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P/C Fishing Pole

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Since this item is NON MTSable, I'm looking for prices in all the different worlds so I can have a good idea in which world to transfer to. Any educated guessed of how much it is worth in your world in welcomed. Also if there's anyone out there interested in this item, PM me for more details.
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@Psydei: u people are fxckeddddddddd
Aug 16 2010
Psydei Level 196 Khaini Bishop
@Eska: languaje!
Aug 16 2010
What gacha? Or how do you get it? O_O
Aug 16 2010
liller1775 Level 121 Demethos Shadower
10B my a**
some1 has been trying to sell it for 500m or less in deme for a while now

come to think of it, mayb it's you?[/quote]
Push... -.-
It's Deme, remember that.
Aug 16 2010
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