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5th Growth - Magic Flare or Magic Shield First?

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Magic Flare is more beneficial.
Aug 16 2010
45642156 Level 124 Bera Bishop
MAgic Flare's neutral. But it does quite a bit of damage.
Aug 16 2010
Zeff Level 165 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Add one shield(11% reduction) and then max flare.
Aug 16 2010
1 shield then flare, you'll notice a big difference in dmg
Aug 16 2010
flare is amazing, i went bpq with max flare and i was out damaging some of the less funded dbs lol, i still dont use magic shield, 20 seconds isnt much for me in training, maybe ill use later on
Aug 16 2010
Personally, I didnt bother with Magic Shield at the lower levels. Its too much of a pain to recast every 40 seconds in normal circumstances. However, I find it very useful in the dojo and against bosses, especially with 2 evans around (-30% damage 100% of the time), and you might find some good uses at later levels. It will greatly depend on your play style though.

But personally, I found Magic Flare to be the better option at first. Its good for taking out straglers after you take out a mob, and its your primary 1v1 skill untill Killer Wings and Phantom Imprint.
Aug 17 2010
justsofly Level 210 Scania Evan 10th Growth
Magic'll own in boss's that rarely summon lol. Massive damage for a mage at lvl 55 with maxed flare.
Aug 17 2010

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