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all the haircuts list

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is there a list somewhere of all of the haircuts in the game and where to get them?
Posted: September 2010 Permalink


^^^^That one doesn't have all of them

Try maplefantasia
Sep 12 2010
^^^^That one doesn't have all of them

Try maplefantasia[/quote]

you have to do a survey to look at them i think
Sep 12 2010
^ Ya they changed it...
I QQed.
However, I got my desired hair :].
Sep 12 2010
No dont. maplefantasia wants you to do a survey to get to the site....
Goto bannedstory and scroll down to where it said CLICK TO START BANNESTORY

You can make a character with hair eyes equips weapons and all. make sure u goto banned story 4 and just start as jms or kms
And you dont needa do a survey

btw click windows and click thumbnail gallery
Sep 12 2010
To above, he also wants to know where to get them ;[.
Sep 12 2010
To above, he also wants to know where to get them ;[.[/quote]
on the bottom where u put the moouse over the hair. it says the name of the hair.
Goto google, type in *Maplestory [name of hair] fantasia*
then maplefantasia will pop up. read the discription and it'll say for an example.
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Sep 12 2010
@Dhaos: It's not that hard to do the surveys. I did it awhile back and I only had to enter a fake email address and done.
Sep 12 2010

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