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KallenTu Level 160 Galicia Mercedes 4
Like what the title says .
It doesn't matter what mount you have .
Tell us if you were happy or excited .
Or even sad.
Please no flaming or talk about why you are not getting a mount .

Let's start !
[Sorry if there's already a thread like this]

I'm going to get all of the Cygnus mounts .
I'm close to lvl 50 so i'm really happy.
Posted: July 2010 Permalink


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MuffinsINC Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
i was pretty freaking happy since i beat the protecting the watch hog quest on the first try... one of my friends was on his like 10th try and still hadnt beaten it so well he was happy but a bit suprised. (the hog still helps in training my marauder)
Jul 10 2010
xxbrizzxx Level 97 Scania Cannoneer 3
i hate my donkey mule thing whatever it is, its so ugly..
Jul 10 2010
I just got my Cygnus mount BLAZE WIZARD FTW! haha but i love the thing! def worth the 10 mill you need to pay. It jumps high and runs fast. Not sure if its faster than my tele though. I might have to test it lol
Jul 10 2010
i love having a mount but it keeps killing me
Jul 10 2010
I was about to buy my mount. Then I realized I'll be wasting 20mil on something that would only give me 10 more speed then my Haste would. Then I bought my zhelm with the saved money, which made me happy.
Jul 10 2010
I got 120 Cygnus Mount, Shinjou, on my Dawn warrior. Its the best mount in the game, literally. I also got 120 Adventurer Mount, Silver Mane, on my Arch Mage.
Jul 10 2010
eerie Level 200 Bellocan Shadower
when getting ym lv 70 mount on my bishop i was one hit away from my pig dyng when i completed the quest
Jul 10 2010
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