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Where and who is lady syl?

Dual Blade Talk about the Dual Blade class

So, i'm level 55 now and the quest tells me to deliver a letter to lady syl. But the problem is I dunno where she is.
Help? =D
Posted: August


She's in the secret garden, if you know where Ryden is (his in kerning next to the portal which leads you to Dark Lord) theres a portal on his left hand side (The way your viewing the screen) And yeah, just keep going up in the temple thingy and youll find the last room with one npc in it, thats Syl
Aug 15 2010
Shes the lady that made you a Dual Blade.
HyperRyanLevel 131 Mardia Hero
Aug 15 2010
Yeah I didn't have a clue who she was, you started at level 30 meaning you job advanced AUTO. THen at 55 you get a quest and for the first time guy tells you to go to Syl
Aug 15 2010

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