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Your Magnifying Glass expirences?

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I want to know what kind of upgrades you've gotten from your Magnifying Glass uses
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How do you get the magnifying glass?
And how do you make your item have that color border?
Jul 23 2010
where do you get potential and enhancement scrolls? If it's from monsters, what monsters have you gotten them from?
Jul 23 2010
i dno how to use them, does the item drop unidentified? or do u have to use the thing from cs?[/quote]

First you have to get an identified potential item
Then go to any potion shop on Victoria Island to buy the magnifying glass
REst is self explanatory

OT: +12 ACC shoes for my aran
Great catch
Jul 23 2010
+2%att +4att on my 111att maple glory sword
Jul 23 2010
IchigoRush Level 161 Bera Bishop
White Fangz with a 3% chance to absorb 26 HP or MP and +5 DEX.
Sparta (100ATT) with +5 DEX and 10% Chance to poison with a Lv.5 poison Level.

o3o And then my friends gave me stuff~~
Jul 23 2010
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