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i would show but sc is on i got, avg scar helm,125 atk neschere,8 atk 3% dex glove, 3% dex cape,3% dex shoes, 3% dex pretty much all my stuff is 3% dex
Sep 08 2010
blew up 2 nisrocks, 2/8dex pac, 3atk pac, 2 zhelms
Sep 08 2010
my advice buy enhancements r my enemy
Sep 08 2010
iMrDOod Level 134 Broa Night Lord
125 atk casa crow, enhanced once and 5 str 26 dex dark ades... too bad neither have good potential stats. =[
Sep 08 2010
the only thing i'm sort of proud of is my 125 atk, 3% total damage, +5 dex, +40 acc nisrock.
And that came from only 1 cube (two magnifies).
Sep 08 2010
my advice buy enhancements r my enemy[/quote]

wanted to make it stronger since i felt 123atk is rly low compared to todays standards

is it hammered?
Sep 08 2010
The only good thing I have is my Barisetter.
Avg. Zhelm
Sep 08 2010
megaf6 Level 200 Windia Wind Archer 4
9% dex scar helm
7 speed mouse kit
3% dex earring
40 dex overall
4 atk 3 dex 2% dex PAC
12 atk wg
10 dex, 17 jump, 6 speed whitebottom
2 dex 5 str belt
129 atk shiner
10 atk MoN

Max speed and jump
Sep 08 2010
jimjam Level 154 Windia Bow Master
9% Dex Scar Helm (Not done cubing)
3% Dex, 5 Str Earrings (Replacing after I finish cubing my 3 lined Rose Earrings)
11 Atk MoN
12 Atk WG (Replacing soon with 17 atk+ SCG and potentialing for % Dex)
5 Str 7 Dex Reverse Rontanos w/ 9% Dex and 5% HP (Might consider recubing)
140 Atk Engaw (Enhanced twice, 2 lined @ epic right now, will cube till I get 30% Boss damage)
HAD a 2 atk 18 Dex PAC, but I hammered the last slot and threw a chaos on it, no more attack . (Go Big or Go Home)
Overall is 23 Str, 20 Dex
Wedding ring potentialed for 1% luk, 1 str (Will definitely cube)
Blue belt with 6 Str, will upgrade to witch belt or immortal pharaohs with 6atk + soon.
Sep 08 2010
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