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New And Improved KMST Damage Formulas!

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Jun 27 10

No, I didn't figure these out myself.

Fiel posted them on his website after the denizens of that wonderful place did all the math for us. I'm just spreading the knowledge, I didn't actually help in any way. I was watching. Silently. Constantly.

Back to the main event: Every single damage formula for every single weapon is greatly modified to give every class some sort of a boost. With this, we almost have every piece of the puzzle necessary to calculate how each class stands after the Revamp. All that's left is figuring out how Critical-Hits work. When we figure out Criticals, I'll add them in. From the looks of it though (Do not quote me on this):
All classes have a base-critical-hit-rate of 5%, and a base-minimum-damage of 50%. Skills add to that. Sins for example get their Criticals nerfed to +50% (55%) rate, +10% (60%) minimum damage.

Max Damage

The way max-damage is calculated is now extremely simplified, and hyper-boosted. Forget Lucky 7's special formula, forget Spell-Attack, forget Slashing with Spears and Stabbing with Axes. Simply plug your stats into this easy formula:
Weapon Multiplier*[(4*Primary Stat)+Secondary Stat]*(Attack/100)

This seems easy enough, but if you've never calculated damage, I'll spell it out for you. If you are experienced and know what those three mean, skip to the Multiplier.
Primary stat: The one your class uses most of (Warriors/Brawlers: Str, Bowmen/Gunslingers: Dex, Thieves: Luck, Mages: INT).
Secondary stat: This is that other stat you don't use as much, but it's still there. For Warriors and Brawlers it's Dex. For Bowmen and Gunslingers it's Str. For Mages it's Luck (YES, LUCK NOW COUNTS IN THE MAGE FORMULA). For Thieves it's both Str and Dex.
Attack: If you're a Physical class, this is all your Weapon Attack totalled. Cape, Shoes, Weapons, Blessings, Potions, etc. For Mages, this is Magic-Attack. Yessir, Magic-Attack now uses the same formula Weapon-Attack does. No, not your Magic. Not your INT. Magic Attack. It's that stat that's on your weapons, gloves, shoes, and Purple Capes.

Now the new stuff:

Multiplier: This one's different for every weapon, and it's a straight multiplier that affects the potency of all of your attacks. It's what gives variety to all damage ranges now, what makes two different weapons with the same attack do different damage. I'll list the multipliers now:
1H Sword: 1.10
1H Axe: 1.10
1H Blunt Weapon: 1.10
2H Sword: 1.29
2H Axe: 1.27
2H Blunt Weapon: 1.27
Spear: 1.49
Polearm: 1.49
Staff: 0.88
Wand: 0.88
Bow: 1.15
Crossbow: 1.35
Claw: 2.00
Dagger: 1.30
Gun: 1.60
Knuckler: 1.70


Mastery has changed. The way minimum damage used to be calculated involved multiplying your main stat by .9 and then by your mastery percentage, with your secondary stat unaffected. Screw that method, it doesn't apply to KMST. Now your minimum damage is a straight multiplier of your max damage, based on your mastery and a special new base-mastery that all classes have. When comparing, note that current minimum-damage in GMS is roughly 50~55% of max, depending on stat distribution.
Melee classes: Your base-mastery is 20%. Swords, Axes, Polearms, Knucklers, Daggers, etc. Anything that counts as a close-ranged hit has a mastery-base of 20%. The second job Mastery skill counts for an extra 50% Mastery, so with that skill maxed your minimum damage will be exactly 70% of your max. Don't forget that Dark Knights get that +10% Mastery skill in 4th job. They'd have 80% Mastery, higher than any other class (Sorry, Archers.)
Ranged classes: Your base-mastery is 15%. Bows, Crossbows, Guns, and Claws. Anything that counts as a ranged hit has a mastery-base of 15%. The second job Mastery skill counts for an extra 50% Mastery, so with that skill maxed your minimum damage will be exactly 65% of your max. Archers also get +10% Mastery in 4th job, so their Mastery with maxed Expertise is a whopping 75%.
Magic classes: Your base-mastery is 25%. Anything that involves magic has get the idea. With the second job Spell-Mastery, you've got a minimum damage range that's 75% of your max.

Putting it into Practice.

Let's take my Corsair as a quick example. I may not have a very high range, but let's see how I fare with the new formula, eh?
For reference, with my Blessing, Gun, Cape, Ring, and Gloves my total attack is 125. My Dex is 627 and my Str is 102 (I went over ). That makes my range 1915~3420. It's not amazing, but it almost beats my Marksman (Not a huge feat).

Plugging this into the new-and-improved KMST formula: 1.6*[(4*627)+102]*(125/100) = 5,220 (Thanks ImSoFlaming. YouAreSoNotFlaming)
To figure out my minimum range, all I need to do is multiply that max range by 65%. 5,220*.65 = 3,393 (That's almost my current max damage)

So my new range in KMST is : 3,393~5,220. Compare that to my old range, it's a drastic improvement! For those who want averages, my old range's average was 2,667.5. New average is 4,306.5. For me, that's a 161% increase in damage overall. Nifty, eh?

Simplified version for lazy people

All damage is now under this formula: Weapon Multiplier*[(4*Primary Stat)+Secondary Stat]*(Attack/100)
Base-Mastery for Melee is 20%, Ranged is 15%, Magic is 25%. Add in your Skill-Mastery (+50% in KMST) to get your total Mastery.
Multipliers are listed above.
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