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piece of scroll

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i got this etc item called "piece of scroll" from cassandra after finishing the king clang quest...
do you guys know what is it for? it says that you should collect the pieces and bring it back to her before september 19th 2008 is not a typo
how do you collect the pieces also?
Posted: September


Kill the boss she assigns to you everyday til this event is over. At the end, you probably get a prize.

Or, knowing NEXON, ores.
brayden2k9Level 110 Khaini Chief Bandit
Sep 02 2010
How many pieces do you need?

And it's obvious the reward is a scroll.
AlwaysBowmanLevel 136 Bellocan Marksman
Sep 02 2010
i bet it has to do with getting chrystanol
Sep 02 2010
i bet it has to do with getting chrystanol[/quote]

Cassandra quests are completely unrelated to the aliens quests.
SinL0rdzLevel 201 Scania Night Lord
Sep 02 2010
mmm how to use? if i drop it i don't havce a problem after?
Sep 02 2010
its probably the new chaos scrolls
Sep 02 2010
wth? wasn't this exact thread posted like 3 days ago?
BanditHelperLevel 178 Broa Bow Master
Sep 02 2010
do you guys know what the reward is?
Sep 03 2010
No one knows what the rewards is, or I think it would have been posted....
Sep 03 2010

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