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What to upgrade?

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Im a low luk evan with 200M to spend on upgrades. My equips are:

Z helm
Dep Star
5 int 10 m atk earrings
Dark anakamoon
2 int 4 luk mage gloves lvl 30
3 int 3 Luk mage shoes lvl 50
1 int esther shield
tree branch nose clean
pharoah belt
good thorns staff. gonna wait for 64 and buy a wisdom staff

what should I upgrade now, or should i wait for an elemental wand or staff?
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


AngelxHoly Level 123 Broa I/L Arch Mage
You're level 58 right? (by your basil ID i assume you're up-to-level).

Dont be fussy about equips just yet. Save up for an e-wand 1 or so for fire breath and earthquake training (you wont [i]need[/i] an e-wand 3 or 4 for red kents).
Wait till you're the 4th job equivalent till you start "upgrading".
Aug 20 2010
59 now but close enough Okay thanks haha i just managed to come up with 200m some how so i figured i may as well but i suppose your right. Blowing alot of money now could probably end up being a waste
Aug 20 2010
I'd say spend 5m on a 2% int overall, but beyond that the posters above are right about saving up for a nice wand. And you can always find a %int overall when grinding, so even that's not really needed.
Aug 20 2010

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