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No Sound In MS!

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My problem started after Maple Story started launching from the web site.

So before the patch I would mute it from Window's Volume Mixer and go watch videos.

But now Maple Story wont show in the Window's Volume Mixer because it launches from the web site.

Can some one help me out ! Plox

I need sound to finish The Last Song Quest in Maple Story

I have Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 with Realtek High Definition audio

- checked drivers (updated)
- not muted
- everything else has sound music, videos, etc....
- already tried launching Maple Story using Game Launcher
- reinstalled twice
- clean PC no Mal-ware, spy-ware
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


weiner500 Level 146 Broa Shadower
If you're talking about the kerning square quest, I killed him without the sound on, and I got it right.
So just...guess?
Aug 18 2010
its the 2nd option[/quote]

it's random, so it's not always #2

OT: use youtube if you need to figure out the song
Aug 18 2010
Yea but its now just this quest i just miss the sound...
I have tried putting it on a USB and the sound come's back that way but other than that
it still wont come back
Aug 18 2010

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