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Complete List of Potential Abilities.

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Edit: Here is a link to an easier to read table of the bonuses:
And yes it is a link to SP. I'm just using Rurl to allow people to simply click rather than edit the URL. If you dont trust me, use this link:;p=511959&viewfull=1#post511959

Looks like a thread on SP has them all listed:
You know what to do to, or you can just click here if you dont want to fix the link:
There is a simplified table on page 4 if you want to read that instead.

Now to help people understand what each bonus means (to the best of my ability):

Static bonuses (like Str +10) seem to be based on the equipment's level. So if you have a Rare Blue Neos, its primary stat would be Str + 100/10 and secondary Str + 100/20/ That would be 10 and 5 respectively.

% bonuses seem to be based on your "tier" of your equip. Those Tiers would be 1 (lv0-30), 2 (lv31-70), 3 (lv71-120) and 4 (lv121+). So lets say you had an Epic Maple Magician Shield (lv64 of tier 2). The primary would be Int + 2*2% and the secondary would be Int + 2*1%. This would be 4% and 2%.

Next, for people aiming for the nerfed buffs:
Hyper Body: Level 70+ Unique Bottom
Sharp Eyes: Level 120+ Unique Glove
Haste: Level 70+ Unique Shoe
Mystic Door: Level 70+ unique Hat
And all of these are primary abilities.

Obviously there still will be some questions, so if there are any, please ask and if anyone has anything to add, please do so.
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This is an easier to read list of abilities.

Also, in terms of Primary and secondary bonuses, usually the first slot is a primary slot and the other two are secondary slots. However there is a chance of the 3rd (and maybe the 2nd) slot having a primary bonus or even the primary bonus of a higher rarity (ex. an epix 3rd slot is proven to possibly have a unique primary bonus)
Aug 17 2010
Trading the equipment that have the skill, and equipping it allows you to be able to use the skill. If you are not lvl 120 or over, you may not use the skill, not even being able to put it on your hotkeys (thats not even possible since im guessing you still need to be 120 to use the item, so you technically cant see the skill).

I'm really not sure if the item itself has to be 120, but I heard the character magnifying the item MUST be 120, nothing about having the item being lvl 120. But im not sure, so i might be wrong T_T[/quote]

It should the item's level.
Aug 17 2010
items from lvl 1-50 can have percentages of 1, 2 and 3. If ever each of those tops and bottoms have three lines of potential stats, it is possible to have 3% int, 2% int, 2% int, giving a total of 7% int on each of those items[/quote]

yeah but im potentialing clean tops not scrolled so im not going to cube it. does it still apply for a rare item?
Aug 17 2010
I was talking about the only 120 items we have are reverse/timeless, and once you wear those you cannot trade them.I think you get the skill at whatever level the equip is, and you can use it even without the item equipped.But like I said I don't know 100% so don't quote me on this.
Aug 18 2010
Does this mean an Unique Item will ONLY have bonuses that are in the Unique boxes, (i.e +8% to all stats?) and that Rare/Epic items will ONLY have bonuses that are in Rare/Epic boxes? (i.e +2 STR?) Is it possible to have only 1 primary stats, and 2 secondary stats? Can you get 2 primary stats and no secondary stats? What about all 3 primary stats?
Aug 23 2010
once you put on the equip, do you get the skill forever? cause i would really like hb seeing as im an archer, but id rather have a lvl 90 overall then a lvl 40 bottom[/quote]

i thought ony item that were lvl 70+ could get hb and the ts forgot to mention that tops and overalls can also get hb
Aug 23 2010
i thought ony item that were lvl 70+ could get hb and the ts forgot to mention that tops and overalls can also get hb[/quote]

Show me a Screen Shot of a top or overall with HB, and I'll change it. Otherwise there is no evidence that tops and overalls give HB.
Aug 23 2010
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