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5th Growth - Magic Flare or Magic Shield First?

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Magic Flare is more beneficial.
Aug 16 2010
MAgic Flare's neutral. But it does quite a bit of damage.
45642156SpearOfCows - Level 164
Aug 16 2010
Add one shield(11% reduction) and then max flare.
ZeffRioun - Level 165
Aug 16 2010
1 shield then flare, you'll notice a big difference in dmg
Aug 16 2010
flare is amazing, i went bpq with max flare and i was out damaging some of the less funded dbs lol, i still dont use magic shield, 20 seconds isnt much for me in training, maybe ill use later on
Aug 16 2010
1 shield max flare and then go back to shield
darkmage315xDragoSparrow - Level 110 Scania
Aug 16 2010
Personally, I didnt bother with Magic Shield at the lower levels. Its too much of a pain to recast every 40 seconds in normal circumstances. However, I find it very useful in the dojo and against bosses, especially with 2 evans around (-30% damage 100% of the time), and you might find some good uses at later levels. It will greatly depend on your play style though.

But personally, I found Magic Flare to be the better option at first. Its good for taking out straglers after you take out a mob, and its your primary 1v1 skill untill Killer Wings and Phantom Imprint.
Aug 17 2010
Magic'll own in boss's that rarely summon lol. Massive damage for a mage at lvl 55 with maxed flare.
justsoflyNightFury360 - Level 202 Scania
Aug 17 2010

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