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Complete List of Potential Abilities.

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Aug 17 10
Edit: Here is a link to an easier to read table of the bonuses:
And yes it is a link to SP. I'm just using Rurl to allow people to simply click rather than edit the URL. If you dont trust me, use this link:

Looks like a thread on SP has them all listed:
You know what to do to, or you can just click here if you dont want to fix the link:
There is a simplified table on page 4 if you want to read that instead.

Now to help people understand what each bonus means (to the best of my ability):

Static bonuses (like Str +10) seem to be based on the equipment's level. So if you have a Rare Blue Neos, its primary stat would be Str + 100/10 and secondary Str + 100/20/ That would be 10 and 5 respectively.

% bonuses seem to be based on your "tier" of your equip. Those Tiers would be 1 (lv0-30), 2 (lv31-70), 3 (lv71-120) and 4 (lv121+). So lets say you had an Epic Maple Magician Shield (lv64 of tier 2). The primary would be Int + 2*2% and the secondary would be Int + 2*1%. This would be 4% and 2%.

Next, for people aiming for the nerfed buffs:
Hyper Body: Level 70+ Unique Bottom
Sharp Eyes: Level 120+ Unique Glove
Haste: Level 70+ Unique Shoe
Mystic Door: Level 70+ unique Hat
And all of these are primary abilities.

Obviously there still will be some questions, so if there are any, please ask and if anyone has anything to add, please do so.
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