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v.89 says i have a corrupt base.wz file

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squirrel67 Level 71 Scania Cannoneer 3
Ive never messed with it, and on top of that, i re-downloaded maple 2 times and it didn't work. please help. D:
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Find a clean Base.wz file.
Aug 20 2010
Well, try uninstalling maplestory, then go to Start>my Computer>Local Disk> and delete the nexon folder. Then empty your recycling bin and try again.
Aug 20 2010
squirrel67 Level 71 Scania Cannoneer 3
maybe you should stop hacking[/quote]

lol. i just said i didnt mess with it. i don't even know what its for....
Aug 20 2010
DarthMason Level 153 Broa Paladin
Nah you get a corrupt file error when your installation process /patch in any program, fails and taints/leaves useless a file.
You need to either, re attempt to install/patch (if you have windows 7 just timetravel your maplestory file back to a date previous to patch), or uninstall + delete all files from maplestory file and make a clean new installation.
Aug 20 2010
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squirrel67 Level 71 Scania Cannoneer 3
wth man.... i tried uninstalling maple and re-downloading, and now its giving me an error while trying to download the ui.wz file. after i get the error, it makes me start the download over. "an error has occurred while downloading. please try again". i get, "[ ERROR CODE = -40 ] installation failed (11207,0)
Aug 20 2010

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