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Horntail PQ Full Fight Guide (from Internet)

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JeffieAran Level 200 Galicia Mercedes 4
Chapter 1 - Don't Die!
Life expectancy when fighting Horntail can be very short if you're not properly prepared! That's where this guide comes in.

Night Lords
HP: 4750 without HB

HP: About 5800 with HB and Meso Guard (as a seducer).

HP: 4750 without HB

HP: 10,000 without HB. The higher the better.

HP: 1950+ without HB. Ideally a mage would be perfect if they had 2000+ HP as they would not require HB.

HP: 4750+ without HB. If higher HP then they can be used as Seducers as well.

HP: 4750+ without HB.

Chapter 2 - Our Roles
I'll say this in the beginning, without a specific class, Horntail will not be possible. This is a FACT. Now, that being said, each class has a responsibility to the entire team. These are the raw truths about each class' responsibilities.

Night Lords - Used for attacking. Simply because of the high avoid ability, natural jump attacking skills, and of course Alchemist which prolongs the use of apples.

Shadowers - Mostly used as Seducers and for Smoke Shell. This is because they not only have a high avoid and Shadow Shifter, but also because of Dark Sight.

Archers - Used for casting Sharp Eyes first, attacking second. Without Sharp Eyes, HT runs would be almost impossible, so try your best to stay alive, even if it means not attacking at some points.

Warriors - Can be used as Seducers and/or attackers. Warriors do amazing damage and have very high HP. They also have Stance which keeps them on the rope when HT attacks (as seducers).

Bishops - Used for Healing, Resurrection, Dispel and Holy Shield. Bishops are pretty much the ones that keep us alive and going. Without our Bishops, HT will almost definitely be a disaster.

Arch Mages - Used for attacking and mob clearing. And no, that is not a lowly task. If you guys didn't clear the mob, a lot of Night Lords would be F* when it came to Dark Wyverns and their dispelling.

Buccaneers - Used for Speed Infusion. If they have enough HP, they can also be used as Seducers, and of course, attacking.

Corsairs - Used for attacking. From what I've heard Battleship Cannon can out damage a Night Lords easily if used properly. However, I've never seen this in action, so I cannot say for sure.

Chapter 3 - Horntail Dissected
What to expect from each part of HornTail. Read through this to be a little more prepared for the coming fight.

First Two Heads - Upon entering this section of the cave DO NOT MOVE AN INCH! If you move around too much, the head is summoned and if some people don't enter or enter late, we're screwed. Pretty simple. Max damage that I've noticed is about 5,600 (magic attack). The touch damage is somewhere around 23,000 - 24,000. There is the general Weapon and Magic defense up. Nothing too complicated.

Now, after these are killed (should take about 20 minutes), we head further into Horntail's lair to face the entire body. DO NOT RUSH IN! Please wait until your name is called to enter. We must enter in a certain order that the leader of the squad will announce. Please only enter once your name has been called. Get ready, this is NOT an easy fight.

Tail - First off, do NOT touch any part of Horntail. It means almost, if not, instant death. The snap of his tail can take out most ranged members (Night Lords and Archers). A solution to the almost certain death is to jump into the falling rocks at the very right of the screen. These rocks do around 2500 damage.
Night Lords should jump into these falling rocks as soon as the tail is raised.
Bishops that are with the ranged parties attacking the tail will be constantly walking right into these falling rocks. This almost ensures your survival and allows you to constantly spam heal.
Archers will be attacking; however, they are to ensure they stay under the falling rocks as well. While this is annoying, this also pretty much ensures your safety as well. While you will not be attacking as properly, you will still survive and your survival is vital.
The other parties will be handling the legs.

The Legs - The shockwaves from Horntail's stomp will easily kill a ranged character if it gets them. Stomp damage can range from 7,700 - 9,800. Again, no touching. Also, the procedure for defeating this part is the same as the tail.
Night Lords attack continuously until the leg rises, at which time you stop attacking and dive into the falling rocks.
Bishops and Archer rinses and repeats.
After these are finished we all move onto the wings.
(The tail and legs both have attacks that directly drain your MP, be on the lookout for these.)

The seducers will be on the left side, hanging on the bottom rope at all times until after the legs are killed. After the legs are killed the seducers will then move to the right side and hang onto the bottom rope there.

The Wings is like facing Zakum. It does its attacks, casts curses. It also drops your MP to 1(Mages beware). The maximum damage I remember seeing from the wings is around 7,000. With HB everyone should be ok. Everyone will move to the right at this point and we will all concentrate our attacks at the same target from here on, with the exception of the mage/melee party. Some of these characters will be focusing on taking out the summons.
After this is done, we move onto the Right Head.

The Right Head is pretty much the same, curses, attacks, and MP eaters. The only difference is it has magic and weapon defense up. The maximum damage here is around 5,600.
From this, we move to the Left Head.

The Left Head almost exactly the same as the right, although this one seems to drain MP a lot more than the right, and has an additional 1/1 attack.
Next comes with the Middle Head.

The Middle Head is again, the same thing. However, this middle head has a big addition. It dispels. Yes, at around half of its HP, the middle head will start casting Dispel. This is where Magicians and Dark/Dragon Knights should be focused most. DKs/DrKs without your immediate recasting of HB, ranged chars are pretty much doomed. Mages, if you don't recast Magic Guard, you are doomed. Everyone, once HB is re-casted, DO NOT FORGET TO POT, AND DO NOT DEPEND ON THE BISHOP TO HEAL YOU!
Finally this head is down and we have only the arms left. We head to the Right Arm.

The Right Arm is annoying. It does EVERYTHING and then some. Thieves, remove haste here because the arms (both of them) can and will MASS seduce people. The arms are capable of seducing 10 people at once. When this occurs, quickly let everyone know that you are seduced and which direction you're heading in by saying, "S>>>>," or "S<<<<." Bishops, you have to stay with these guys as they cannot pot when seduced and if a ranged character is seduced, you are their only hope.
After this one is felled we move to the Left Arm, the final appendage.

The Left Arm is a copy and paste of the Right Arm. However, this one does mass seduction a little more often and can also dispel. Once this hand is finished, we've defeated Horntail ^_^.

Chapter 4 - What Should I Bring?
Well...pots ^_^. For everyone, the ideal pots would be power elixirs.

For ranged characters, if you are unable to find power elixirs, reindeer milk is a decent substitute.

Night Lords can use Ice Cream pops, but I HIGHLY discourage it. It will take you about 3 Ice Cream pops to regain complete health after a near death hit or a 1/1. While you're busy potting away you can be hit again and you will die, or you can lag a little while potting and die from another hit.

For Magicians, if power elixirs are out of reach then Ginger Ales are a decent substitute.

Warriors and Buccaneers, my guess would be Ginger Ales as well as a substitute for power elixirs.

Chapter 5 - Computer Requirements/Preparations
Requirements (sort of)
I am currently running a desktop with Windows 7 and 4 gigabytes of RAM. I do not get any lag issues, although, nothing to really hurt my performance.

Ideally, one would like to have about 3 gigabytes of RAM and a decent 2.6+GHz Processor, with a pretty decent graphics card. Remember, this is ideally. Not all of us can afford (or are willing to spend the money) some of these items. Best thing to do is to try to and have at least 2 gigs of RAM and a relatively up-to-date computer.

Before a HT run, please restart your computer and shut down all unnecessary programs (everything except for MS). For those that are a little more computer savvy, go into your Task Manager and shut down some of the unnecessary background programs running (we all have them, but I can't list any as each computer has different programs running. I don't want to tell you to shut down a certain program and then have you message me saying your computer started trying to take over the world >_>.

Now, during the run itself, what seems to be helping me with the problem of disconnecting is; I enter the first head with my Graphics Quality set one level below Max. When we move onto the next head, I drop it another level. Finally, upon entering the main cave and facing the main body, I drop the quality to the lowest. I used to just drop the quality all the way from beginning to end and I would end up disconnecting anyway. However, after trying this method, I seem to have no problems with disconnecting.
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fengot Level 238 Bera Shadower
yea its ok i cant boss at all because of windows 7 >:O i always dc at bosses
Aug 15 2010
DSdavidDS Level 200 Scania Bow Master
Nice you need a description of all the pre quest
Aug 15 2010
Once the seduce mules enter the cave they are seduced, so how can they go to the ladder? Or is there a short period of time to get to the ladder before it is cast? Also, once seduce wears off on the seduce mules aren't the other party members in danger?
Aug 15 2010
People who uses W7 dc alot because maple don't support it yet. Once maple does, you won't DC.
Aug 15 2010
wow going on boss runs sounds complicated cant it just be"go in slay the beast get the eqps and go out"
Aug 15 2010
Even if you didn't write it should be stickied because it's very useful.
you should say the source though
Aug 15 2010
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