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My opinion of the "cool-down" rumor.

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Jun 18 10
Look, I don't know why people are saying Bishops/AMs don't deserve to spam their ultimate's. They're are not as good as other attackers on single-monsters, so they have their ultimate's. I for one love spamming blizzard. Yes, Chain Lightning and Ice Demon is also very fun, but all three make it extremely fun. Why are they putting a cool-down time for mages? Can't they just leave their ultimate's and increase CL and ID? And I still haven't seen proof for this either. My point is, we Bishops/AMs had to suffer because of all the other attackers, especially legends. I started hitting 5k at level 90 on fire monsters. LEVEL 90! And My Aran hit 11k at level 60. Now you're telling me we deserve a cool-down? Also, don't tell me about leeching because I don't care about it; I don't sell nor buy it. That's not my purpose with blizzard. And if Nexon is implementing the cool-down just to stop leech, it's a terrible idea because there are still gunna be BF leeches and whatnot. It won't work. I know a better way to fix leeching. Anyways, my point is that this is unnecessary and gives us a HUGE disadvantage towards damage and fun.
P.S. Don't tell me to "learn" to pick up my items that drop, because I still do that & have been since level 1.
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