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Big Foot Patrols

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nilesboy Level 120 Mardia Night Walker 3
I'm just wonder which worlds have Big Foot Patrols in them please leave the world name if u have it.
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


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SoulOfClaw Level 124 Kradia Phantom 4
Sounds like you are just making crap up. If I would want to KS someone (which I don't do anyways because I am pretty chill) I would do it myself since that would only be easier. Jesus only kills preps of those that have taken his own, which was you, so that has nothing to do with me.[/quote]
Na, I don't ks preps. Whenever I see one I just CC. With the exception of two times when a BF was charging me as soon as I landed in the map, and I hit it to see the hp and it died and with another exception with Max, when his guildie told me to kill the bf for him. Other then that, na, I don't kill other people's preps.
Aug 20 2010
Calamity d/cs, Hent doesn't.
and his name is Conrad, he is weak as hell, but at least he isn't as big of a smega hoar as Gabe.[/quote]
Both guilds fail hard.
Aug 20 2010
well some of the guild is moving from mardia to bera. including the leader[/quote]

LOL , are they gonna like come to Bera and try to take over Bigfoot? I would love to see that.
Aug 20 2010
Us broans have a BigFoot police AND horntail d/c hackers. ><
Aug 20 2010
Broa has it, they dc everyone who is ksing them at bf, they dont dc u if u ignore them
Aug 20 2010
I would ONLY ks if I found it first. Other than that, not really.
The only time I ks'd was a 16x bucc, 16x Hero, and 15x DrK [Friends found first but they started to kill =.="]

Anyways for the Bucc, I was in a party both of us didn't have HB, but he took out 33 % HP before I started to attack. Recieved 1.2 mil exp
For the Hero, I received about ~ 2 mil exp [I took out 25 ~ % HP before he started to attack]
For the DrK, [One had about 35 % hp left], and I got about 800 k EXP] the other time I was suicidng leech for my DB. I usually get 1,050,000 exp when suicding and I got about 750 k EXP from suicide leech.
Aug 21 2010
deme guild nubbusters and gramsay but he is kinky and i like him[/quote]

wow whut.. I hardly ever actually KS anyone . I like you too though anyway f3.

OT: Ya Demethus has it pretty rough atm, there's this dedicated no-lifer that moved over from another server and basically just sits there tracking and ghost dc hacking anyone who won't join his BFP or kills too many or w/e reasons the guy has. IMO, if you want to run a "pro" or legit BFP, you should have one that can KS very effectively.. not just take people offline.. there is absolutely 0 challenge or fun in that =_= . On top of that, this is Demethus; besides LeetFeet and I, there are very few effective bigfooters in this server.. BFP is not an accomplishment whatsoever here, in fact, it's an embarrassment.
Aug 27 2010
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