 26 10
Scania Bow Master
Gardor: I can't because I can't get the Bold's and Italic's to work?
OverSpleen: This guide gives ALL the information. That guide only gives you parts of information you need to know.
demonfox92: Like what I said Gardor, I can't get them to work. ^^
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Feb 26 10
Scania F/P Arch Mage
I am just starting the year 2215 quests would you appreciate information that I can provide?
Feb 26 10
Scania Paladin
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