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Whats the best mobbing class?

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I want to know the best mobbing class that is strong, and lightweight funded!
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Blaze wizard they are incredible at mobbing.[/quote]

Off topic: how are you a lvl 32 hunter with a lampion?
Jun 07 2010
you are all wrong the best mobbing class is NL
Jun 07 2010
1. Aran
2. Blaze Wizard
3. Evan
4. Any 4th job mage
Jun 07 2010
DarkEternity Level 61 Scania Brawler
Almost everyone who is saying Aran is biased.

A/Ms, Bishops and Blaze Wizards could outmob any Aran in a crowded area.
Jun 07 2010
i tink arans also use the least pots?
Jun 07 2010
Aran - and at first I hated them with a passion.
They are still the all-time supreme mob class with low needs for funding.

With a large sum of quests for items/skills they are pretty cheap to maintain
They have a HP Drain and a pretty low cost on MP skills - making them cheap for training if thinks can't kill you quickly
But the biggest reason I love them is for the amount of mobs they can hit with their attacks

12~ mobs per attack and mobility to match and/or to exceed one with good jump timing makes them legendary
(I see what Nexon did there)

But they can be repetitive if you dislike pressing x
Either-or you could argue a high level magician is the same.
Jun 07 2010
Morty165 Level 143 Scania Aran 4
Aran for the win they pwn it up
Jun 07 2010
Aran, it's pretty clear at this point.
Jun 07 2010
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