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Tespia areas official release in GMS

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Well there's some sad news. The new world coming out for GMS is not an expansion to Masteria. Rater, it is a new idea the Global MapleStory team has been working on, an idea that doesn't sound too bad.

The upcoming event is about a group of "invaders" attacking Maple World. However, unlike the standstill battle of the Omega Sector versus the aliens, this new area will only be here for a limited time, and it will have ripple effects on the rest of Maple World. Most story's behind bosses and such that we currently have are elaborate, but once you finish them, nothing changes. Thus, you've never actually, technically, finished them. However in this new patch, MapleStory will actually have a story, that begins and ends, and makes changes to the rest of the world.

Besides this, nothing else can be known about how this new content will exactly work, but it will be interesting. Too bad it's not an expansion to Masteria though. (Unless of course the "invaders" are from Masteria....)

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JiminyRobins Level 82 Bera Outlaw
Haha, Global MapleStroy made this up? I think not! TaiwanMS already patched this shizzles.
Aug 14 2010
GeEmEs Level 180 Scania Shade 4
Haha, Global MapleStroy made this up? I think not! TaiwanMS already patched this shizzles.[/quote]

D3Y GUNN4 G37 53RV3D!
Aug 14 2010
Not TMS, KMS got the patch first (, I think).
Aug 14 2010 scroll down to OSSS secret base. HA!

EDIT: @ first poster. It's ThailandMS not Taiwan [/quote]

1. That is just like wikipedia, in that it can be edited. I could say it came out of some guys bathroom first if I wanted to.
2. The OSSS is just part of it, the secret new visitors is what GMS has been working on. If you look up some, you will see that it is only in GMS test servers.
Aug 14 2010
BBD Level 122 Zenith Buccaneer
Haha, Global MapleStroy made this up? I think not! TaiwanMS already patched this shizzles.[/quote]

GMST : **Aug 9, 2010**
ThailandMS Visitor patch : **Aug 11, 2010**
GMS Visitor Patch : Aug. 18, 2010

So in theory GMS(T) got it first.

Just we decided to put it in a test drive while the Thailand MS didn't.

Also GMS gets a **Crashed Spaceship Party Quest** while Thailand does not.
Aug 14 2010
If anyone here, played WoW, or any game that changes map after you deliver a quest, your know what is going to happen.

At a point, you start a chain quest, where every quest, or few quests, change the map and it's content. It is a HUGE change on Maple.
For instance, when you defeat the Boss for the quest, the maps will be changing. Let's consider this:

First map: City
Second Map: Noob mobs
Third Map: Boss (for quest)

After you defeat it, the Third map, where there were only the Boss, would now be with mobs. the map, itself, does not change, but the content in it (besides grafical, like trees and stuff) does.

It would be then:

First Map: City
Second Map: Noob mobs
Third Map: Better mobs

and so going on, of course, increasing the difficult after every boss and such.
Aug 14 2010
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